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  1. 1. An Account Payable Invoice Automation Solution YUBIK INVOICE MANAGEMENT Powered by
  2. 2. Yubik Invoice Management (YIM) YUBIK Invoice Management YIM is an APIA: Account Payable Invoice Automation solution. YIM was created to respond to new needs and opportunities for automation in the processing of Accounting Invoices.
  3. 3. 3 The Old Paradigm (of invoice management) YUBIK Invoice Management
  4. 4. Multi-Country  Process and data managed in accordance with the country's legislation  Specific and customizable workflows for each individual country  Current coverage (*)  West EU: Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, DACH  East EU: Russia, Romania (2021)  North Am: USA, Canada (2021)  LatAm: Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil (2021)  FarEast: Hong-kong, China, Singapore E-Invoicing  Integrated with national tax authority eInvoicing hubs (**)  Data extraction from structured XML for automated verification strategies  Generation of courtesy PDF (**) Italy, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Peru. Directly o through 3rd part service providers Vendor Proactivity  Dedicated access for the vendor, integrated with Jaggaer One  Multiple strategies and channels to allow vendors to submit a already correct invoice  The supplier participates in the following troubleshooting process Zero-Touch rate  Automatic invoice data extraction and ERP data match channels:  98% with Vendor proactivity  80% with eInvoice management  50% with machine learning on PDF and Paper  Manual Three-way-match in help for remaining invoices  Automatic ERP booking of correct invoices Collaborative Workflow  Workflow with queue management able to involve all the users and roles interested in the process  Approval workflows, Two-factor authentication, Request for additional data or documents  Forwarding files to colleagues or collaborators  Non pre-set dynamic flow  Work Process Graphic Editor ERP Integration  Integrated with ERP systems for Vendor, Company, PO, GR, and AP data  Extensive integration with SAP systems. Certified Software Package for SAP S4HANA  Web Services available for integration with other ERPs like JDE, Navision, AS400 or legacy systems (*) Countries belonging to projects under construction and production Yubik Invoice Management (YIM) YUBIK Invoice Management
  5. 5. YIM provides various strategies for acquiring incoming accounting invoices. 1. Tax-Authority: Invoices are automatically acquired by the centralized Hub and entered into the system and, if necessary, accessed by the supplier to complete them. 2. Auto-Invoicing: Vendors selects POs and GRs to be invoiced, enters the header data and the invoice is generated automatically. 3. Invoice Authorization: Billing Approval. The supplier selects the order and amount/value that he requests to invoice, enters the header data and receives a code to be included on the invoice. Upon receipt of the invoice, the code is intercepted and associated with the approval. 4. Upload-Invoice: Vendors uploads a PDF invoice. If available, the relevant POs and GRs are optionally indicated. Local verification flow and sending to the administration 5. Correcting-Invoice: Vendors uploads a correction invoice for a previously sent invoice indicating the changed goods receipts and all data subject to correction. 6. Bulk-Scan : Management of massively scanned invoice flows. Machine learning recognition. (OpenText OCC) 7. Bulk-Upload: Integration software layer with third party systems for the automatic acquisition of lots of invoices in electronic format 8. Manual Paper/Mail: The local administration scans the paper invoice or extracts the attachment from the email and sends it to an email address of the archiving solution Invoice acquisition flows 5 YUBIK Invoice Management
  6. 6. Code Bank Account Checks BA01 Invoice does not include bank account information or Vendor does not have any Bank Account registered BA02 Invoice does include bank account information that do not match the any of the Vendor Bank Accounts BA03 There is more than one bank account on the invoice and all of match the Vendor Bank Accounts Code Good Receipts Checks GR01 The sum of the net amounts on the invoice is greater than the sum the taxable amounts of the invoiced goods receipts in SAP with all the orders on the invoice GR02 The sum of the net amounts on the invoice is lower than the sum of the taxable amounts of the invoiced goods receipts in SAP with all the orders on the invoice. Code VAT Exempt Checks VT01 The