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Rabbit story final


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Published in: Lifestyle, Sports
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Rabbit story final

  2. 2. Happy Rabbits in Bunnyland HOWEVER…
  3. 3. The evil Doctor Midle wants to eatthe cute rabbits for lunch!
  4. 4. Oh No ! Yummy lunch!
  5. 5. The Rabbits find many differentplaces to hide…
  6. 6. Here..
  7. 7. And here…
  8. 8. And here…
  9. 9. And even in here!
  10. 10. Help arrives! Talking?? Bunnies Can you help us?!! They met some students from Shrewsbury School
  11. 11. Yes we can help you! Yay! Save us from Doctor Midle!
  12. 12. Doctor Midle is getting reallyhungry… I found you ! Now… to eat Oh, no it you! is Doctor Midle
  13. 13. But help is here to save therabbits!
  14. 14. CRASH!BAM !
  15. 15. Doctor Midle decides to take aneasier lunch option… I will be back !
  16. 16. Now time for the rabbits to eat theirlunch! It is the best day of my life !
  17. 17.  Starring: Bunny Roxane Bunny Liza Bunny Marine Bunny Pascale And Doctor Zarina Midle !