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The Light Side and Dark Side of DNS


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There are many different sides to DNS hosting. Are you using the right one? Learn how you can manage your DNS better in our Star Wars themed infographic.

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The Light Side and Dark Side of DNS

  1. 1. DNS WARS Do. Or do not. There is no try. Learn about the LIGHT SIDE of the DNS force, you must... DNS is a lot like the force, in that both are integral parts of the universe. Also known as the backbone of the internet, DNS is the driving force of all online activities. There is also a DARK SIDE to DNS. Many domain name registries and web hosts will try to offer DNS hosting. But, they lack the infrastructure and expertise of an outsourced DNS service that focuses solely on DNS management. Learn the Do's and Don'ts of the DNS force, and become the master of your site: The force is strong with this one. May the force be with you. The DNS force is a powerful tool that often gets taken for granted. Take advantage of management tools like DNS Made Easy, and become Jedi Master of the DNS force. Your site will thank you! IT'S A TRAP! Slash site load times when you take control of your DNS It's good for SEO, too, because load times are a ranking factor