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A night at the movies


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A night at the movies

  1. 1. A night at the movies In each group, a secret photo was given to the director who had to arrange the scene, without the actors knowing what film they were acting in. There were some interesting results….
  2. 2. A good one to start with…
  3. 3. Not bad…
  4. 4. Another action packed photo…
  5. 5. Who’s scared?
  6. 6. Even the little penguin…
  7. 7. Shrek
  8. 8. Have you ever seen a more realistic CGI donkey?
  9. 9. Into the realms of fantasy… A happier Harry…
  10. 10. Lord of the Rings
  11. 11. An interesting use of props…
  12. 12. The Hangover
  13. 13. Hanging
  14. 14. The Von Trapp Family
  15. 15. The Von Trapp Family – take two!
  16. 16. And finally, who can improve this classic photograph?
  17. 17. Thanks for watching… Special thanks to the drama groups and everyone who took part (: