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Pro Series Proposal Final
Pro Series Proposal Final
Pro Series Proposal Final
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Pro Series Proposal Final


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Introduction to ANDRA marketing

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Pro Series Proposal Final

  1. 1. P A THE BEST VALUE FORO L L C O H MONEY T O P D O O R S L A M M E R T O P B I K E P R T O P ALTERNATIVE TO V8 SUPERCARS! F U E L T O P A L C O H O L T O P D O O R S L A M M E R categories I six professional T O P B The pinnacle of Drag Racing in Australia is Pro Series. Pro Series contains the top six categories, comprising of Top Fuel, Top Alcohol, Top Doorslammer, Top Bike, Pro Stock Car and Pro Stock Motorcycle. The Pro Series category is made up of the premier classes in Australian Drag Racing, the teams and cars in Pro Series are what many spectators come to see as the racing is always fast, loud and extremely exciting. All of the teams in Pro Series take their racing very seriously and approach the sport in a very professional manner, from the way the cars and teams look and perform to the promotional work performed by teams and drivers leading up to and during a racing event. The six Pro Series categories represent the Professional area of ANDRA Pro Series Drag Racing, competing “heads-up” (even starts), using a Pro Start. ANDRA Pro Series Drag Racing is the most Top Fuel Top Alcohol Top Doorslammer Top Bike Pro Stock Pro Stock Motorcycle exciting form of Motorsport in this country! Top Fuel dragsters are the most spectacular race vehicles on earth. Top Alcohol Eliminator combines supercharged alcohol-fuelled Top Doorslammers are the ultimate drag racing sedans, using replicas Reserved for top of the line, nitro burning motorcycles. Superchargers Pro Stock cars are the highest development of street appearing, Pro Stock Motorcycles are the highest development of naturally These cars use 8-litre supercharged vehicles from the dragster, funny of production sedans and coupes are also permitted. True motorcycle four seat sedans or coupes using aspirated, stock appearing One of drag racing’s unique features is that the fans can see years, but the only competition was against the clock that Drag Racing schedule was the addition of the popular Junior V8 engines burning nitro-methane car and altered classes, running with full racing chassis and engines are used and can be up to 6.5 litre V8 engines fitted with motorcycles. all of the action on the track from the stands and it looks day. The sport emerged, as we know it now, in America during Dragster class in 1995, where future drivers face each other fuel and can accelerate from zero to heads-up. V8 engines are used with large capacity V8 engines using 200 cubic inches. carburettors only. equally as spectacular on television. the fifties. It came to Australia around a decade later, with in half scale replicas of Top Fuel dragsters. 500 kph in under five seconds! over 6.55 litres capacity with large methanol fuel and supercharging. events held on airstrips and closed public roads, and the first superchargers. Unlike other areas of motorsport, drag racing is a Australian Nationals event was run in 1965 at Riverside near The ANDRA Australian Drag Racing Series (ADRS) was participation sport. The ease with which a spectator can Melbourne, close to where the West Gate Bridge now stands. established in 1975, providing a national points series for the become a competitor is unique, which has given Drag Racing the highest participation rate of any form of motorsport in Australia. About ANDRA ten categories. In 2005, with the generous backing of Rocket Industries, the ADRS became the Rocket Allstars Racing Series run over six rounds annually between Perth in the west, and Mackay in the north. household names To the uninitiated, Drag Racing looks pretty simple. Two cars In 1973, seeking an identity of their own, drag racers involved Australian Drag Racing has had a host of incredible personalities made famous by their on track and off track antics. Here are just a few of Australia’s Drag Racing Elite! racing down a track after getting the green light, and the first Through the RARS and the six Pro Series Australian one to the finish line wins! Well, there’s a bit more to it than in the Australian Street Rod Federation established the Championships for Top Fuel, Top Doorslammer, Top Alcohol, that, with pre-stage and stage lights, red light starts, reaction Australian National Drag Racing Association, or ANDRA as its Top Bike, Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle, ANDRA has times, and handicaps all there to spice up the action. better known. ANDRA was delegated by the Confederation of provided drag racing with a solid national focus. Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) as the governing body of drag The variety in classes, competitor ages and types of vehicles racing in Australia. as well as regional competitions and clubs means that Drag Racing is fertile ground for any organisation who wants to be ANDRA introduced a new system of classes, brackets and Fans and Supporters associated with a diverse community. handicaps that we know today as Group Two. This opened up Australian drag racing beyond simple “heads up” competition, Drag Racing globally is unique as far as motorsports go, Victor Bray Ben Bray Phil Read Phil Lamattina Jim Read Aaron Tremayne Jay Upton Amanda Shepherd Gary Phillips Darren Morgan Tyronne Tremayne John Zappia which remains the basis of the professional categories in Pro we are very much a family orientated sport and very proud Series. In 1981 more new categories using “dial your own” of it. On any Drag Racing weekend all over Australia you Where it all began handicaps were introduced as Group Three, and they remain will find Mum, Dad and the kids at the track, either as keen the most popular areas of Australian drag racing. competitors or loyal spectators. Our sport boasts many There’s been some suggestion the first drag race anywhere second, third and fourth generation racers that have been actually happened in Australia in 1930, when a Mrs. J. Jones In 1991, Group Four was introduced, combining the raised around the sport and are now more than happy to set an official time of 18.25 seconds for the standing start excitement of the “heads-up” start with the accessibility involve their own families in what this exciting motorsport quarter-mile in her supercharged Alfa at Bondi Beach near of handicap competition, using the 9.90 fixed index. The has to offer. Sydney. That predates the Americans by at least twenty final component of the comprehensive ANDRA Pro Series Amongst the World’s Best! ANDRA Drag Racing has been recognised as the best in the Australian drag racing industry now boasts around $65 million CURRENT PRO SERIES DRAG RACING PARTNERS world outside the United States. In 1994 ANDRA became a worth of venues. A conservative estimate of the investment of foundation member of the Drag Racing Commission of the ANDRA Members in race vehicles and equipment produces a Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, and enjoys a healthy total value of over $410 million. relationship with drag racing bodies around the world. On average, an ANDRA National Championship event now Over the past 15 years, ANDRA Licence holder numbers have represents an investment by the race teams alone of nearly grown from less than 900 to over 3500 nationally, without $1.8 million. counting the thousands of racers who take part in ANDRA off-street events using temporary licences. Based on event Through ANDRA, Australian drag racing has shaken off its attendances, ANDRA Drag Racing became one of the country’s “larrikin” image. ANDRA Drag Racing is now a credible, popular most popular spectator motor sports in the late nineties. form of motor sport. Maintaining and growing that is a great challenge, and in view of our successes to date, it’s one ANDRA Based on replacement value and the dollars put in by forward is looking forward to. thinking state governments over the past five years, the The driving C O H O L force of ANDRA Drag Racing Australia Group Ltd (DRAG Ltd) was formed in 2003 T O P D O O R S L A M M E R T O P B I K E P R O S T T O P F U E L T O P A L C O H O L T O P D O O R S L A M M E R T O P B I K E P DALE BRITTAIN to act as the single commercial focus of ANDRA Pro Series drag Marketing Consultant racing activities.DRAG Ltd comprises of the Australian National P (02) 6293 9088 F (02) 6293 9855 Drag Racing Association (ANDRA), Willowbank Raceway in QLD, ANDRA WESTERN SYDNEY M 0418 697 784WILLOWBANK RACEWAY E dale@dbcmanagement.com MOTORPLEX PERTH INTERNATIONAL DRAGWAY Western Sydney International Dragway in NSW and the Perth A Unit 20/1 Drew St, Greenway ACT 2900 Motorplex in WA. These three venues currently stage the twelve events of ANDRA Pro Series Drag Racing. DRAG Ltd is a non-profit organization intended to be a single, user friendly point of contact for commercial interests. The company will co-ordinate exposure and sponsorship for the TEAM AND RACER NEEDS TRACK FACILITIES EVENT MANAGEMENT EVENT PROMOTION EVENT LOGISTICS BRAND AND COMMUNICATION fast fact... OVER 1,000,000 HITS PER MONTH!! sport and the