DNS newsletter february 2012


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This is our February Newsletter which will tell you some news from our teams from all over the world.
Preparing the Bus for travelling to Africa
Winter concert in Tvind
ANGOLA Don´t call me “professora”
DNS college in India

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DNS newsletter february 2012

  1. 1. – Newsletter February 2012 - Anotherkind of education Some more news from the DNS teams... 1 www.dns-tvind.dk
  2. 2. – Newsletter February 2012 - CONTENTPreparing the Bus for travelling to Africa DNS 2012 Team first fundraising experienceby Ruta, DNS 2011 Fundraising means asking people for donations onThe bus is a necessity for our travel, and for sure it will be the street or at peoples doors.an adventure to be in it for more than 4 months, but it is Before my team started to fundraise on the streetalso an adventure to get it ready and running. I joined the selling roses and bananas, one of the DNS teachers bus preparation – Carla - gave us a little presentation about fun- team, partly be- daising and ... cause I wanted to learn something Preparation weekend and first impression by about it, and Egle, DNS 2012 partly because I wanted to get The preparation weekend was unforgettable and full used to being in it of impressions. I understood the real meaning of all day long. Read “Another kind of education”. more.. Read more..Winter concert in Tvind by DNS 2009All of us were waiting for this big event on 4th of February in Tvind. It was amagnificent Winter Concert where the new DNS team together with ourteam and 20 Development Instructors from our partner schools in Englandand Norway did a big work in organizing the concert and preparing all thepracticalities: to accommodate the Polish symphonic orchestra fromZielonogorska for 2 days, preparing food for some hundreds people, turnour sportshall into a concert hall. Read more..ANGOLA Don´t call me “professora” by Ana DNS 2008 Matus, DNS 2008 tells about his work at DNS college in IndiaWhen remembering the last year´s feelings of going to Africa, Big classes up to 100 students, teachers are notthey seem a little bit vague, as if they were just part of myimagination, because everything turned the other way around. coming to school every day, time keepingAt first I was scared, but in the end I felt Angola is my home. schedule, lesson starts when teacher feels like...Read more.. Read more.. 2 www.dns-tvind.dk
  3. 3. – Newsletter February 2012 - Winter concert in Tvind All of us were waiting for this big event on4th of February in Tvind. We started the preparationson 31th of January. It was a magnificent Winter Con-cert where the new DNS team DNS 2011 togetherwith our team DNS 2009 and 20 Development In-structors from our partner schools in England andNorway did a big work in organizing the concert andpreparing all the practicalities: to accommodate thePolish symphonic orchestra from Zielonogorska for 2days, preparing food for some hundreds people, turnour sportshall into a concert hall, prepare eating everything starts from an idea - it is very important, because there should be a balance - music, pictures, silhouettes. The group was working productive and they reached the goal! The movie makers made really beautiful picture slides to be projected during the concert. There was also a a host group for the orches- tra. The musician have been pretty demanding and complained about different small things, since they are used to live in nice hotels in a higher standard than we can provide as a school. It was good to seeplaces in tip top shape for 500 more people to come them in action, showing their skills during the con-in all available classrooms and meeting halls. cert - they have been really great.DNS 2009 team shares with us their experiences and im- In our conclusion after the concert, we allpressions about the Winter Concert: agreed that it was a very good concert, practically “To manage the preparations for this concert, well organized and regarding the music - it was wellwe made different groups to be in charge of all the composed - The classical part and the film music partneeded areas: accommodation group, decoration made thegroup, catering group etc. We had four leaders who audiencedivided people according to what they have to do - enjoyingthey composed the teams, they took the leadership to the con-manage all and had to have the overview about all cert verytasks. much - The accommodation groups task was plan- even ourning and preparing rooms for 60 polish musicians some-from the orchestra. The decoration group was in times dif-charge to design and make nice decoration for the ficult stu-concert hall - signs associated with music. Of course, dents. 3 www.dns-tvind.dk
  4. 4. – Newsletter February 2012 - Preparing the Bus for travelling to Africa The bus is, of course, a necessity for our travel, and for sure it will be an adventure to be in it for 4 months, but it is also an adventure to get it ready and running. I joined the bus preparation team, partly because I wanted to learn something about it, and partly because I wanted to get used to being in it all day long. And from the first day I’ve had more questions than answers. How does it work? What should it look like on the inside? How to fix it, and how do we teach others how to fix it? What should be the name of our bus? Do we need a sink? And which question should be answered first? We decided to start with the interior. Of course, it’s not as easy as choosing new curtains or bedsheet colours. We measured, we screwed (the seats), we unscrewed, we had discussions, we drilled holes,we got angry at the bus, we welded,we even had to go under the bus a couple of times. Now the seats are ready, but we still need to build beds, kitchen, fix some electrical problems... still a lot of work to do! Now I’m getting to know the bus and where iswhat in the engine (did I mention that none of us knowmuch about the bus mechanics?). Of course, it gets frustrating sometimes, but I’moptimistic and I’m looking forward to the result. 4 www.dns-tvind.dk
