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Strengthen the Immune Response

A slideshow by Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA) comparing the Western Medicine therapeutic model and ideologies with the Homeopathic perspective on healing and the influence on the COVID19 response. Links to resources are given.

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Strengthen the Immune Response

  1. 1. Kill the Virus or Strengthen the immune response A Presentation by Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA) painting by Abraham Sibcy
  2. 2. A Prayer for All No matter what walk of life you are in what your religion is What your belief system is around health and healing We have seen this pandemic bring out the best in everyone. the desire to help is universal. We thank everyone who has helped according to their position in society and their ability to help. Those who have sacrificed the most are our health care workers in all modalities. Our politicians, who have done tremendous work in coordinating relief efforts, and taking measures in the best interest of the public deserve our deep gratitude. Not to be forgotten are families, the seedbeds of love and nurturing where we receive love and care, particularly when we are sick and need it the most. For all those who have succumbed to the Coronavirus our prayers go out to you and your families. We wish you strength and healing through your grief. Our hearts are with you.
  3. 3. An Alternative to the Conventional Viewpoint about how to approach the Coronavirus Virus Centric Find a Vaccine that will give immunity to the vaccinated against the disease. Inject antibodies from patients who have had the virus into healthy patients to confer immunity to the disease. Immune response centric Match the symptoms of the patient to a remedy that has produced similar symptoms in provings (double-blind experiments on the healthy to discover the healing properties of remedial substances), or have been successful in clinical use. Western Medicine aka Allopathy Homeopathy
  4. 4. Western Medicine Homeopathy Looking forward to the new. Seeking novel approaches and new research to find a cure for the novel coronavirus. Enormous fear of the Coronavirus because it is new and no one has developed an effective vaccine or drug to address it. Study the virus to understand its RNA and DNA to learn how it can be manipulated, and neutralized. a strong emphasis on social measures to contain the virus, such as social distancing, and quarantining. Homeopathy has a tool kit composed of thousands of remedies developed over the centuries with books, software, and databases of information on the therapeutic range and characteristic symptoms of these remedies. new research is always being conducted on substances from the animal, mineral and plant kingdoms to expand the homeopathic pharmacopeia, but more importantly, we look to the past to see what was used in previous epidemics and pandemics with good effect.
  5. 5. Western Medicine Homeopathy The Western approach is to ignore all other approaches and points of view as though they did not exist. Ignore all indigenous medicines, ignore the medical systems that have been honed over the centuries from many civilizations, such as the Chinese, Indian, Russian, South and north American, european and an infinitude of other therapeutic traditions. Treat the individual. See what is unique in each person’s response to the virus. Find a remedy that matches the patient’s response as closely as possible. Figure out what the genus epidemicus of the current pandemic is. Are there 3, 4, or five remedies that appear to be indicated often? Belladonna Indigenous Shaman
  6. 6. Western Medicine Homeopathy Holds the belief that only what has been newly created can have any efficacy in fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. Another major difference in approach between the Western model and homeopathy is that Allopathy seeks a single solution: one vaccine; one drug; one cure for cancer that should apply equally to everyone across the board who has the disease. Homeopathy is eclectic in its approach. Remedies from herbal traditions from around the world have been incorporated into the homeopathic materia medica after having undergone the proving process. Homeopaths do not seek to find one remedy for everyone with the same diagnosis, but seek to find what makes this individual with this diagnosis unique and different from other individuals with the same diagnosis. We are looking for the Strange, Rare and Peculiar symptoms, as these are our best guiding symptoms to the simillimum (The remedy that corresponds well with the patients state). The Holy Grail that will confer long life, happiness, health to the one who finds it.
  7. 7. Western Medicine Homeopathy The search is on for one vaccine that would treat everyone who tests positive for the coronavirus The diagnosis or the disease name becomes important, because a uniform treatment is sought for everyone with the same diagnosis. By contrast, Homeopathy seeks to individualize. Of the thousands of remedies in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia (Which by the way is maintained by the FDA), which remedy fits this patient’s symptoms the closest.
