Ayurveda in europe montowane 29.02.12


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Ayurveda is for all... we practice AUTHENTIC AYURVEDA in your dwelling environment- EUROPE. The importance of practicing Ayurveda in Europe is to provide an ancient Ayurveda knowledge of INDIA to the people of EUROPE in their favorable/native environment without affecting the authenticity of the science so that on can enjoy and feel the benefits of AYURVEDA- A SCIENCE OF LIFE in their neighboring country POLAND without a visit to INDIA.

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Ayurveda in europe montowane 29.02.12

  1. 1. AYURVEDA INTRODUCTION AYURVEDA is a way of life and that of Ayurveda being – not a remedial system but a way of healthy living.Ayurveda is not only related to disease and its remedies butemphasizes the right and healthy way of living. Since the origin ofAyurveda is said to be from Atharva Veda, the philosophy of thishealth system is based on self-discipline and balanced outlook.
  3. 3. Chronic Non-Communicable Disease– the big challenge in EUROPE Chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) pose one of the greatest threats to public health and economic growth at local, national and global levels. Obesity, cardiovascular diseases (CVD), cancer, and diabetes are responsible for 35 million deaths and 60% of all deaths every year globally. In Europe, these conditions play an even more substantial role, accounting for 70 % of all deaths.
  4. 4. LIFESTYLE DISORDERSAmong lifestyle disorders following are mostendangering to human beings now a days. Obesity Cardiovascular diseases Diabetes Arthritis Spinal Problems Dementia, depression and anxiety. Carcinomas of different body parts
  5. 5. CAUSES:FOOD HABBITS AND SEDENTARY LIFESTYLEDiet is one of the majormodifiable risk factors forNCDs. WHO Europe hasestimated that seven risk factors;tobacco, alcohol, low fruit andvegetable intake, physicalinactivity, high blood pressure,high cholesterol, overweight andobesity account for 60 % of thedisease burden in Europe, 5 ofthese are directly related to diet.
  6. 6. LIFESTYLE…
  7. 7. HOW AYURVEDA HELPS!! Internal Ophthalmology Science of Medicine & ENT Aphrodisiacs (Kayachikitsa) (shalkya Tantra) (Vajikarar Tantra)Geriatrics(Rasayana Tantra) AYURVEDA Surgery (Shalya Tantra) Pediatrics Psychiatry Toxicology (Koumara (Bhootavidya) (Agada Bhritya) Tantra)
  8. 8. BODY TYPEAyurveda has tools like knowing ofPrakruti- CONSTITUTION and withthis one can know that for what diseaseand conditions you are prone and how youcan maintain your health in best conditions.
  9. 9. Concept of DetoxificationWhen there is lot of garbage in yourroom or surround you- what is theright way to follow? To hide all badstuff by covering or to throw it awayin a bin to dispose at a right place.Obviously most of us will go for thesecond option and for those “most”Ayurveda is the right choice as asystem of health.Depending on the ailments andconstitution certainDETOXIFICATION(PANCHAKARMA) procedures areadvised in AYURVEDA.
  10. 10. VATAVATA people hastendency to beanxious and pronetoDEGENARATIVEDISORDERS likeARTHRITIS,SPONDYLITIS etc.
  11. 11. Regular external oliation Therapies likeVATA ABHYANGA, PIZICHILL, helps to prevent the early degeneration
  12. 12. PITTAPITTA people hastendency to developHIGH BLOODPRESSURE, hyperacidity and allergiesetc.
  13. 13. PITTATherapies likeSIRODHARA,KSHEERADHARA helps to preventthese types ofdisorders
  14. 14. KAPHAKAPHA people maygain WEIGHT easilyand prone todepression,DIABETIS,HYPERLIPIDEMIAand CVD etc
  15. 15. KAPHA Therapies like UDWARTANAM, PINDASWEDA helps in losing the weight and good for such problems.
  16. 16. AYURVEDA IN EUROPEKinga – Kairali AyurvedicCenter welcomes you to the worldof authentic Ayurveda. A serene Ozdoby lampy itd.Ayurvedic Center located in thetranquil Pieniny mountain range bythe lake Czorsztynski, in southPoland. We have created authenticAyurveda center in this part of theworld so that our guests canbenefit from traditional Ayurvedictherapy as well as Yoga andmeditation in the mysteriousatmosphere of India away fromIndia.
  17. 17. Our aim is to create afusion between ancientIndian wisdom andunique Europeanefficiency. We have comeup with excellent packagesof authentic Ayurveda forthe people in Europe,keeping in mind life style,weather and availibility ofproducts.
  18. 18. ConsultationBefore proceeding to any therapies ourwell qualified and experienced ayurvedicdoctors from India determine yourcostitution and ailments based onayurvedic principles.And once the (PRAKRITI/ VIKRUTI)balance and imbalance are determined,therapies are advised.The proper assessment of PRAKRITI orBODY TYPE is determined at first by aPULSE DAIGNOSIS, an ancientdiagnostic method in Ayurveda by aqualified Ayurveda physicians fromINDIA.
  19. 19. We have a group of experienced therapists from INDIA and POLAND.
  20. 20. Importance of Sychronized Therapy Marma points (vital points) are locatedacross the body in a symmetricalpattern. For this reason, it is ideal forAyurvedic therapies to be given by twotechnicians so that each side of thebody can be massaged simultaneouslyfor the most balancing effect possible.In KINGA Hotel Wellness theTherapies are executed by TWOTECHNICALLY TRAINEDAYURVEDA THERAPISTS fromINDIA under the EXPERT’SSUPERVISION.
  21. 21. Treatments are carried out in 6 traditionally equiped rooms
  22. 22. DIET An Ayurveda diet can transform your health by nourishing all levels of your body and resolving the root causes of imbalance. An Ayurveda diet is not a quick-fix diet, but an enduring lifestyle of eating in accord with nature. We at Kinga Hotel Wellness, SERVE DIET which is tailor made according to his/her BODY TYPE. Rakesh (Executive Chef)
  23. 23. Yoga and meditation Ayurveda and yoga are sister Vedic sciences that havebeen united for thousands of years for the sake ofhealing body, mind, and consciousness.The use of asana, pranayama, and meditation for healingis known as YOGA THERAPY. A group of yogic exercises are chosen that will best support the individual and are practiced daily under a expert’s supervision.
  24. 24. KAIRALI… We are the SOLE IMPORTERS ofthe KAIRALI AYURVEDICPRODUCTS in EUROPE.KAIRALI group with over 8 decadesof experience in production andpractice in traditional science ofAyurveda have a good business recordin manufacturing of Ayurvedicproducts.The group has earned the trust andconfidence of a large number ofcustomers all over India and abroad.
  25. 25. UNIQUE SPA…
  26. 26. LUXURY HOTEL…
  28. 28. AMAZING PLACE…
  29. 29. Welcome to the world of Ayurveda !
  30. 30. adres: ul. Zamkowa 6, 34-436 Czorsztyntelefon/fax: +48 18 265 0367 , +48 18 265 0435 e-mail: recepcja@kingahotel.com marketing@kingahotel.com