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High school meth awareness course design

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Meth Me Storyboard

  1. 1. Meth and Me?Simulation #1 StoryboardEDU694: Web and Multimedia Authoring for Online CoursesModule #8: Using Flash for InteractivityAssignment #8.1: Interactive Flash StoryboardProfessor Dr. Ashok BanerjiMarcia L. AshbaughSeptember 29, 2006
  2. 2. Assignment 8.11. Identify learning outcome2. Develop outline of interaction3. Develop schematic flowchart of interaction4. Develop full storyboard with details sufficient for programmer to build5. Integrate work into website
  3. 3. Elements of Assignment included in this file (Final draft of flowchart in separate file Detailed storyboard screens in separate file) • Learning Outcome • Outline of Interaction • Flowchart Draft
  4. 4. Learning OutcomeAn opportunity to experience consequences from student’s own choices with a simple game-style simulation, complete with interim decision points, for ultimate yes/no decision to meth offer. Decision points will offer choices that, when answered, software will continually analyze, categorize, and predict an ultimate outcome.
  5. 5. Outline of Interaction - 1• Objectives – At each point the student must – Student will “walk” through a anticipate a possible outcome and simulated real life situation base his/her choice on producing a created by their own choices, that positive or negative ultimate outcome. will include a decision to use meth • Software will include multiple or not. predefined outcomes for a student- tailored result based on a series of decisions. – The student will observe how a series of decisions produce – The last scene will display a “maze” of consequences, and how their the student’s choices, along with all choices will impact their lives. other possible choices and outcomes, providing thought-provoking analysis of how each decision affects an outcome – Each decision point will present a – for better or worse. realistic choice of actions, one of which must be selected by the – Each “scene” represents a link on the student in order to advance. right side navigational bar, but will only • Intuitive decision process display first frame with name of scene and graphic link to start of simulation, software will provide subsequent preventing student from running consequential scenarios within simulation out of sequence which a new decision point will be presented.
  6. 6. Outline of Interaction - 2• Title of Simulation: “Dude! It’s morning!”• Scene #1 – Animated clock with feet rings and vibrates visibly; then feet pull away and start walking down a hallway (sounds of heavy walking and yawning), reaches bathroom door– Click on DECISION POINT:• Scene #2 – Feet stop at refrigerator door, door opens, displayed are orange juice, milk cartons, and soda pop cans--Click on DECISION POINT:• Scene #3 – Feet walk to pantry, door opens, displayed are cereal boxes and candy bars—Click on DECISION POINT:
  7. 7. Outline of Interaction - 3• Scene #4 – Feet walk to backpack with books spilling out on the floor—Click on DECISION POINT:• Scene #5 – Feet walking outside, sound of cell phone ringing and voice: “Yo!” “I dunno” “Yeah, maybe” “I dunno, man!” “Later”, feet stop at road sign— Click on DECISION POINT:• Scene #6 – Feet encounter another set of feet, voice: “Hey, man, try some—it’ll wake ya’ up good!” “Nah, it won’t hurt ya’-it’s cool, man!” “Just put this under your tongue” “Noone‘ll even know, man!” “You’ll be down with that math test-no sh__!” “Hey, dude-this one’s on me.” “Just remember who made ya’ feel good and look smart!”—Click on DECISION POINT:
  8. 8. Outline of Interaction - 4• Scene #7 – Feet walk into classroom with sound of school bell ringing, paper with “TEST” displayed, sounds of pencil scratching on paper, scene concludes with feet leaving classroom—Click on OUTCOME link.• Scene #8 – OUTCOME (generated by software) displays one of several scenarios (three presented here): • Feet walk into home, paper “test” with good grade flutters to floor, sound of student “That dude was bogus” “I aced that test without any of that meth sh__!” • Feet walk into home, paper “test” with bad grade flutters to floor, sound of student “That meth stuff really worked, man!” “I mean, it blew my mind!” “What? Bad grade?” “Who cares, man, I feel great!” “Think I might try that sh__ again for the next test!” “Think I’ll just ring up that dude and score me some more for tomorrow.” “What?” “Nah, I won’t get hooked.” “It’s just some cold pill or somethin’.”
