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Prospects for prefabricated housing market


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Prospects for prefabricated housing market

  1. 1. Prefabricated Housing Market Prospects
  2. 2. Prefab Housing Estimation According to reports by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA), the world prefabricated housing market will reach 829,000 units by 2017
  3. 3. •Continuous technological developments •Positive governmental regulations •Growing promotional activities of manufacturers •Ongoing recovery in world economies •Growing Demand in Developing countries of Asia and Latin America Key growth drivers in the World Market
  4. 4. Prefabricated Homes are here to stay •Prefabricated home concept have already changed the Housing Industry in US and UK •Prefabricated housing sector traversed a long windy path of evolution •Mobile homes are considered permanent dwellings for the middle- income individuals •The sector contributes significant revenues to the housing industry
  5. 5. •A fully furnished house is Charming •Mainstream locale and low housing costs •Conventional Homes are Expensive-to-Maintain •Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient Why Prefabricated Homes are attracting ?
  6. 6. Target Group •Single Persons •Young Married Couples •Aged Individuals •People from Rural Areas •Low and Middle Income Persons or Families •Housing Communities •People from Developing Countries e.g. Africa •People with Ecological Conscience
  7. 7. •US and Europe garnering the majority share •Australia and New Zealand markets are considered pioneers •Asian Markets (China, India, Taiwan, Korea etc) with the rapid development, are expected to have a 4.4% growth through 2017 Regional Markets Share
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