  8. 8. Kill the Virus or Strengthen the Immune Response These fundamental differences in point of view are at the core of the worldwide response to the COVID19 pandemic. Do we target the virus and leave the individual out of the equation in our search for a vaccine or drug to combat the virus. Or do we observe the patients and see what their immune systems are trying to do to regain health. The symptoms the individual produces are the defense their immune systems launch to combat the virus. The homeopathic approach is to copy the intelligence of the body, by imitating the defensive measures that it is employing. For example if the body produces a fever, then the homeopath will administer a remedy that also produces a fever. the immune system is showing us that the fever is what is needed to combat the virus.
  9. 9. Kill the Virus or Strengthen the Immune Response The remedy adds an impetus to the defense launched by the person’s own immune system by pitching in its own fever producing ability. With the added strength of the remedy, the patient achieves the power to push the disease on through to health. Let’s copy the intelligence of the body and strengthen the defensive forces with the homeopathic remedy that most closely imitates the body’s defensive approach and turn the illness around and restore health. Homeopathy has had a highly successful track record in past epidemics and pandemics and their successes were in large measure what enabled homeopathy to spread around the world. Homeopathy is very popular in India, Europe and South America, and gaining popularity again in the United States after nearly a century where it went into a dormant period. According to Kim Elia from Whole Health Now, “By 1900 there were 22 homeopathic medical schools, more than 100 homeopathic hospitals, over 60 orphan asylums and old people's homes, and 1,000+ homeopathic pharmacies in the U.S.” Here is a link to Kim Elia’s Timeline showing the systematic undercutting of homeopathy by the AMA from 1901 to 1924. homeopathy_pro/homeopathy_1900_1924.html
  10. 10. Kill the Virus or Strengthen the Immune Response Friends, We have forgotten homeopathy. Politicians, journalists, and the medical establishment have all but obliterated the memory of this stupendous healing system from the memory of the public. The profit motive of the pharmaceutical industry and their sponsorship of the dominant news networks, as well as the power of the pharmacy lobby to influence politicians, and from there the laws pertaining to the practice of medicine in this country have had a massive impact on medicine as practiced in the United States. With this current pandemic we are seeing the weaknesses of Western medicine in handling epidemics and pandemics. There is no doubt that Western Medicine is supreme when it comes to diagnosing and testing for diseases and for surgical conditions.
  11. 11. Kill the Virus or Strengthen the Immune Response Sadly, the fundamental weakness of Western Medicine is an ideological one. Is the virus, the germ, or the bacteria the cause of the disease and do we need to target and identify these things in order to cure patients, which is the core ideology of the Western approach to Healing? Treat the Disease not the Sick Individual. By Contrast, the Homeopathic ideology is that the virus, germ or bacteria are not the cause of the disease, but opportunistic agents, which can alter the health of the patient when his/her immune system is already in a compromised state. The patients’ symptoms will point the way to the necessary healing agent when observed by a trained homeopath who can read those signs and symptoms and match them to a remedy that has produced similar symptoms in the sick. In Western medicine the approach is virus centric. In homeopathy the approach is individual and symptom centric.
  12. 12. Kill the Virus or Strengthen the Immune Response The mortality rate in previous epidemics and pandemics show us which approach is the more effective one. During the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, in one hospital in philadelphia where both allopathic and homeopathic medicine were used, the mortality rate for patients treated with homeopathy was 1.05%, while it was 30% for those treated with allopathic medicine. The three remedies of the genus epidemicus of the Spanish Flu of 1918 were Gelsemium, Bryonia and Eupatorium Perfoliatum. These remedies along with others could do terrific work for the Coronavirus pandemic of 2019 and 2020 if only people knew about them and if doctors were trained in homeopathy, as a part of their educational curriculum.
  13. 13. Kill the Virus or Strengthen the Immune Response Homeopathy is about healing the sick. It is not an industry where much money can be made, in contrast to the pharmaceutical industry, which boasts enormous profits. The rising worldwide death toll in this COVID19-20 Epidemic is a call to examine our belief systems and ideologies around health and medicine. Please visit my website at from there you can read articles I have Written about the Coronavirus and access links to where you can purchase homeopathic remedy kits, individual remedies, study courses and other homeopathic resources. Here is a link to Paul Herscu’s Epidemic updates: https:// Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA), the author of this keynote address can be contacted at or 650-569-6219. God Bless You. i wish you long life and health.
  14. 14. Links to homeopathic resources Here is a link to my Links page on the blog. Here you will find links to homeopathic organizations, pharmacies, bookstores and more. Here is a link to Directories of homeopaths on my website. homeopath-in-your-area/