7 Physical Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction


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There are many causes and reasons leading to erectile dysfunction, it may be due to psychological or physical problems. Read more to find out the physical causes of erectile dysfunction...

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7 Physical Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

  2. 2. What is Erectile Dysfunction?  An inability of having prolong erection in a sexual intercourse  Unable to have an erection for sex  Normal to experience this inability occasionally  If it is an ongoing then it may be a symptom that you are having erectile dysfunction
  4. 4. 1. Aging  Many men notice of the sexual function as they are getting older  Longer time for them to have an erection  Erection will no longer as hard  Normally older men who have erectile dysfunction are due to their underlying health conditions
  5. 5. 2. Low Level of Testosterone  Low level of testosterone is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction  Steady flow of testosterone is needed for normal development of male sex organ  Low level of testosterone cause low sex drive
  6. 6. 3. Kidney Failure  Chemical in the body will change if someone suffering from kidney failure  Affecting your hormones, nerves function and energy level  When this happens, it will affect your sexual ability and lowering sex drive  Medications that are used to treat kidney disease are one of the causes of erectile dysfunction as a side effect
  7. 7. 4. Alcohol and Tobacco  Alcohol will widen your blood vessels making erections difficult  Smoking restricts the blood flow in the veins and arteries
  8. 8. 5. Spinal Cord Injury  Spinal cord injury will cause erectile dysfunction  Nerve impulses are needed for a good blood circulation that you need for an erection  Nerves responsible for erections are present in the specific parts of the spine  Injury to the spinal cord can reduce or even stop nerve impulses from the brain to the penis
  9. 9. 6. Chronic Diseases Patients  Liver, nerves, arteries, veins or heart diseases can be a cause of erectile dysfunction  When arteries are clot with plaques, blood circulation is restricted from entering your penis
  10. 10. 7. Prolonged Bicycling  Prolonged pressure on the tissues of the area of the groin between the penis and anus can damage blood vessels and nerves responsible for an erection  Spending long period of time in the same position on the saddle may cause erectile dysfunction temporarily  If however the tissues are continually damaged and not allowed to recover then it might be damage permanent
  11. 11. These are just some of the physical cause of Erectile Dysfunction. There are however many treatments available for erectile dysfunction. Find out more on how you can treat your erectile dysfunction naturally.