Day 1 Afternoon Breakout Session 1 Panel on Federal Civilian Human Resources Pat D'Amico


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Day 1 Afternoon Breakout Session 1 Panel on Federal Civilian Human Resources Pat D'Amico

  2. 2. For Official Use Only BLUF: C Concentrate on 30% Disabled t t Di bl d  Do Local Outreach to VA, Military Medical Locations  Match Skills to Real Vacancies/Needs  Plan for the Long Haul  Work with an HR Professional Current DON Population of 30% Disabled Veterans: 13,744 2011 Newly Hired 30% Disabled Veterans: 1,879 2
  3. 3. For Official Use Only How Does the HRSC Process Work? Outreach And Marketing Traveling to Sites such as Camp LeJeune, Fort Drum, Quantico, Camp Pendleton, Brook Army Medical Center and various other sites to meet with the Wounded and let them know about Civilian Employment with the DON. HRSC Wounded Warrior Specialists aggressively seek to build relationships that will benefit the Navy such as: the Veteran Affairs OIF and OEF coordinators, contacts at Wounded Warrior Call Centers, Boswell Marine Base and many more. HRSC WW POCs have the flexibility to adapt and utilize a wide array of resources, and keep abreast of new programs as well as changing regulations and policy. Returning- “We’ll be back!” Many of the Wounded have heard empty stories and promises about people helping them and/or are they are simply not ready to be discharged when an initial visit is made. The key to success is letting them know we will be back and to continually follow-up with them after the initial visit. Professionalism Bringing Hiring Managers with the authority to hire and Human Resources professionals with extensive knowledge of federal hiring to answer any questions the wounded may have. During trips to Camp Lejeune Navy hiring managers attend and are able to interview the wounded warriors right at the barracks barracks. 3
  4. 4. For Official Use Only How Does the HRSC Process Work? Resume Writing HRSC- Experienced Human Resources Specialists can work one on one with the Wounded Warriors in creating an effective resume tailored towards obtaining work in the federal government or support existing resume writing services. Job Search HRSC-Specialists work with the Wounded Warrior in searching for Department of Navy vacancies that would fit their overall interests on We speak with them about what they would like to do, demonstrate the power of the USAJobs Website, notify them of open vacancies looking to hire the Wounded, and refer them to hiring managers throughout the country country. Getting Started- “The Middleman” HRSC-Specialists serve as the connect between the Wounded and the hiring manager. The p g process of g getting started in a j g job can be difficult and stressful. Once a job has been extended to the veteran we stay available to help fill out paperwork, answer questions, and provide guidance to the hiring manager on questions pertaining to any of the specific hiring authorities such as: VRA- Veterans Recruitment Appointment, 30% or More Disabled Veteran, VEOA- Veterans Employment Opportunities Act of 1998. p y pp 4
  5. 5. For Official Use Only How Does the Manager Access the HRSC Effort?? Cartrip,  Customer  Have Resume/ Working  Jacksonville,  Darrell  oriented type  towards Assoc in  NC   work/ HR/  General Education FloridaWounded Warrior veterans  assistance. ‐ Is  Virginia Listing out of military out of ilita y Chauncey,  Looking to get  Have Resume/  Washington  Fares  into social work‐ Experience as a  DC Area EAS 1/2012 substance abuse  A list of Wounded Warrior names, counselor interests, skills, and locations is sent Corvette, Jeff Not Specified‐ Is  out of Military Have Resume/ Associate  in Business  Atlanta, GA Washington  to hundreds of Department of Navy Management, Marketing  Management Marketing DC Hiring Managers numerous times a & Merchandising Norfolk, VA McMissle,  Security/Law  Have Resume/ Purple  Rhode  year. You can be one of these hiring Finn Enforcement‐ Is  Heart/ Bachelors Degree  Island managers!! out of the  Criminal Justice Military When a manager is interested in McQueen,  Security‐ EAS  Marine Mechanic/  Texas,  speaking with one of the Wounded Lightning 9/2011 Purple Heart Security  Purple Heart Security Specialist Oklahoma,  Oklahoma Louisiana,  Warriors on the list they contact the Japan HRSC and we help in connecting the Shiftwell,  Looking for  Have Resume/ Network  Florida two parties. Holly IT/Computer  Work‐ EAS‐ security specialist with  over 4 years of  The more outreach we do, the more Pending experience/Speaks Basic  Aa i Arabic wounded we get on the list, and the d d t th li t d th Topper,  US Marshall/  Have Resume/  North  more we get hired! Deckington Law  Leadership/ Security Carolina Enforcement‐* This process will be augmented by Zen, Master  EAS 1/2012 Logistics, Admin,  Have Resume/ MP/  Washington  DORS (Defense Outplacement Referral Security‐ EAS‐ Combat Instructor DC System) soon to be online online. Pendingg g Virginia 5
  6. 6. For Official Use Only How Does the Manager Access the HRSC Effort?? Building Relationships g p Each HRSC has a specific Wounded Warrior point of contact that Navy hiring managers are able to reach out to at any time. The HRSC Representative provides education on the best ways to hire a Wounded Warrior, assists with jobs the manager would like filled, specific Wounded Warriors the Manager would like to interview, hiring authority specifics, reasonable accommodations, and more. HRSC WW specialists aggressively follow-up and speak with DON hiring managers in order to promote and enhance the Wounded Warrior Program. HRSC efforts support ongoing local command efforts as well. Following up! One of the most important aspects to the Wounded Warrior Program is following up. Managers following up with the HRSC staff on open p g g p p positions, HRSC staff following up g p with the Managers about status of referred applicants, and most importantly; following up with the Wounded Warriors themselves. 6
  7. 7. For Official Use Only HRSC Wounded Warrior Points of Contact HRSC-North East: Philadelphia, PA  L Larry Setting: 215-697-0435 S tti 215 697 0435 HRSC-East: Portsmouth, VA  Corey Young: 757-396-7601 757 396 7601 HRSC-South East: Gulfport, MS  Debra Manton: 228-813-1232 HRSC-North West: Silverdale, WA  Carol Blakley: 360-315-8208 HRSC-South West: San Diego, CA  Dennis Eley: 858-577-5617 7
  8. 8. For Official Use Only 8