Help the Class of 2011 GET Jobs


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You can help grads get jobs. Learn how you can help build their job search skills

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Help the Class of 2011 GET Jobs

  1. 1. Your GRADS have a new resource available to them this summer!
  2. 2. 1. 80 % of 2011 grads will be unemployed. 2. Average grad owes $25,000 in loan & $5k credit card debt. 3. 6 people lined up for each job posted. 4. 50% of GRADS in 2007 had jobs by graduation day vs. 20% today! 5. 17 million Grads have jobs that only require a high school diploma.
  3. 3. Career Marathon Day Summer Career Fair Grad Career Toolkit
  4. 4. The Career Marathon Day will feature authors, career experts/coaches who will share 3 tips within there area of expertise. It will start at 11 am EDT on June 9th and run for 12 hours. The event will attract a global audience. The marathon will be streamed live and include the use of Social Media tools, online live questions from the audience1 and engaging interviews lasting 30 – 60 minutes. 4
  5. 5. Experts Coaches Products» Networking » Staying Positive » Resume» Interviewing » Change » Interview» Resumes » Home Issues » Branding» Job Search » Leaving Friends » Organization» Branding » Finances » Visibility» Job Boards » Leadership » Social Media» Social Media » New Jobs » Video 5
  6. 6. Starting June 13th the Summer online Career Fair will present authors, career experts/coaches to grads and parents Monday – Friday from 8-10:00 EDT via LiveStream. These interactive interview sessions give experts a platform to share their passion and knowledge, as well as give grads and parents a platform to ask questions.2 6
  7. 7. Monday – Friday - June 13th – July 8th
  8. 8. The GRAD Career Toolkit brings together over 30 partners to give the Class of 2011 access to the advice, coaching and tools they need to get a job. This digital toolkit increases brand awareness and drives traffic to products and services via our cooperative marketing strategy.3 8
  9. 9. The toolkit provides advice, products, services, job board andinformation. Each page includes Facebook “Like” buttons toencourage sharing and discussions.Grads can click to hear, coaches and authors advice, or toaccess industry career tools and services.
  10. 10. 1. Help grads become savvy job seekers. 2. Build global awareness to “Hire a Grad!” 3. Build a job search partnership between grads and parents. 4. Encourage grads to form “Job Search Buddy” groups for encouragement and help.
  11. 11. » Grads need more career preparation! Grads job search training should NOT stop the minute they walk off campus. They need to continue the work you started with them.» Grads can participate in one, or all three! – Grads can participate in any of these free opportunities that are supported by our coaches, career experts and industry service providers.» We’ll give you feedback! We’ll let you know the percent of your grads who are participating. Use this in your annual report to show management.
  12. 12. Share this with your grads These programs are free andavailable to all Class of 2011 grads. Help reinforce thetime and effort you put into them. Help them develop asuccessful job search. Here’s the link to share with them! advice on what we can do to make this a betterexperience for everyone! What coaches, experts wouldyou suggest? What career tools would you suggest? 12
  13. 13. Don Philabaum President/CEO TalentMarks 800-849-1762 x 203