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Email Archiving and pst backup for Outlook

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Doc Look Reach

  1. 1. Mail Sharing and Archiving for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange
  2. 2. DocLook Reach is a unique software solution that  Allows users to instantly view archived emails within Microsoft Outlook®  Shares those emails across the organisation  Reduces the size of the local PST and the server’s Exchange Information Store files
  3. 3. Did you know? • There is a steadily rising need amongst businesses today for Email Management Systems • One of a businesses most valuable assets is the Information contained within the emails that come in and out every day. • Businesses are legally obliged to retain emails for a specified period of time.
  4. 4. • Sharing and viewing archived emails stored in users Personal Storage Table (PST) is labour intensive, costly and problematic. • Emails that are forwarded and copied becomes replicated data and redundant, eating up storage space on your server and hard drive •Archiving is important, because if a user’s PST file becomes full it runs the risk of corruption and loss of data. •Emails can take up a lot of space on the users hard drive and exchange server meaning companies are having to spend a lot of money maintaining emails in both locations.
  5. 5. •The problem with archiving emails on the Server as an MSG, is once an email is archived it can no longer be viewed as one expects an email to look in Outlook. DocLook Reach is different.
  6. 6. Offers transparency - Emails can be shared across the whole organisation, with permissions to provide security where needed. Sits seamlessly within Microsoft Outlook – no extra training needed for users Reduces user’s PST and also the Exchange Information Store files Creates a Merge folder – Email conversations (inbox & sent items) are merged into one folder Archive can be set up on The Cloud – making emails accessible from anywhere in the world
  7. 7. Emails are fully searchable – fast & easy access to information Frees up considerable storage space on the server and hard drive by reducing replicated emails and redundant data. Emails are NEVER deleted – only an administrator has the ability to delete an email at his/her discretion Saves on IT admin costs – recovering archived emails before DocLook Reach is both time consuming and costly Integrates with Orinoco DFS – send attachments directly from emails straight to Orinoco DFS
  8. 8. DocLook Reach Tab sits on the Toolbar. Click it to open options. In ‘About DocLook’, there is a full user guide. Click ‘Add Archive’ to select the location of your stored archive, or you can create an archive. You can search across your archive using the ‘Search Archive’ button. DocLook Merge Folder and the DocLook Reach Archive can be seen opposite. The DocLook Reach folder is a copy of how the user has their archive set up on the network, or on The Cloud. If the user has tried to search for an email, the Search Folder is displayed at the bottom.
  9. 9.  Connecting to, or setting up an archive  Filing Emails  Streaming a folder  Local and Network Search  DocLook Merge Mail Folder  Integrating with Orinoco DFS
  10. 10. • Click the Add Archive button in the DocLook Reach Tab • Select the location where the archive is stored • To create a new archive, click the ‘Make New Folder’ button • The archive is now mirrored under the DocLook Reach Folder
  11. 11. • Select the mail(s) that are to be archived • Simply drag and drop them into the required folder in DocLook Reach
  12. 12. • DocLook Reach works by mirroring the files from the server. • When a folder is clicked, DocLook Reach streams the mirrored emails in from the server • If another folder is clicked, DocLook Reach empties the first folder first, and then streams the required emails in
  13. 13. • If there are large volumes of emails in a folder, rather than streaming all the emails which may take some time, the user has strong search capabilities in DocLook Reach • Select ‘Search Archive’ in the DocLook Reach tab • Enter keywords for what is being searched
  14. 14. • The Search results are displayed in the Search Folder • For a more detailed search the user can use the local search, which will also searches the body of the emails, making it quick and easy to find a specific email
  15. 15. • DocLook Merge Mail is a folder which combines the user’s inbox & sent items. Only emails which are part of a ‘conversation’ are considered in this folder • By sorting this folder by ‘subject’, the user can now see the full history of a certain topic, which now makes filing this topic in DocLook Reach even quicker
  16. 16. • DocLook Reach integrates seamlessly with Orinoco DFS, so the user can easily file attachments from emails directly into Orinoco, giving the user a full solution for both document & email management • When an email with attachments is opened, there is a button giving the user the option to send their attachments to Orinoco
  17. 17. with DocLook Reach Email Management For More information please contact: Digital Onesource Consulting Solutions 631-463-3322