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The house


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The house

  1. 1. We are going to buy this house! Oh, I like it.It is beautiful!
  2. 2. Hello, nice to meet you… Hello, I am your new neighbour.
  3. 3. I’ve heard scary stories about this house.4 years ago someone died because they went Oh… through the window…
  4. 4. My newhouse is so lovely!
  5. 5. Hmmm…!
  6. 6. Muuuum…Come here!!!
  7. 7. What’shappened? Everything is ok. Go to bed my I saw dear. the ghost…
  8. 8. Ah…Honey, wakeup quickly!!!
  9. 9. What?..
  10. 10. I need to call the police!
  11. 11. If you have aghost, we can’t help you. You need to call We didn’t find Sixth Sense! anybody
  12. 12. SixthSense!!!
  13. 13. Ghost, ghost, ghost.. !
  14. 14. I am here…Don’t touch them.Go away!!!
  15. 15. Ghost is leaving…
  16. 16. I am happy. We haven’t got theEverything is ghost!!! ok! I am sleeping well
  17. 17. Hahaha… Ahhh… He is dead! #*!&#