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Book Care
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Abc's of book care

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All you need to know about caring for your library book told from the point of view of the book

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Abc's of book care

  1. 1. ABC's of Book Care <ul><li>Let's take a trip through the ABC's.   </li></ul><ul><li>As your library book tells you how to take care of it..... </li></ul>
  2. 2. A A is for ... Always Always take care of me and I will be your friend .
  3. 3. B B is for…. Babies Babies don't know how to take care of me. Keep them away from me if you please!
  4. 4. C C is for…. Carry Carry me home and back to school in something safe .
  5. 5. D D is for…. Dogs Dogs really like me .. for chewing on! Keep them away!
  6. 6. E E is for…. Easy Its easy to see that everyone can enjoy books if they just take care of them.
  7. 7. F F is for ...Fingerprints They sure can mess me up. So wash your hands before reading whenever you can!
  8. 8. G G is for….Glue Glue, paste, and tape just don't mix well with books
  9. 9. H H is for…. Hold Holding me carefully under one arm is a really good idea
  10. 10. I I is for…. Impossible It's impossible for you to not like me when I am so nice and clean and colorful.
  11. 11. J J is for…. Juice Juice is good for you but not for me!
  12. 12. K K is for…. Keep Keep me in a safe place so you can find me when you need me.
  13. 13. L L is for…. Babies Please don't lay me face down. Don't you know that will break my spine?
  14. 14. M M is for ...Marking Marking on my pages makes me ugly!
  15. 15. N N is for…. Never Never tear pages out of a book
  16. 16. O O is for ...Open Open me carefully and treat me with care!
  17. 17. P P is for…. Pencils Please don’t use pencils to mark your place in a book – that is what bookmarks are for
  18. 18. Q Q is for ...Quick! Quick! Catch me before I fall! I'm quite sure I don't want a broken spine .
  19. 19. R R is for ...Remember  Remember to return your books on time!
  20. 20. S S is for…. Scribbling Scribbling on my pages makes me so, so sad!
  21. 21. T T is for ...Tell  Tell your librarian if you find a problem with a book that you have borrowed so she can fix it.
  22. 22. U U is for…. Use Please use a bookmark to save your place
  23. 23. V V is for…. View View me carefully by turning my pages at the corners
  24. 24. W W is for…. Water Water and wet weather can ruin our books. Protect them from the rain.
  25. 25. X X is for…. X (and not in the right spot) X marks the spot where someone did not take very good care of me. See how I am falling down on the shelf
  26. 26. Y Y is for…. You! You can be my friend IF you take good care of me
  27. 27. Z Z is for…. Zoom Zoom over to your library today and see how much fun books can be!
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All you need to know about caring for your library book told from the point of view of the book


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