invoice has VAT-exempt lines Code Custom Checks CT01 … CT02 … This channel is dedicated to the processing of passive XML invoices which, thanks to the presence of clear data, allows for checks, preventive analysis and important automatisms that fluidify the processing. Tax Authority input channel: automatic checks Code Vendor Checks VN01 The vendor identified by the passed Vendor VAT is unique for the given Destination Company VN02 The vendor identified by the passed Vendor VAT is unique for the given Destination Company VN03 Invoice presents Withholding tax codes, but the Vendor does not have Withholding tax codes VN04 Invoice presents Withholding tax codes, but the Vendor has more than one Withholding tax code VN05 Invoice does not present Withholding tax codes but the Vendor at least one Withholding tax code Code Purchase Order Checks PO01 Invoice does not present any PO numbers PO02 Invoice presents more than one PO number PO03 Invoice presents PO numbers but at least one does not match any the Vendor assigned open POs PO04 Invoice currency is different from the PO currency Code Invoice Checks IN01 Missing mandatory data like: InvoiceNumber, InvoiceDate, VendorVAT, CompanyVAT, InvoiceNetTotal, InvoiceTaxTotal, InvoiceTotal IN02 The invoice has already been processed 6 YUBIK Invoice Management
  7. 7. This channel allows the vendor to upload his PDF or XML invoice and select the relevant orders and goods entries already present in the ERP system. 1.Select one or more POs (Pos must have the same currency and payment conditions) 2.Select one or more GRs of the selected Pos 3.Enter header data 4.Add tax exception information if required 5.Automatic PDF invoice generation (the vendor download his copy of the invoice) Vendor collaboration: Auto-Invoicing 7YUBIK Invoice Management
  8. 8. Invoice Sorting (triage) YUBIK Invoice Management
  9. 9. Similar to the auto-invoice, This function allows the vendor to request an authorization to the emission of the invoice. This is particular useful in those contexts where there are no Orders and/or no Goods Receipts / Service Entry Sheet. The vendor may or may not attach a preview of the desired invoice, upload his PDF or XML invoice and select orders and goods entries exclusively in the system. The vendor is requested to enter the relevant information that qualifies the department / person who needs to approve the authorization, this may be done: - By selecting the purchase order number and the relevant line items - By selecting the department - By selecting the relevant person Details necessary for giving the authorization, such as invoice amount and description of the service are requested. Once authorization is given, the vendor is allowed to upload an invoice against the authorization obtained and/or send the invoice through the tax authority input channel by specifying the authorization number in the appropriate field Vendor collaboration: Invoice Authorization YUBIK Invoice Management
  10. 10. The selected POs and GRs are added to the invoice data All POs with capacity of the period "congruent" with respect to the invoice dates All billable GR can be selected to reach and verify the invoice amount received 10 3-Way-Match For any invoice remaining issue, YIM offers a specialized form able to perform a manual 3-way match for Invoice – POs - GRs YUBIK Invoice Management
  11. 11. Triage: Correct : Erroneous : To-be checked : Auto- Booking ERP Vendor Involvement Vendor Manual Three-way match Pre-booking Workflow Internal collaboration Auto or assisted Booking ERP Post-booking Workflow Internal collaboration Payment queues Once the invoice has been acquired, we proceed with a work process that is the result of successful best-practices with our customers. The flow can be adapted and shaped with "DocFlow Studio" according to customer needs. Invoice processing flow Tax Authority Auto-Invoicing Upload Invoice Correcting Invoice Paper/Mail Bulk Upload Bulk Scan ERP ERP Vendor Legend Local Accounting Local Business Unit Central Accounting Central Business Unit PeruChileColombia Mexico Brasil Italy Invoice Author. ERP 11 YUBIK Invoice Management
  12. 12. Dashboard / KPI YIM has a integrated and extensible dashboard and reporting platform able to present information customized for user role / country / vendor company. 12 Each graphic panel can be Excel or PDF or image exportable YUBIK Invoice Management
  13. 13. 13 Integration with SAP YUBIK Invoice Management Automatic booking Assisted booking
  14. 14. Contact Us DocFlow Italia S.p.A. Tel. 02.57503366 | Follow Us on Linkedin!