tracks, as well as other projects at the national level. “This is an extremely important and progressive step for the sport RULES AND TECHNICAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT Drag racing has developed some extremely viable products, as of drag racing in Australia. A great deal of the success drag racing evidenced by the growth of significant corporate partnerships has enjoyed has been the result of a co-operative approach from The drag racing industry has a vibrant internet network. This is an attractive within the sport. The unique nature of drag racing means that everyone involved, and Drag Racing Australia Group Ltd is simply area for marketers as each of the main websites averages slightly more than careful co-ordination of events and series is necessary to another example of that. ANDRA now has a bigger stake in the 1,000,000 hits per month. LICENSING AND INSURANCE guarantee maximum exposure. commercial future of drag racing.” ANDRA CEO, Tony Thornton W W W. A N D R A . C O M . A U WWW.WSID.COM.AU • WWW.WILLOWBANK-RACEWAY.COM.AU • WWW.MOTORPLEX.COM.AU WITH OVER 4,000 COMPETITORS, DRAG RACING IS AUSTRALIA’S LARGEST MOTORSPORT CATEGORY
  2. 2. P A L C O H O L T 2009 / 2010 PRO SERIESR S L A M M E R O P D O O T O P B I K E P R T O P F U E DRAG RACING CALENDAR C O H O L L T O P A L T O P D O O R S L A M M E R T O P B I AUG 2009 Willowbank TBC SEP 2009 WSID Australian Nationals WILLOWBANK OCT 2009 Perth Motorplex Pro Stock Open EVENT CAPACITY RACEWAY NOV 2009 DEC 2009 Perth Motorplex Perth Motorplex Goldenstate Titles Top Fuel Open 45,000 JAN 2010 Perth Motorplex Top Fuel Open 2 WESTERN SYDNEY JAN 2010 Perth Moterplex Top Alc/PS M/Cycle Open willowbank raceway INTERNATIONAL DRAGWAY FEB 2010 WSID TBC Willowbank Raceway at Ipswich, just forty minutes from central Brisbane, is Australia’s leading championship drag racing facility PERTH MOTORPLEX FEB 2010 Perth Motorplex 2010 Westernationals and widely regarded as one of the nations finest motor sports facilities. ADELAIDE APR 2010 Willowbank TBC The home of high profile events such as the country’s biggest drag race, the annual Winternationals in June, Willowbank Raceway COMING SOON MAY 2010 WSID 2010 Nitro Champs provides the excitement of the worlds fastest acceleration and most spectacular form of motor sport to over 120,000 fans per year. MELBOURNE While most of these enthusiasts are accommodated in the raceway’s huge grandstands and large viewing mound, the raceway also COMING SOON JUN 2010 Willowbank 2010 Winternationals provides a number of levels of excellent spectator and corporate accommodation designed to meet the needs of clients ranging from the individual race fan after a higher level of viewing comfort, through to tables of ten, exclusive 18 seat corporate boxes and finally With 12 Major Events at World Class Venues to the major corporation desiring to entertain hundreds of clients in an exciting, action packed atmosphere. Clients not only choose from different styles of accommodation but also from a large range of events through the year. CORPORATELY SPEAKING CORPORATE SUITE BENDIGO BANK CORPORATE CLUB SKY MARQUEE • Located immediately behind the start line and • Ideal for the individual, group or family, enjoy • Situated in a spacious setting with elevated viewing from the ensures one of the best seats in the house for all elevated viewing from the immediate right hand side spectator mound, the Sky Marquee allows easy access to all business and social functions. of the Raceway start line, just metres away from all amenities. • Seating 18 people on a two-tiered, elevated the action. • Guests are able to wander and mingle among various other formation, while an executive suite catering to 36 • Grandstand style seating and corporate marquee are corporate parties allowing the experience to serve as a great people can also be accessed. specially accommodate an enthusiast’s every need business networking opportunity. • Air-conditioned and provide panoramic, elevated • Inside and outside seating allows you to capture the • Morning and afternoon tea, plus full buffet meals are served each views of all the action happening on track. raw noise and sound of Drag Racing day and is complemented by a cash bar service. • 9 VIP car parking passes for each day of the event. • Access to Corporate Club including admission • 12 seat corporate table for the Friday, Saturday & Sunday • Catering and beverage package supplied. • 1 VIP car pass • 12 corporate passes inclusive of paddock passes for the Friday, • Additional beverages may be purchased. • Closed circuit TV coverage of on track action Saturday & Sunday • Meals catering