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2011 marketing proposal final version

  1. 1. 2011 M ARKETINGP ROPOSALWho Is DMEautomotive? Reinforcing theDMEautomotive brand within the automotiveindustry.While the Marketing Department has focused on the development of thecorporate website and online presence, it has come to our attention that theMarketing Department has a gap when it comes to DMEa‟s publishedpresence. This proposal will focus on increasing the automotive public‟sawareness of DMEa through increased participation in print, online,conferences and targeted events.Amanda Lang and Ruthie Gelber11/30/2010
  2. 2. 11/30/20102011 Marketing ProposalWho Is DMEautomotive? Reinforcing the DMEautomotive brand withinthe automotive industry.The Marketing team has prepared a marketing proposal which focuses on creating visibilityand brand reinforcement within the automotive industry and local community. The goalbehind the „DMEa Publishing Plan‟ is to heighten the awareness of the company as well asthe company‟s purpose – to increase our customers‟ ROI through various direct mailcommunications. This Publishing Plan is not a proposal that will aim at increasing saleswithin any specific division; however, this Plan will raise DMEautomotive‟s brand valuewithin the industry and to our current customers.In order to obtain both a heightened awareness and brand value, there are very specificareas that must be improved within DMEa‟scurrent Marketing Department approach. Theseareas to be discussed are: 1. Online Presence a. Social Media b. Automotive Websites c. Blogs 2. Print and Publications a. Automotive Publications b. Local Newspapers Putting DMEautomotive on the c. Ad Campaigns Automotive Industry Map 3. Events and Conferences a. Customer Relations Events b. DMEa Hosted Conferences c. Conferences 4. Public RelationsONLINE PRESENCESocial MediaCurrently, DMEautomotive has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Whilepostings are high on quantity as well as quality, the strategy needs to be re-focused to pull indealers/customers to our sites to increase interaction with members of the automotivecommunity. DMEautomotive needs people to want to visit (and contribute to) all websites.One of the most positive attributes of social media is the relationships that are formedthrough regular interactions. If there is no relationship present with „followers,‟ „friends‟ orgroup members, we, as a company, are not taking advantage of the tool.A new strategic approach to our social sites needs to be developed. This approach shouldprovide dealers (customers, potential customers) with helpful information that is useful to 1
  3. 3. 11/30/2010their business, their customer relationship and their bottom line. While helpful informationshould always be present, an element of fun and entertainment should also be present. Theonline world is an endless vat of humorous videos, stories, jokes and games. People visitwebsites that provide an element of entertainment throughout the business day as a miniescape from the work day.DMEautomotive provides the information that is useful to clients; however, our social mediasites are dull. They do not pull participants in through games, contests or humor. This canbe easily addressed. - Videos o Humorous videos o „Awe‟ inspiring videos - think stunt men/daredevil clips – a lot of things will be done when new cars are released…DMEa can repost o NASCAR event posts – DMEa videos/pictures – re-post video/pictures of race/winners - Polls - Facebook Quizzes – “What Kind of Car Are You?” etc. - Contests/Games/Giveaways o Contests can include easy scavenger hunts leading customers to our websites and blogs (giveaway iPod Shuffles) o Giveaways – first 10 Facebook friends who work at a dealership to post an article on DMEa‟s page about „fill-in-the-blank‟ wins a DMEauto prize packAutomotive WebsitesMany automotive industry websites have solution providers highlighted on their website. Forexample, Automotive Digest posts videos of executives from companies such as AutoUSAdiscussing industry pertinent information (marketing, parts and services, web based etc) anddiscusses everything on their site. DMEautomotive needs to find a way to become involved inthis site and others like it.DMEautomotive should submit the following to these sites: - Articles/Columns – industry specific o Dealers and Aftermarket focused - Useful industry specific statistics o Dealers and Aftermarket focused - Case Studies - Press Releases/Press Kit - Become a member of the Supplier Directory (Automotive News, WardsAuto, etc)DMEautomotive should also increase the websites they invest time in; for example, „GoingGreen‟ websites for dealers that sell only battery powered, hybrid or smart cars andthenfocusing on DMEautomotive‟s wonderful email, text and web-based portal and reports. 2
  4. 4. 11/30/2010BlogsLike with the social media strategy, DMEautomotive blogs need to increase followers andadd entertaining elements. This strategy also includes making video blogs a bigger part ofthe picture. DMEautomotive can also create blogs for our customers to repost on theirwebsites; topics that will drive traffic for our customers, such as, “Importance of RegularMaintenance and Service of Your Vehicle.” These columns/video blogs can be sent out to all ofour customers where they have the option to post a link or embed the video onto their site.This will increase our website traffic and will also link DMEautomotive to the online world interms of the relationship we have with our customers.By sending columns/video blogs to our customers for their website, they may come back to usfor answers. This will help keep DMEautomotive top of mind and drive our customers to ourwebsites and social media pages.Blog contributors and topics should also be reevaluated. Regular contributors should bechosen and it is imperative that these contributors understand that this is a responsibilitythat has been added to their position, not an optional contribution. There also needs to berepresentation from our some of our main divisions in the blog postings. The followingdivisions should each have 1-2 assigned blog contributors: Red Rocket, Aftermarket, FCS andCall Center/vBDC. Topics also need to introduce new, challenging and innovative thoughts.These topics should align with content DMEautomotive is submitting to print publications.Please see the following section for more specifications on content requirements.PRINT AND PUBLICATIONSAutomotive PublicationsIt is essential that DMEautomotive establishes and maintains a strong presence in theautomotive magazines that our customers and competition refer to for information, directionand industry news and trends.This effort will include ad campaigns (to be addressed later in this Proposal) but will be ledby an initiative to position DMEa as an industry leader. DMEautomotive can refer to itselfas an expert, but this title is only solidified when given by a third party. In order to achievethis, DMEautomotive must prove itself to these publications through submission of welldeveloped, forward thinking columns that offer something new to the industry or challengesthe norm. These articles need to come from the executive level of the company. Assistancewith the writing of the columns is doable; however, ideas, thoughts and direction shouldbegin with executives such as: Mike Walther, Tom Leonard, JoAnn Bedenbaugh and TomDickman. The company leaders should be known in the industry as innovators and reliablecontributors of pertinent industry information.DMEautomotive should avoid submitting articles that are superficial or that discuss topicsthat have been thoroughly digested within the industry. These articles should inspirethought and discussion from outside readers. Case studies will also be a focus within thesearticles/columns. 3