  5. 5. – Newsletter February 2012 - DNS 2012 Team fundraising experience Fundraising means asking people for dona- we made before. Amazingly Natalya could eventions on the street or at peoples doors. fundraise our lunch - she managed to get food forBefore my team started to fundraise on the street all of us - a lot ofselling roses and bananas, one of the DNS teachers free and tasty– Carla - gave us a little presentation about fund- pizza. The lunchraising and the important principles of how to do it time was relaxingin the right way. If you ask people for money you and we got manymust be very confident about the purpose you are new ideas aboutraising funds for. what to do next It is important to remember that not every- and how to planbody will support you. It takes a lot of tries to meet our time for thepeople who will support you, but you always meet next hours.them. We stopped street Do not give up! -fundraising You cannot al- around five low yourself to oclock and con- be discouraged. tinued with an- So, after Carlas other method : evening presen- Fundraising from door to door. It was an tation about other new experience, how to talk with people, fundraising we how to explain why we disturb people in their went to sleep homes. and the next In the end of the day we hitchhiked backday, we hitchhiked to Holstebro. We were 4 per- and had a team meeting where we counted thesons. Egle, Ciprian, our DNS teacher Natalya and money we have earned during our first fundrais-myself. ing day! We all got a pretty high amount regard- In the beginning we split up individually ing that it was our first time.and agreed to meet after 1,5 hours to share our firstexperiences. In that time all of us realized, thatfundraising is not as easy how it probably looks. Inour short brake we discussed our mistakes andsuccess. We concluded that our attitude and howwe speak with people is very important. Peopleneed to understand why we need to collect themoney and feel that we have a good cause. Afterthe brake we continued and that was much betterthan before, because we could avoid the mistakes 5 www.dns-tvind.dk
  6. 6. – Newsletter February 2012 - Preparation weekend and first impression free - that was something. Surprisingly the cars really stop for you and you reach your destination some- times faster than by train. You meet a lot of nice peo- ple and sometimes you can get usefull contacts about schools and work for the future. I was impressed by my team mates Janina and Marcel, they travelled by hitchhiking to Germany for work. In the mornings we have "Morning Assembly". Twice a week we have it in common together with the other teams where we have presentations and discus- sions about important issues of our time. At the mo- ment we have morning assemblies about "Open Fu- ture". There is no such a thing as "Open Future" it is an invention and we see it as a positive and creative way to look at all our activities to make the world a better The preparation weekend was unforgettable place for all the people living in it.and full of impressions. Now I understand the mean- As one example we discussed the situation ofing of “Another kind of education” young people in Japan. Many young Japanese are liv-For me it is a quite new experience to be part of a ing alone and do not want to be in social relations. Atteam. People with various talents and interests share the same time Japan has one of the highest suicide ratetheir life and abilities for the benefit of the team. The in the world. Is that somehow connected? What are theindividuals are united in a common goal to find solu- reasons? Isnt this trend also widespread in other partstions, to help each other with sharing ideas, common of the northern/western world? In Europe, Unitedtime. States and other high developed countries more peo- I was happy to find out, that DNS teachers are ple live alone than at any other time in history. Thelike our friends. Such a teacher is more close to the stu- most privileged people on earth use their resources todents and proves to be a better educator as well. The separate from each other, to buy private and personallife in DNS also includes artistic activities, sports, trav- space. The image of a modern family in a room to-elling. gether, each plugged into a separate reality, be it a It was a pleasant discovery that in their free smartphone, computer, video game or TV show hastime the DNS’ers play piano and educate each other. become a cultural norm. In our summary we con-There is a tradition of doing sports in evenings. For me cluded that in our global world – we prefer to workit was an unforgettable experience and when I was and act together with many other people of the world.playing volleyball for the first time it was difficult forme, but after some practice it became a really funnyactivity! Sport is very important to everyone. Its im-portant for staying healthy, helps to build self-esteem,keeps you mind alert, and helps to relax after a fullday of work and studies. Another very new thing forme was hitchhiking. To stop a car to get around for 6 www.dns-tvind.dk
