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Superior Windows


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Corporate Overview

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Superior Windows

  1. 1. SUPERIOR WINDOW CORPORATION providing quality products since 1949 Superior Window Corporation is committed to finding better ways to enhance energy savings through our extensive variety of commercial grade, custom manufactured window products and specialty items. Our ability to design, manufacture, install and water test our own products gives us a competitive advantage above other manufacturers. This "complete system approach" separates us from the competition. A successful project performance is what we strive for and going the EXTRA mile to design, test and obtain NOA's if needed is our specialty. Creating valued relationships through performance is our business goal, as we are committed to continue to satisfy our customers and advance their success.
  2. 2. Current Commercial Grade Product Line and Services CJ Combination Louvered Windows CJ Projected Windows CJ Casement Windows CJ Single Hung Windows CJ Fixed Windows CJ Receptors, Mullions, Muntins all available CJ Miscellaneous Glass and Glazing CJ Storefront Installation CJ Sunshades CJ Ticket Windows, Sliders and Mirrors
  3. 3. Combination Louver Window The ability to control and enhance natural lighting in the classroom throughout the day is the best sustainable feature of our combination louver window. In areas where reducing heat gain is paramount, the CLW is extremely effective in helping to provide very low SHGC & U values. In fact the CLW will meet or exceed the values achieved with a primary insulated glass with low E coatings. Whether it is a casement in-swing style, single/double hung, or project-in window you are looking for, our combination louvered window can meet any architectural design. Academic Village - Florida
  4. 4. Combination Louver Window - cont. This specialty window has been successfully used in schools and commercial buildings for over 20 years. Its outstanding features include: Safety and Security enhanced Eliminate glass breakage Hurricane and storm protection Eliminate interior window treatments Architectural appeal with colored louvers ~ontrol day-lighting I~~~~~~~. '~~.~;~.J~·~~.:~-~~'.1/~·~~ ~~~~~(~. ".' } .~' '(',,-""'~'{'LJ' :~"'_}'d';·;·~~'.~ '. ~~),_:.1~ Reduce energy costs Break-ins virtually eliminated -
  5. 5. Combination Louver Window - cont. LEED Certification Benefits LEED is a sustainable design rating system to help maximize the energy efficiency of a building. Our Combination Louver Window helps in the effort with the following benefits of sustainability and greening. • Provides day-light control with louvers • Acts as a light shelf to provide more evenly diffused light and eliminates glare and localized overheating. • Provides very low SHGC results to help reduce energy costs. • Enhances the overall energy efficiency of the building and enhances the comfort of individuals inside.
  6. 6. Exterior Appeal On the exterior, the louver blades can be painted in a wide range of colors using Kynar for a long life cycle. Colors can be a great way to enhance a buildings architectural appeal while providing solar shading, security and storm protection. Holy Rosary - Florida Maxine Waters - California
  7. 7. Exterior Appeal - cont. Superior Window uses the best products available to provide our customers with the best results. Your custom extrusions can be painted to match an array of Valspar and PPG colors. Please see the link below for available selections. Color Cards/P PG Valspar Akzo Nobel,htm
  8. 8. Other Glass and Glazing Superior Window can also provide your project with interior door lights, specialty glass, ticket windows and sliders.
  9. 9. Sliders and Ticket Windows Our team consists of highly experienced and knowledgeable installation crews that can accommodate any project specific detail or requirement.
  10. 10. Storefront We offer storefront systems for all needs and our ability to professionally install storefront systems as well as windows on projects alleviates the need to hire multiple sub-contractors.
  11. 11. Fixed Solar Control Devices: Sunshades / Light shelf We offer various fixed solar control devices to reflect direct sunlight. Our interior light shelves help diffuse light throughout a room. We can work with the architect to create an individual desig n for the fixed sunshade.
  12. 12. Air Foils Throughout the day, the sunlight reflects off of the air foils which provide shading while still allowing the natural light to enter a building.
  13. 13. State of Florida and Miami Dade County Approved State of Florida Miami Dade County [] Louvered Windows [J Louvered Wi ndow FL1867.1 06-1026.06 FL2617.1 [J Casement Window [] Casement Windows 03-1001.06 FL3181.1 [J Projected Wi ndow • FL3181.2 03-1001.05 FL3181.4 [J Mullions [] Projected Windows 03-1001.07 - FL2748.3 • FL2748.2 FL2748.1 [] Fixed Windows FL3181.3 Find all of our current NOA's on [] Single Hung Windows FL3189.1 www.miamidade.QQY FL3189.2 [] Mullions www.floridabuilding.;Q[Q FL3222.1 • FL3222.2
  14. 14. K-12 Projects GENERAL PROJECT NAME COUNTY CONTRACTOR ARCHITECT Charles E. Bennett Elementary Parrish Construction School Clay County District Schools Company Paul Stresing Associates, Inc. Oakleaf Village Elementary School (W) Clay County District Schools Skanska USA Building, Inc. McCullar & Boatright Architects District School Board Monroe Rick Z. Smith & Associates Key Largo High School County Heery International, Inc. Architects, Inc. District School Board Monroe Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates Marathon High School County Heery International, Inc. Architects George M. Steinbrenner High District School Board of Pasco Holmes Hepner & Associates School (FFF) County H.C. Beck, Inc. Architects PPI Construction Buddy Taylor Elementary School Flagler County Public Schools Management, Inc. Paul Stresing Associates, Inc. Bunnel K-8 Center Flagler County Public Schools Barton Malow Company Paul Stresing Associates, Inc. Southfork High School Martin County School District Suffolk Construction Co., Inc. Clemons Rutherford & Associates Miami Jackson Senior High School Miami Dade County Public Betancourt-Castellon (SS-1) Schools Associates, Inc. Silva Architects South Dade Senior High School Miami Dade County Public Pavarini Construction Co., (CCC-1) Schools Inc. Song & Associates, Inc. Sunny Isles K-8 Community School Miami Dade County Public (BB-1) Schools MCM Corp. SBLM Architects, P.c. Miami Dade County Public James B. Pirtle Construction Vineland Elementary School Schools Co., Inc. Spillis Candela DMJM
  15. 15. K-12 Projects School Board of Alachua Parrish Construction Alachua Elementary School County Company Paul Stresing Associates, Inc. School Board of Broward Balfour Beatty Construction, Park Lakes Elementary School County Inc. Schenkel & Shultz, Inc. School Board of Broward Tercilla Courtemanche Architects, Pines Middle School County James A. Cummings, Inc. Inc. Chestnut Elementary School (G) School District of Collier County Gates, Inc. Harvard Jolly Architects Parkside Elementary School (M) School District of Collier County W.G. Mills, Inc. Harvard Jolly Architects Burt Hill/Pollock Krieg Architects, Seagate Elementary School School District of Collier County Kraft Construction, Inc. Inc. C.O. Taylor / Kirklane Elementary School District of Palm Beach School County W.G. Mills, Inc. BRPH Architects-Engineers, Inc. School District of Palm Beach Glades Central High School County W.G. Mills, Inc. MPA Architects, Inc. Palm Beach Gardens Elementary School District of Palm Beach School County C.R. Klewin, Inc. PGAL, Inc. School District of Palm Beach Tercilla Courtemanche Architects, Rolling Green Elementary School County C.R. Klewin, Inc. Inc. Palm Point Lab School (Tradition K- St. Lucie County Public 8) Schools Proctor Construction Co., Inc. Donadio & Associates Suwannee County District PPI Construction Branford Elementary School Schools Management, Inc. Rood & Zwick, Inc.