Inclusive • 12 complimentary Thursday admission passes (corporate not • Cash bar open this day) • Closed circuit TV coverage of on track action • Inclusive buffet lunch and dinner • Cash bar EVENT CAPACITY 60,000 western sydney international dragway Western Sydney International Dragway is a world class drag strip, on par with anything in The pit area is located on the north-western side of the track, behind the start line. It caters for up operation anywhere overseas and is built to strict NHRA specifications. to 500 competitors and their tender vehicles and trailers, and is enhanced with a grid of asphalt roads and turfed areas in what is the current unsealed area off the end of the asphalt. Spectators are accommodated on 9 metre high mounds on both sides of the track, in a stadium format. Prescribed safety regulations define distances between the racing surface and the height The racing is overseen by officials based in the three-story control tower, behind the start and position of safety barriers, so there is a gap of 50 ft [15 metres] between the racing surface line. Vehicles are organised in seven staging lanes behind this tower, and access the racing and spectators at the start line, with the spectator areas angling back at 3 degrees to half-track surface through tunnels beneath the tower. The tower houses the meeting director, timing staff, distance, and then running parallel to the finish line. This has created a sporting stadium with announcers, media and six corporate hospitality suites as well as daily staff offices, including unparalleled viewing opportunities. sales, management, financial and secretarial activities. CORPORATELY SPEAKING CORPORATE SUITES • 14 corporate suites along the back of the western spectator mound, parallel with the track. • The Startline Club has easy access to the competitor paddock area and trade/exhibition area. • Located on the Western side of the track, offer uninterrupted views of the drag strip. • Inside and outside seating and includes, • Catering for up to 20 people your guests can watch the racing in air-conditioned comfort while enjoying a delicious meal. • VIP on site car parking. CORPORATE SEMINAR CENTRE perth motorplex TOWER SUITE • Catering from 10 to 70 people your guests can watch the racing in air conditioned comfort • WSID can become the centre of your workplace marketing or promotional activities with a fully equipped corporate seminar centre in one of the tower suites. The Perth Motorplex, Kwinana Beach is conveniently located in Perth’s CORPORATELY SPEAKING • The image projector permits the display of DVDs, video or computer-based images onto a southern suburbs less than 30 minutes from the City centre. Opened while enjoying the fine dining and spectacular views from behind the Startline. screen to enhance any presentation. in December 2000, the $20 million facility has become the centre of SPEED SUITES • A whiteboard and other basic meeting room requirements will ensure you can have your image attraction for automotive based activities including Drag Racing, Dirt Track • Provide your organization with a unique opportunity for relationship VIP MARQUEE or message presented in the best of formats. Speedway, Burnout competitions, Street Machine Car shows and Super marketing. • Positioned high on the western side of the race track above the Startline, it captures the raw • Quality catering to suits your needs. Cross events. • Elevated high above the drag strip for premium viewing noise and sound of Drag Racing. • Air conditioned environment. • Self-contained with air conditioning, refrigerator, closed circuit • Available as individual tickets or tables of ten. The facility boasts excellent access from Anketell Rd leading to a generous television, individual speaker system and tiered seating for car park where patrons can choose from convenience parking or free unparalleled views of the Drag Racing action. general parking. All spectator areas have great viewing with Silver tickets • Capacity for 20 - 25 guests and Gold reserved seating tickets with pit paddock access being the most • VIP parking and pit paddock access popular. • Full buffet-style meal • All beverages (beer, wine and soft drinks) The Perth Motorplex has the latest state of the art stadium lighting - • Butler service certainly a great advantage as most major events are conducted at night • Event programs to follow Drag Racing news and team details time. Major events including Drag Racing and Speedway are conducted from October through to April each season with Street Drag Racing running each and every Wednesday night from September through to May. EVENT CAPACITY 30,000