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European Schoolnet #Tabletscourse MOOC


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Published in: Education
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European Schoolnet #Tabletscourse MOOC

  1. 1. Duma Cornel Lucian "Creative use of Tablets in Schools" Katja Engelhardt Course Coordinator European Schoolnet 13 April - 17 May 2015 CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION European Schoolnet Academy This is to certify that has successfully completed the Creative use of Tablets in Schools course on the European Schoolnet Academy Brussels, 15 May 2015 Course details Page 1 of 2 The course was supported by the the Creative Classrooms Lab project which has been funded with support from the European Commission (agreement number 2012-5124/005-001). This course reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. • Dates: 13 April - 17 May 2015 Executive Director European Schoolnet Marc Durando • Duration: 15 hours • Description: • Organiser: EUN Partnership aisbl (known as European Schoolnet), Rue de Trèves 61, B-1040 Brussels
  2. 2. 2Page 2 of Course contents Module 1: Getting started with tablets at school • Why use tablets? The research perspective • Why use tablets? The teacher and student perspective • Tablets in schools – what I need to know • Tablets in classrooms – what I need to know • App for teaching - Edmodo • Additional Resources • Learning Diary activity • Quiz Module 2: Using tablets for content creation • Introduction to Learning Scenarios • Introduction to content creation • What kind of content can we create with tablets? • Apps for content creation • Additional resources • Learning Diary activity • Quiz Module 3: Using tablets for collaborative learning • Introduction to collaborative learning • Student collaboration with tablets • School-to-school collaboration with tablets • Case study: Assessment of group work with tablets • Apps for collaborative learning • Additional resources • Learning Diary activity • Quiz Module 4: Using tablets for personalising learning & flipping the classroom • Introduction to personalised learning • Personalising learning with tablets • Introduction to the flipped classroom • Flipping the classroom with tablets • Apps for personalising learning and flipping the classroom • Additional resources • Lesson plan activity • Peer review of Learning Diaries activity • Quiz