DRM Prefab Workshop & Warehouse


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DRM Prefab Workshop & Warehouse

  1. 1. DRM Prefab Warehouse - Workshop
  2. 2. Warehouses in the business world Warehouses are commercial buildings for storage of goods. They usually are large plain buildings, located in the industrial zones, or near to airports, harbours, etc of the cities. Used by Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters, Wholesalers, Transport Businesses, etc. History Warehouses had an important role through the Industrial Revolution. Modern commercial trends and the internet-based stores, induced the use of traditional warehousing Modern Uses: • Offshore Outsourcing • Supply Chains • Warehouse-style Retail Stores • Vendor Managed Inventories • Distribution Points • Cross Docking • Reverse Logistics
  3. 3. Prefabricated Warehouse Construction meets today’s demands and needs. Modern needs require fast and low-cost construction, without affecting the quality and durability. Constructed with steel frame offers many advantages over traditional reinforced concrete, which in short are: •Cost-saving •Firm and durable •Environmental-friendly •Onsite assembly •Energy-saving and easy to install
  4. 4. Prefabricated Warehouse Advantages • Prefabricated warehouse take just days to install so labor and build costs are small. • Warehouse does not require ground-works on level hard standing. • Prefab frame used for prefabricated buildings eliminates any architectural design fees. • Long lifespan means they can be used instead of a traditional building. • Warehouse buildings can be easily extended, modified or relocated. • Fast building times enable businesses to respond quickly to growth opportunities.
  5. 5. DRM Prefabricated Warehouse Description Steel structure project is the third generation construction. It adopts H type steel, C type steel and Z type steel to combine or build framework. Roof and wall are color compressing corrugated steel or color steel sandwich panel. Steel structure has basically substituted traditional reinforced concrete in developed countries. It has many excellent characteristics like light weight, big span, fewer materials, low cost, saving basic, short building cycle, beautiful appearance, etc. It is widely applied to workshop, storage, office block, car park and family house, etc.
  6. 6. Warehouse Construction Point • The wall’s height and width scale • The position, quantity and size of the doors and windows, selected materials and colors • Construction accessory’s scale, such as roof, wall, etc. • House specification and scale, such as construction entrance, office, attended district
  7. 7. Workshop Workshops also appeared with the industrial revolution. They are buildings or rooms that provide the tools or machinery for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods. In some industries they are the only place of production.
  8. 8. Prefabricated Workshop Prefabricated workshop building offers all the benefits of a Sectional Steel building, but to a higher specification, it is factory-clad in box profile sheeting in a range of colors and different insulated version of this building. The building is manufactured in a modular form, so that it can be quickly and easily erected and the size of the workshop is pre-made according to customer needs. An extraordinary level of craftsmanship and technology goes into the making of each workshop unit, ensuring a safe, comfortable area that will help increase the overall efficiency of your workshop.
  9. 9. Prefabricated Workshop Benefits • In construction, efficient use of architectural area • Anti-earthquake – soft and light structure reduce influence of earthquake • Anti-wind – strong structure • Light self-weight – lighter than traditional reinforced concrete structure • Can build up to 6 floors high • Bigger span for better design • Extended choice of external decorative finishes
  10. 10. DRM Prefabricated Workshop Advantages • Wide application: the steel factory building can be used as workshop, warehouse, office building, gymnasium, etc. • Short construction period: since all components are manufactured in factory, we just do a simple installation in site, which has greatly lessened the construction time. • Durable & easy maintenance: The careful and precise design makes factory building can stand up to harsh climate; with a life span of more than 25 years under normal maintenance. • Reasonable cost: with a light self weight and short construction time, steel factory building has much lower cost than concrete ones.
  11. 11. DRM Prefabricated Workshop Main frame: Hot-dip galvanized or painted steel ,"H" steel, "C" and "Z " cold-formed thin- walled section steel Roof: 50mm-150mm EPS, PU, Rockwool sandwich panel/color steel roof sheet/glazed roof tile Wall: 50mm-150mm EPS, PU, Rockwool sandwich panel Door: Sandwich panel door, security door or electric roller shutter door Window: PVC sliding, aluminum alloy or shutter Components Specifications
  12. 12. Discover the possibilities... visit us today www.DRMprefab.com