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How to Prepare Your DNS for the Holiday Shopping Season


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Don't let Cyber Monday bring you down! Learn what steps you need to take to ready your DNS for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

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How to Prepare Your DNS for the Holiday Shopping Season

  1. 1. DNS READY HOLIDAYS? FOR THE IS YOUR Last year Americans spent over $2b on Cyber Monday Experts predict we'll break that record in a landslide in 2015 with sales peaking at over $3b 2b THATS A LOT OF DOUGH BUT CAN YOUR SITE HANDLE IT? I BET YOUR FRONT-END LOOKS PHENOMENAL but what about your backend? It's all about that Back-end You need a strong back-end infrastructure to support the heavy traffic during the holiday seasons. If you think you're safe just because you're a big company... think again. Walmart Motorola Kohls Urban Outftr Toys R Us Avon Nooneistoobig tofall have all had outages during Black Friday or Cyber Monday 404 NO ONE LIKES CYBER TUESDAY OR A PR DISASTER THE PROBLEM IS Too many people think of MANAGED DNS as a BACKUP PLAN when it should be the first step when you're PREPARING your site for the holidays. The solution is simple, take back control of your backend with MANAGED DNS. Those Black Friday shoppers won't stand a chance. TIME TO OPTIMIZE What a lot of people don't realize is that DNS controls so much more than just seeing a 404 page when it's down. 40% of website visitors will abandon a site if the page takes longer than just three seconds to load That's about how long it takes to blink your eyes 6 times... Go ahead! TRY IT OUR SOLUTION IS SIMPLE Our engineers came up with an easy solution in just 4 STEPS. We'll not only keep your business online, but keep your customers happy with some of the industry's fastest resolution times. CAPACITY RELIABILITY SCALABILITY SPEED Of course speed comes first. But speed would mean nothing for your PERFORMANCE without 100% uptime, large bandwidth, and a global infrastructure. BUILD YOUR DNS PLAN We've spent the last 14 years perfecting DNS Management. Prepare for the holidays now, and become the MASTER of your own DNS with Managed DNS services from DNSME! Here are just a few features that come standard with every membership: Failover (with monitoring) Round Robin (weighted or unweighted) Global Traffic Director and you can even integrate these features together!