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Barnes And Noble


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Barnes And Noble

  1. 1. By: David Palazzo
  2. 2. CEO and Revenue • Steve Riggio is CEO of Barnes & Noble, Inc. He is also vice chairman of the company and served on the board of directors. Riggio began his career at Barnes & Noble in 1975 after graduating from Brooklyn College. • Founders: Charles M. Barnes William Barnes G. Clifford Noble • In 2007 B&N's sales topped $5.4 billion for the year, up nearly 3% from the previous year, earning a 3.8% operating margin on its sales.
  3. 3. Location • Public Company, Headquarters Location 122 5th Ave., New York, NY 10011-5605, United States
  4. 4. Jobs • There are entry level employees who just work in the local Barnes and Noble stores. There are also the managers of those specific stores. Beyond that there are presidents of specific sections of the country along with a CEO that runs the whole business.
  5. 5. Benefits From Barnes and Noble • Full-time and part-time booksellers are eligible for personal days after six months. You may take one personal day in the first year of employment and two personal days in subsequent years. • Paid vacation time is also provided to full-time and part-time booksellers. You may take one week of vacation after six months. After that, annual vacation time is based on length of service starting at two weeks of vacation after one year with us. • Medical Plan – Our comprehensive PPO plan includes coverage for an annual physical, well-child care, vision exams and prescription drugs. Coverage is higher, and out-of- pocket costs are lower, when preferred providers are used, but booksellers are free to choose non-network doctors and facilities. • Dental Plan – The plan covers preventive visits at 100%, and also covers basic and major dental services. • Flexible Spending Account – Booksellers can use this account to pay many out-of- pocket healthcare costs and save money at the same time by using before-tax earnings.
  6. 6. Stock It costs 22 dollars and six cents to buy one bond of Barnes and Noble Stock.
  7. 7. Company Culture • The company culture for store level employees at Barnes and Noble is very laid back. You can wear casual clothing, they also have computers and you can take breaks when you need them. They serve star bucks so the employees often get large discounts when they want them on the coffee.
  8. 8. Average Pay, Job Growth, Diversity Job growth at Barnes and Noble has been steadily raising over the past few years due to people needing a job to make extra cash in these tough times. Barnes and Noble is also highly diverse, there are many different ethnicities and cultures that work there and they are not prejudiced.
  9. 9. Top Services and Goods • Obviously Barnes and Noble sells a whole lot of books. However, there second largest sale comes from Starbucks Coffee. After that are there CDs since they have a decent CD section for a bookstore.
  10. 10. Advertising and Marketing • Barnes and Noble does email newsletters but since they are so well known they usually get noticed just by word of mouth. They also send out coupons to frequent customers of there store and have their own website.