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Seminar on how to increase you size and effectiveness when building a database

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  1. 1. Data Basics
  2. 2. If you build it….. …….will they come?
  3. 3. Questions:1. How to build2. What to build3. When to build
  4. 4. Questions:1. How to build
  5. 5. Data Basics How to build your Database • Trade Associations: Guest Speaking, Committee Members, low or no cost barrier to entry. Name some trade groups or associations you could join today to start building your database? What trade groups do you currently belong too?
  6. 6. Data Basics How to build your Database • Industry Specific Expert: SME (Subject Matter Expert) guest blogging, newsletters, and sponsorship opportunities. Giveaway’s, Sign up’s, etc. Anything that trades contact info and interest for something in return. What is your expertise?
  7. 7. Data Basics How to build your Database • Email List: Reply All? Purchase contact info companies Go offline, use Social Media to gather and collect data, but not as a way to BUILD a relationship. How many meetings are you scheduling a week?
  8. 8. Data Basics How to build your Database • Full contact business: It’s not what you know, or who you know, it’s who knows you. It’s not about handing out your business card, it’s about handing out your knowledge.
  9. 9. Data Basics How to build your Database • Sphere of Influence • Hit the Streets • B2B Groups • Referral Sheet
  10. 10. Data Basics Home Repairs/TransactionLender/Realtor® ImprovementTitle Rep/Company Handyman/CarpenterEscrow Plumber/Electrician/A/C HeatingHome Inspector PainterHome Appraiser DrywallAttorney/Closing Agent TilePest/Insect Control RooferFinancial Advisor Window Installation/CleaningInsurance-Auto/Health/Home Flooring Installation/Cleaning
  11. 11. Data Basics Landscape/Exterior Housewarming/After the Move Landscape Design/Maintenance Housekeeper Arborist/Tree Trimmer/Gardener Cement/Mason Florist Foundation Repair Caterer Deck Installer/Repair Fence Installer/Repair Photographer Pool Installation/Maintenance Appliance Repair/Rental Sprinkling System Installation Snow Removal Furniture Sales/Rental Garage Door Repair/Installation Furniture Cleaning/Repair Moving Moving Company Drapery Cleaning Security Systems Window Covering/Cleaning Locksmith
  12. 12. Data Basics
  13. 13. 2. What to build
  14. 14. What to build• No right answer, only less wrong• Integrated systems• Time Value of Money
  15. 15. What to build• Sales force• Top Producer• SugarCRM• 3rd search companies What are you currently using?
  16. 16. What to build• Organize data by categories• Full contact info, picture, weblinks, address, phone, job description, etc.• Many, many options, just pick one.
  17. 17. 3. When to Build?
  18. 18. Now?
  19. 19. • Internal Systems in placeDo you have the websites, phone, and copy ?• StaffDoing this right is a full time job in itself. Do youhave the help you need? When you set a doctorsappointment, does he answer the phone?• Calling PlanDon’t be annoying. Do not call list. Maybe textinstead? How does contact want to be reached?
  20. 20. • Marketing PlanHow much is too much? What medium are youusing? Make it consistent. Make sure it doesn’tsuck.• Content Calendar Have time set aside on your calendar for content creation. Stick to it.• Social Media StrategyDesign a map for your social strategy.
  21. 21. Marketing Plan Examples FREE Download Point Content Checklist Social Media Strategy
  22. 22. Now get to work! Thank you!