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Research and ideasfinal


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Graphics Presentation final

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Research and ideasfinal

  1. 1. Peace One DayBy Daniel Wright, Katherine Thomas, Jared Lagden, Latoya Algae, Hayley Sargood and Michael Shawole
  2. 2. Research
  3. 3. What is Guerrilla Advertising?The main reason people use Guerrilla advertising is because it is a cheap and unique way of advertising and it tendsto be more memorable than normal ways (TV commercials, printed posters). However it does tend to take moretime, energy and imagination to come up with good Guerrilla marketing ideas that will be memorable and cantranslate to a range of audiences. The idea has to be easily understood and usually targets people in unusualplaces.The main objective around Guerrilla advertising is to generate interest in your product/cause which is why it tends tobe more interactive and tries to make the audience participate in the advertising without realizing.Viral Marketing uses mostly social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.) to advertise theirproduct/cause. The name refers to the information spreading like a virus. Viral forms of advertising can be video’s,flash games, chain messages, pictures etc.. it is a convenient cheap way of advertising which relies mainly on publicreaction, in order for it to have the desired effect. The main goal of both forms of advertising is to increaseawareness.These ideas can be transferred to the peace one day project, we can advertise the day using Guerrilla and Viralmethods, in order to make it universally known. We can advertise it in places frequented by a lot of people, andmake it as interactive as possible. The idea’s have to be unusual and reach people in unconventional ways in orderto evoke interest. We could also try and make images/video’s about peace one day to go viral, making sure that thePeace One Day and its message reaches as many people as possible. The purpose of advertising in this way forPeace One Day to be recognized and celebrated all around the world (like mothers or valentines day).
  4. 4. Guerrilla Advertising This is a very innovative piece of guerilla advertisement. It shows exemplary images of two children (whom appear to be begging for alleviation from poverty) which has been Photoshopped to fit within the base of a shopping basket and above this food is being dropped into the basket. From this, a number of themes are expressed through its purpose to make people aware of the issues concerning children and poverty. It tries to create a feeling of sympathy amongst viewers of the advertisement, so they contemplate and be considerate for these suffers, especially with the image o the food and the shopping basket which represents the food and other things in life that we take for granted.
  5. 5. Guerrilla AdvertisingThis advertisement for Frontline, which produces flea It is clear why this advertisement stands out: it’sand tick spray for pets, is a form of interactive hard to miss a giant chocolate bar! This guerrillaguerrilla marketing, as the people walking on the advertisement is also interactive, as it is a benchgiant picture of the dog appear as the pests on the which people will use. As a place where peopledog when seen from above. As the general public often go to sit down, it has effectively been madeform the main advertising point, it is interactive with an advert that people want to walk to; making it athe public and therefore attracts their attention; brilliant example of guerrilla advertising.people are more likely to remember the product whenthey were directly involved with its advertising.
  6. 6. Guerrilla Advertising This advertisement for extra strong security glass is interactive by daring people to try to break it - with the incentive of getting the money inside. Using money is always going to be an effective way of advertising, as it is something that everyone needs. Although the money was mostly fake, This advertisement has been deliberately there was $500 of real placed where people need to interact with money inside, and a it: it is a handle to stop you falling over on security guard who the bus, made to look as though it is a supervised competitions drink. Seeing it on the bus like this would that allowed people to be unusual enough to stand out in one’s test out the glass by memory; achieving the main goal of an trying to break it. Invite advert. The way it appears as though it is them to compete with being drunk by the holder is a way of others to break it is customer interaction. undoubtedly interactive guerrilla marketing.
  7. 7. Guerrilla AdvertisingThis picture of a Guerilla Advertisement standsout as it is big and colourful. The advert is This image is a very good example of guerillaadvertising a Zoo hence the use of the snake advertising. This advert is an advert for a gym byconstricting the bus. Not only is this advert turning the train roof rail into weights making thecool and eye-catching but it is also interactive, person holding look like they are strong. Thisits a bus. this can be a very effective place to advert would be used vary often by many peopleadvertise as a lot of people use busses during rush hour.everyday.
  8. 8. Guerrilla Advertising GTL Ad -
 This advertisement also uses an element of humour by personifyingGlobal Warming Ad -
 This guerilla advertisement is effective people’s cars. The ad is an image of abecause it stands out and also has an element of humour by using thought bubble hung from the ceiling in asarcasm. It stands out because the posts that hold the sign up car park, above the parking spaces. It givesappear to be someone’s hands holding it above the water, this the impression that - when a car is parkwould catch people’s eyes. The text on the sign reads ‘Global underneath - the vehicle has a mind of itsWarming. What’s all the fuss about?’. This is a sarcastic comment own and with the text it has a funny andbecause it gives the impression that the person believes there is persuasive effect. The sign reads ‘I wish Inothing to worry about when really the figure is seemingly standing was a….New GTL’ with the image of thesubmerged under water. Interaction with viewers - people would car the company are trying to sell and thehave to move/travel around it.
[Note - Global Warming causes sea logo of the company. Interaction withlevels to rise that would the reason for the ‘figure’ appearing to viewers - people would look to see whatstand under the water]. they’ve parked their vehicles underneath.
  9. 9. Brainstorming
  10. 10. Brainstorming
  11. 11. Brainstorming
  12. 12. Brainstorming
  13. 13. Brainstorming
  14. 14. Brainstorming
  15. 15. Brainstorming
  16. 16. Brainstorming
  17. 17. Ideas
  18. 18. Idea 1
  19. 19. Idea 1
  20. 20. Idea 2This is our Idea for the flash mob. This version of a flash mob gets people/Actors to dress upas the British Armed Forces and act out a war against each other, but there are Peace OneDay Signs laid out on the actors backs and also on sandwich boards etc
  21. 21. Idea 3
  22. 22. Idea 4
  23. 23. Idea 5This could be used in any underground station, it symbolises the fact that in war thisis what people feel like everyday.
  24. 24. Idea 6
  25. 25. Idea 6 – Final Idea
  26. 26. Idea 6 – Final Idea
  27. 27. Idea 7 - Final Idea Connection – Peace One Day• Bringing the outside in• Desk with POD paper• Clouds, paper airplanes, origami birds• Giant scale• People from all over the world come to airports• Can be used in other places; train stations, offices etc.• For all ages; colouring for children origami for adults• Wishes; can write a wish on a cloud – send it into the sky
  28. 28. Idea 7 - Final Idea
  29. 29. Idea 7 - Final Idea
  30. 30. Thank You For Listening