DRM prefab condo house


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DRM prefab condo house

  1. 1. DRM Prefab Condo Units
  2. 2. Prefab Condo Units consist of several built-in components or modules that are delivered to a location for assembly.
  3. 3. match the requirements of the owner. The different modules or sections include bed rooms, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens that...
  4. 4. Today, more and more people are opting for a prefab because of the benefits that come with it.
  5. 5. High level of customization for each and every customer. They can be built for any specification. It can be a single-level or a multi-level unit. Its design can be a simple one room unit or a many rooms unit with everything in between. Design possibilities are endless and it gives the owner an opportunity to work closely with the builder to determine exactly how the unit should be built. Numerous floor plans can be made and the customer can select the one that he or she likes the best. Flexibility in Design
  6. 6. The amount of time required to build a condo unit is less than a site built condo. Work can be done in parallel, excavation and foundation can be completed at the site location as opposed to the factory built condo. As the materials and resources are centrally located in the factory, there are no impediments to delay production. Less Construction Time
  7. 7. Quality of materials used in condo units is high because they have to weather the transportation and assembly. This makes units more sturdy and stable. They are more durable than site-built condo because they are completely sealed and there is no part that is left untouched. All these factors make prefab condo units a top-notch quality home. Superior Quality
  8. 8. The cost of building a condo unit is far less than a regular site-built home. The units are built inside a factory and reduced time in constructing these units translate in to reduced costs. Reduced Cost
  9. 9. Condo units are the ideal choice for people living in remote locations or over-populated neighborhoods. Perfect choice because the construction is done at a different place and only the final assembly is done at the remote site. Transportable
  10. 10. DRM Investments Ltd Prefab Condo Units Main Features Specifications Services
  11. 11. - Flexible layout - Sound proof - Water proof - Modular type & Fast installation DRM Prefab Condo Units Main Features
  12. 12. DRM Prefab Condo Units Specifications & Services
  13. 13. Modular prefab house: Light steel structure modular house with the color steel sandwich panel.
  14. 14. Wind load and earthquake resistance: The steel structure makes the house resisting heavy wind of 120km/h and 7 grade earthquake.
  15. 15. Fire proof and heat insulation: Color steel sandwich panel has a good fire proof and heat insulation performance for the characteristic of the color steel sheet and polystyrene material.
  16. 16. Easy assemble and disassemble: All the components of the house are prefabricated before leaving the factory, with the advantage of assembling and disassembling easily. The location of the panels can be exchanged with or without windows and doors.
  17. 17. Low cost: The completely knock-down of the house components can save more space of the container and make the cost of house lower.
  18. 18. Fast installation: Six skilled workers can finish installation of 240m2 in 3 days for the light steel structure.
  19. 19. Long life span: The components of the house can be used repeatedly so the shelf life is over 20 years without any building garbage.
  20. 20. Waterproof: The waterproof system on the roof gives the house a good sealing effect.
  21. 21. Multi-stories: 1-3 stories design can provide more flexibility to the customer.
  22. 22. Varies ceilings and floors: The mineral wool acoustic ceiling, cement ceiling, partition and laminated flooring accessories are optional for customer.
  23. 23. Our Services: We can provide the service of installation, supervision and training at additional cost. It has a low cost and good ability to assemble at site, so it can provide for accommodation and office quickly and large quantity.
  24. 24. Discover the possibilities... visit us today www.DRMprefab.com