  9. 9. Outline of Interaction - 5– OUTCOME cont’d • Feet walk into home, paper “test” with good grade flutters to floor, sound of student “Oh, wow!” “Look at that – a ‘C’, guess that dude was right, meth did clear my head for that test!” “I feel kinda’ weird, though, like lightning shooting through my whole body, and I’m so I’m gonna’ blow up or somethin’.” “Must be catchin’ a cold...that dude didn’t say anything about any freaky side effects.” “It’s just the test...and my parents pressuring me to do good in math.” “That’s, I wish my head would stop spinning!” Cell phone ring sound, “Hey, man, whassup?” “Yeah, man, it was great, I got a ‘C’!” “Yeah, like cool, huh?” “Hey, dude!” “I feel kinda’ weird...” “Truth? Another hit will make me feel better?” “Cool, dude...yeah, I’ll be right over...”
  10. 10. Outline of Interaction - 6• Scene #9 – Brief clips of: Feet at home on an ottoman in front of TV, relaxed; feet in emergency room, on a table, shivering; feet looking seasick, walking out the door, etc. to match outcome version.• Scene #10 – Maze of decision points and possible outcomes, with student’s choices’ path highlighted, other outcomes each in different colors, legend displaying % of right vs. % of wrong vs. % of indecisive choices and their matching outcome color. Narrative by teacher: short discussion of choices, outcomes, and possibilities when choices are made differently.
  11. 11. TITLE: Meth and Me? Simulation #1 “Dude, it’s morning!” Simulations Content (link for each from right Navigation Side Nav Bar on module Games & Simulations home page) Links to next “Scene” Assessment A maze of student’s choices Scenarios Links to “Decision Results and its outcomeStoryline of student Points” for each Outcome of compared Student choices to all otherfaced with multiple scenario presented possible choices choices & outcomes will give student base of analysis Student choice & intuitive software Functional will dictate next scenario and outcomes although examples are presented Navigation Link In this assignment Back to Home Page
  12. 12. Decision Point #1 A. Stop in the bathroom to shower, brush teeth, comb hair (sounds of shower) B. Pass by the bathroom (sounds of feet walking on wood floor) C. Pretend to go in, but don’t clean up (sounds of walking, stopping to pause, then walking down hall)Select one of the above and click on Next to continue simulation Next
  13. 13. Decision Point #2 A. Choose orange juice (orange juice leaps out of refrigerator, disappears as gulping sounds play) B. Choose soda pop (soda can leaps out of refrigerator, disappears as gulping sounds play) C. Choose milk and soda (milk and soda leap out of refrigerator, disappears as gulping sounds play)Select one of the above and click on Next to continue simulation Next
  14. 14. Decision Point #3 A. Choose cereal B. Choose candy bar C. Choose both cereal and candySelect one of the above and click on Next to continue simulation Next
  15. 15. Decision Point #4 A. Pick up books and backpack (books disappear into backpack, backpack leaps up and disappears as sound of whooshing plays) B. Walk past books and backpack (sounds of feet walking) C. Slow down, stop at books and backpack, keep walking (sounds of feet walking, pausing, and continuing to walk away)Select one of the above and click on Next to continue simulation Next
  16. 16. Decision Point #5 A. Keep walking straight—to school (feet walk upward on screen following white arrow) B. Turn around and walk the other direction (Feet turn 180 degrees and walk back along blue arrow) C. Stop and think about phone call, go back home (sounds of feet walking, pausing, and continuing to walk)Select one of the above and click on Next to continue simulation Next
  17. 17. Decision Point #6 A. Tell the person offering meth to “Get Lost” and go on to school (feet walk to school building graphic) B. Take the meth and go to school (Small white ball leaps across screen and up, sounds of lips smacking, feet walk to school building graphic) C. Stop and think about choice, tell other person you’ll get back to them later on the offer (sounds of feet walking, pausing, and continuing to walk to school building graphic)Select one of the above and click on Next to continue simulation Next