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Jennie McGinn, Sister The Agency : What Luxury Brands Can Teach You About E-Commerce 


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Jennie McGinn, Sister The Agency : What Luxury Brands Can Teach You About E-Commerce at DMX Dublin 2019

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Jennie McGinn, Sister The Agency : What Luxury Brands Can Teach You About E-Commerce 

  1. 1. @jenniemcginn LUXURY how slow and steady won the race
  2. 2. the context Less than 10% of luxury transactions happen online
  3. 3. the context but 40% of all luxury transactions will be represented by Millennials and Gen Z by 2025
  4. 4. the context and 60% of all luxury sales are influenced by digital
  5. 5. the market has grown from 20b to 37b in 4 years
  6. 6. and intends to double in size by 2025
  7. 7. what are they doing?
  8. 8. CUSTOMER SERVICE WHAT'S SPECIAL? Segmented & Dedicated Customer Service Always-On with Intelligent Chatbots Personalised Stylists + Personal Shopping Complimentary Gift Wrapping as standard "nuanced experience"
  9. 9. NET A PORTER Extremely Important Privileges for Extremely Important People Loyalty & Retention Strategy for Top-Tier Customers Real & Credible Services for Target Market
  10. 10. NET A PORTER "Your Wish Is Our Every Command" Customer Service Business surpassed €2 billion in net revenue in 2017
  11. 11. CONTENT WHAT'S SPECIAL? Seamless fusion of Content & Commerce Editorial merges Merchandising & Marketing functions Unified Storytelling, across Channel Data Driven Content Strategies Increasing RCR & reducing CPA "storytelling as an artform"
  12. 12. PORTER MAGAZINE Discovered 75% of audience wanted "more content" "Porter Digital" includes Porter, The Edit, The Net Set, the Net App Delivers in 4 languages Single editorial vision across print and ecomm
  13. 13. What's the Story for the Customer?
  14. 14. PACKAGING WHAT'S SPECIAL Packaging as an Experience Packaging as a Conversion Packaging for CRM No Expense Spared "owning unboxing"
  15. 15. MATCHES FASHION Packaging-As-Art Eco-friendly Gift packaging, boxes, carrier bags, ticketing, PoS, van livery Visual brand communication & consistency
  16. 16. MR PORTER Inspirational Brand Reinforcement Personalized stickers Minimalist yet luxurious Simple returns communications: "Not for Me"
  17. 17. The (Self) Gifting Experience
  18. 18. TRUE PERSONALISATION WHAT'S SPECIAL? AI Data-Driven Mindsets Blended with Personal CS "blending tech & human touch"
  19. 19. LYST INDEX 5M products from 12,000 of the world’s leading brands 70 million shoppers 120 countries Uses AI model, global search data, shopper behaviour & brand ecomm performance to deliver real-time, personalized data
  20. 20. NET A PORTER Net EIPs = 3% of it's customer base make up 50% of revenues Serviced through Whatsapp, iMessage & WeChat blending personal shoppers with AI + predictive analytics
  21. 21. MERCHANDISING WHAT'S SPECIAL? Incredible Shop Windows Best-in-Class Functional Product Shots Best-in-Class Lifestyle Product Shots Technical, Functional & Inspirational Video Answering FAQ through beautiful visuals "the awareness, consideration + sales arc"
  22. 22. TIFFANY Tiffany listed as a "Genius" brand in the Gartner Digital IQ Report Lauded for content- driven performance across social & product pages
  23. 23. MATCHES FASHION Highly crafted product pages Online accounted for 95% of sales in 2017 Revenues rose almost 50% 2018/2017
  24. 24. WHAT'S SPECIAL? Customer-Centric Delivery Click and Collect Same-Day Delivery 90 Minute Delivery Concierge Try-On Services Collect & Return by Appointment DELIVERY INNOVATIONS "time is the new luxury"
  25. 25. FARFETCH F90 Service 10 cities globally "Store to Door" in 90 Minutes Generated $1.25 billion Gross Merchandise Value in 2018 Platform revenue up 61% YoY
  26. 26. EXCELLENCE IN EMAIL DISCUSSION POINTS Behavior-Based Email Marketing Wishlist Messaging Editorial Approach Exclusive Drops & VIP Waitlist "inbox joy"
  27. 27. GUCCI & MULBERRY "Email First" content Clearly defined onboarding, branding and retention strategies Social + email hand- in-glove
  28. 28. GOING GLOBAL WHAT'S SPECIAL? Luxury Customer is a Global Customer Global Strategic Positioning International Websites with local teams, local content Hyper-targeted Trends + Channels "BEING global & not DOING global"
  29. 29. BURBERRY Targeting WeChat Creating local campaigns with local talent Working with local KOL
  30. 30. MAGIC ON MOBILE WHAT'S SPECIAL? Delivering Mobile-First to Millennials Seamless Content, Commerce + Checkout experiences "merchandising beyond the storefront"
  31. 31. LYST Highlighting urgency Upgrading the add- to-cart Improving search Increased mobile conversion rate by 41% BURBERRY Unified shopping cart "Instant Drops" on mobile post- runway Instant orders on text messages via WeChat Burberry revealed 40% of direct-to- consumer sales were made via mobile device.
  32. 32. DIGITAL DELIGHTS WHAT'S SPECIAL? 3D Fit Visualisers Augmented Retail Stores Online Virtual Shopping Experiences AI Generated Designs Voice Shopping CGI Influencers "innovation for customer delight & not for innovation's sake"
  33. 33. TOMMY HILFIGER Using fashion week presentations to test new technologies Partnered with Unfold App to create bespoke templates Launched in advance of PFW To encourage UGC but control the branded experience
  34. 34. RENT THE RUNWAY & YOOX 8 By Yoox RTR "Designer Collective" Releasing data- driven collections Combining AI with predictive analytics Dynamic collection creation
  35. 35. @jenniemcginn LUXURY late to the gate but absolutely nailing it