The Seven Modes of Texxi


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A description of the 7 key modes of Texxi for which licences are available.

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The Seven Modes of Texxi

  1. 1. 7 Modes of Texxi
  2. 2. 7 Modes of TexxiA description of the seven operating modes
  3. 3. Commuter Taking customers from railway stations to their homes or offices
  4. 4. Commuter"Hub and Spoke" transport between a central transitpoint (train station) and a business district - especiallyat rush hour
  5. 5. Big Event Transport solutions for large scale festivals and events, particularly where parking is limited
  6. 6. Big Event The stadium would benefit from a share of the revenues accrued in transporting people to and from the events.Appropriate Policing could be financedby such an arrangement, eliminatingthe need to raise new taxes
  7. 7. Corporate Virtual Private Travel, enabling executives and clients to have a luxury fleet at their service
  8. 8. CorporateNow even smaller start-upbusiness could setup atbusiness parks and offer theiremployees the kind of travelreserved only for behemoths.
  9. 9. School RunSchoolchildren could now share direct transport toand from school in appropriate vehicles
  10. 10. Evening Economy Restaurant patrons and restaurant businesses would benefit from cheaper travel
  11. 11. Evening Economy Unaccompanied women would benefit from a scheme permitting them to travel more safely alone
  12. 12. TouristShared transit for tourists beyond fixed routes
  13. 13. Tourist A way to hail vehicles independent of language and to request services such as a translator
  14. 14. Tourist A means to allow tourists on visits to city to easily visit relatively remote destinations while sharing revenue with the cruise company - the mode licence buyer
  15. 15. Tourist A better way to get tourists from the airport into the city centre.
  16. 16. Shoppingon-the-fly, door-to-mall travel to and fromsupermarkets
  17. 17. Shopping or shopping centres
  18. 18. Other Potential Combinations1. Soccer Mom Taxi Service (SMOTAS)2. Worship - Church / Synagogue / Mosque3. Extra-curricular (rock climbing, dry slope ski-ing, night clubs, beer-festivals)4. Going home AND picking up your kids5. E-Commerce Enabled Demand Responsive Urban Logistics - Restaurants use a version of the Post Office to deliver food.6. Getting transport to go shopping together with your neighbours
  19. 19. Other CombinationsWorship - Church / Synagogue / Mosque
  20. 20. Other Combinations Soccer Mom Taxi Service (SMOTAS)
  21. 21. Other Combinations Going home AND picking up your kids
  22. 22. Urban Logistics Where a taxi system enables you to have your dry cleaned picked up...
  23. 23. Urban Logistics Or delivered to you at your convenience