Everything you wanted to know about the transfer and ph d viva jyoti's presentation


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Everything you wanted to know about the transfer and ph d viva jyoti's presentation

  1. 1. Personal Experience.... Jyoti Mishra 11th May 2012
  2. 2. My Research and viva process... Information Use by Multi-Agency Teams in Time Constrained, Uncertain and Complex Environments Viva on 2nd March 2012 Duration: 2 Hours 20 minutes
  3. 3. Preparation  Read your thesis inside-out!!!!  Make notes of the typos and other errors  Summarize each paragraph in few words... as you won’t have time to read the whole paragraph so if examiner says , “on Page 204 you’ve stated..... can you elaborate?” You will be able to do so without reading the whole thing.....  Know the work of your external/internal examiner  Mock Viva is very useful....  Peer  ask your partner/spouse/friends or even kids
  4. 4. General Questions Introduce yourself! Your career so far.... What motivated you to do this research Tell us about your research in 2 minutes (DON’T REPEAT ABSTRACT!!!). That is the first thing they’d have read so don’t bore them..... Contribution of your research
  5. 5. General Questions (Contd...) Implications Publication strategy? Which Journals? What piece of work you are proud of? What part in your research do you think you should improve? OR Tell us the strongest and the weakest part of your research? What could you have done differently? Have you evaluated your work?
  6. 6. Qualitative Research Know the Philosophy bits nicely (if you can’t remember everything, make a note and take it with you or bring few articles to support your work) Expect more questions from your methodology chapter  Reliability/Validity  Why used particular theory for analysis  Try to remember the process from coding to results
  7. 7. Linda’s Experience on Modelling.... PhD was to find the relationship between Business Continuity Management, Supply Chain Risk Management and ICT within the Supply Network. The study used theory of diffusion of innovation using empirical approach. The keywords is JUSTIFY... JUSTIFY and JUSTIFY!! It is not sufficient to only provide scholars following the rules, or using the same methods or to quote from scholars that the rules are accepted. In addition, think about the consequences of accepting such methods. You need to have a very strong mathematical background if you are considering to challenge examiners from other division 
  8. 8. •Don’t assume that the examiner may not have readyour thesis.... they often do!!•Take your time...... control your pace!•Don’t talk a lot.... you are digging hole for yourself.....•This is the only chance when few people will be sittingtogether to discuss your work..........grab thisopportunity to show how much you know.........you’llalso be given a chance to ask questions, come up withfew questions......•During viva: be confrontational...... after viva when youare called in again, don’t argue.... say that you’ll do thecorrections as stated•Take a bottle of water with you.....
  9. 9. Be Confident...... You’ve reached this stage ..... you’ll most likely obtain PhD Remember “ you are the expert!!!!!!!!” Be prepared for the Post-Doctoral Syndrome . Don’t think that you’ll be over cloud 9 Celebration!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. 10. All the best!!!!!!!