  7. 7. – Newsletter February 2012 - Matus, DNS 2008 answered our questions about his work of educating teachers in DNS college Jashpur, IndiaDescribe your students started to paint them already as my footprint. I got leftThere are up to 100 students in one class (there are two -over material from a building weekend. From someclasses in the first year) so far maximum 60 per day, money that was left I ordered dark green color andaround 20-30 which are coming every day. Their painted all the benches. The classroom will be sky-knowledge differs, from fluent English to nothing, blue, the benches green (though now they tell me tofrom fluency in computer skills (one girl knows all not do it – after completed the first part, they said theyfunction in word, excel, presentation – and she just sat will hire a company and paint the whole school build-quietly in a corner and made simple tasks like others – ing – interior and exterior also.) That can take up to themakes the font bigger, underlines it...ridiculous – now end of this school year by governmental procedures, ifshe is learning to type with 10 fingers) to not even everything goes fine. And anyway it is white-washed,knowing how to use a mouse, what an enter button isfor. Also, the science level is low.What are their main problems? What are the mainproblems in the Indian education system?Big classes up to 100 students, teachers are not comingto school every day, time keeping schedule, lessonsstart when the teacher feels like, comes to class anddecides OK now we have … . It can last half an hour ortwo hours.What are the main questions in your school?The main question is how to get the technical equip-ment and generator for electricity and how to makethem to come to the school.How can you contribute to bring this forward?By buying speakers on my own, using them and my so a couple of layers are needed, and difference is sim-laptop, simply for watching movies and playing mu- ply nice.sic. Nobody has a laptop here. It is a big thing for them 2. Create a typical Bollywood music video with the- touching and working with it, generally to work with whole class, in which two students are dancing andtechnical equipment is new and exciting, it is unique, singing in front and the rest are behind them, all stu-not a normal, everyday experience as it is for us. dents will be in white school uniform.Which footprint will you leave? 3. To get a world map or to make it as a poster with1. The entrance hall and classrooms look bad, so I have the students and to hang it in the classroom. 7 www.dns-tvind.dk
  8. 8. – Newsletter February 2012 - ANGOLA Don´t call me “professora” by Ana When remembering the last year´s feelings of go- notes and other paper work that needed to be done as aing to Africa, they seem a little bit vague, as if they were responsibility of the team leader. That of course was notjust part of my imagination, because everything turned the most exciting work, but it needed to be done. Thethe other way around. At first I was scared, but in the other part of my job was more focused on the social partend I felt Angola is my home. I was concerned about myjob, but I left with good feedbacks. I was worried abouthealth issues and nutrition, but many of my challengesturned out to be just part of African way of living...Things turned much better than I expected and Africaindeed left a big mark in my notebook of memories andexperiences. Out of nothing comes nothing. A lot of pa-tience, organizing, creativity, plan Bs, love and energy, alot of energy. In my last teaching practice I have been workingat a teacher training college in Angola, situated close tothe Atlantic Ocean, in a province called Benguela.I have been involved in many administrative tasks con-cerning week plans, running the program, workingclosely with the headmaster, taking care of the student´s where we have been organizing practical tasks, garden- ing actions, cleaning actions, investigations and events, evening programs and cultural gatherings with music and dance, including sports activities and other activities on the main study path outside in the shadow, while sun was shining bright already in the early morn-ing hours. We have been socializing in the common areas of the school in the evenings after dinner time, talking about everything that would cross our mind. From eve- ryday and personal problems of the students to their family situation (which was many times shocking and sad) to religious views, from relationships and the posi- tion of men and women in African and European society, to problems, solutions and thoughts about the program and life at EPF Benguela. Angola indeed moved something in me that I will take everywhere I go, however old I will be. If I just try to look for the word to explain the feeling, I do not find it, but if I could dance it through, I would shake my bootie singing “SWEGUE” (hot). And then you as a reader just can make your own picture if I am telling the truth or not. 8 www.dns-tvind.dk
  9. 9. – Newsletter February 2012 - DNS TVIND The Necessary Teacher Training – Newsletter February 2012 - Thank you for reading!You are most welcome to write us your feedback, comments and questions DNS Promotion office Skorkærvej 8 Ulfborg Denmark 6990 Email: info@dns-tvind.dk Phone: +45 21 12 43 60 9 www.dns-tvind.dk