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Everware cbdi-mm l1


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Extensions to the CBDI-SAE SOA Meta Model.
[ ]

- Conceptual level modeling exercise to scope changes to (packages of) detailed model.

- Communicate relationships between Cloud Computing and SOA

- From a Consumer’s perspective

The CBDI-SAE SOA meta model is a detailed meta class model providing precision necessary to support architecture and design deliverable and complementary asset and life cycle repository schema.

The CBDI-SAE model is the basis for the CBDI-SAE UML Profile which is aligned with SoaML.

Meta Class Naming: Xxxxx::Yxxxxx = SAE Package::SAEMeta Class
Multiciplicity: Simplified, either one of many

Note: The Packages ITSM and Security are currently not defined in the CBDI-SAE model, and are placeholders representing a requirement.

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Everware cbdi-mm l1

  1. 1. Cloud Meta Model - Consumer ViewConceptual Extension to CBDI-SAE Meta ModelStatus: Discussion Draft June 2011 Organization: Party Business Modeling:: Business Capability * * Organization:: Service:: * Participant Architecture Layer * * * Service:: * * Service Service::Service * Deployment:: Cloud * Behavior Integrity Unit * * Service Specification:: Service Specification:: Security:: Service Specification * Versioned Specification Security Domain * * AU Spec: Automation ITSM::Commercial ITSM::Service Agreement * Level Agreement Unit Specification * Deployment Specification * Deployment:: Technology:: Execution Policy::Policy * Deployment * Environment Type * Policy::Policy * * Deployment:: Technology:: Subject Type ITSM::Metrics * * * Endpoint * Standard/Protocol ÄEverware-CBDI Inc 2011