  5. 5. 11/30/2010Another area that DMEautomotive needs to be more responsible for is submittingDMEautomotive-focused press releases to these publications. Linking terms like SET,AutoNation, TMS and Heartland with DMEautomotive will force the magazines as well asthe readers to take notice. More on press releases to come.Local NewspapersDMEautomotive needs to pay more attention to the local publications. While this connectionwill not necessarily increase DMEautomotive‟s reputation in the automotive industry, it willincrease the times our name is in print. It will increase the number of times our nameappears online in entities other than our own giving the brand DMEautomotive morecredibility. This is also an important avenue in creating DMEautomotive as an established,important company within Volusia County and throughout Florida.Ad CampaignsIt is the Marketing Department‟s recommendation that a new strategy behind the adcampaigns be developed. The specific products, technologies and communication strategies ofDMEautomotive cannot be sold through one advertisement. Therefore, no advertisementshould attempt to sell a specific product. Instead, the advertisement should sell an idea, athought of success and high ROI that is linked to our company. These advertisements shouldincrease traffic to our websites, spread the word of DMEautomotive and help keep thecompany name top of mind to our customers. They will be important for brand recognitionand awareness, rather than specific sales.The range of ads within the campaign will focus on: - High level view of what DMEautomotive does and who DMEautomotive is - Reveal major customer relationships - Sell the dealer/customer relationship idea, and others - Driving people to websites/social media sitesThe ads in the campaign will avoid: - Content heavy ad displays - Selling specific products - Non-DMEautomotive branding – i.e. there will not be a „Full Circle Solutions‟ adEVENTS AND CONFERENCESCustomer Relations EventsThe success of the NASCAR Daytona 500 and Coke Zero 400 events has shown that acustomer goodwill event increase the personal relationship between DMEautomotive and theclientele, which can then lead to expanded client business. The Product Division has shownan interest in making the Daytona 500 an annual eventwhere our top customers and topprospects are invited to enjoy the races from a special view point (Pit Stop Patio). It is thehope of the Marketing Department that the interaction between signed clients and topprospects combined with the product pitch before the event and the relationships formedduring the event will lead to future signed contracts. 4
  6. 6. 11/30/2010This approach can also be applied to the aftermarket and Strategic divisions. An annualcustomer goodwill event similarly build current relationships and help DMEautomotiveretain and up-sell current customers, while also winning over prospects. For Aftermarket –being so new – it could be a great opportunity to appeal to prospective customers and buildthe new relationships we have with existing customers. For the Strategic division couldinvite major players from each account to participate in one large event, or create smallerevents for each individual account.DMEa Hosted ConferencesIn an effort to increase our reputation as a resource for our customers, the Marketing teamproposes that DMEautomotive host a variety of 1-day Webinar Conferences as well as aDMEautomotive Learning Convention.The 1-Day Webinars will include a full day of 6-8 industry focused topics (not to be used as asales pitch) that our customers would find beneficial. These webinars would operate on twodifferent schedules so that our customers and invited guests have two different opportunitiesto attend each webinar. These will be informative, Q&A formats that will be geared towardour customers‟ best interests. Again, this will allow DMEautomotive to be considered expertsand reliable by others beyond DMEautomotive.These 1-Day Webinar Conferences can be held 2-3 times per year with each conferencefocusing on a different area of the industry and potentially bringing back „favorite‟ segmentsfrom past conferences. These will require limited DMEa resources and will getDMEautomotive content out into the industry. The conferences can be advertised by emailblast, through our social websites as well as included in our advertisements.A DMEautomotive Learning Convention will occur in Daytona Beach by invitation to allcustomers in the surrounding area or any customer who has shown interest in getting an in-depth tutorial and instruction based lesson. This convention will span over no more than 2business days and will be of no charge to our customers, although customers will be expectedto pay for their own expenses. DMEautomotive could provide a light breakfast and lunch.This will give clients the opportunity to get to know their account managers on a personalbasis and become more knowledgeable in the product and everything that is available atthrough the portal. This will help establish DMEautomotive as more than just anothercompany to do business with - but rather a company that is sincerely invested in theircustomers‟ successes.If the Learning Conventions prove successful and worthwhile for our clients, the conventionoffering will be expanded and offered in regions which are highly populated withDMEautomotive clients.ConferencesThe Marketing Department would like to see DMEautomotive expand the level ofparticipation within the auto industry conferences, with emphasis on the major conferences,such as NADA.The industry conferences bring in dealers from across the country, from the small dealergroups to large regional distributors. Conferences like NADA offer an abundance of 5
  7. 7. 11/30/2010exposureand will spread the DMEautomotive brand like few other entities can -- ifapproached correctly and with a strategy that is planned well in advance. Before expandingto new conferences, DMEautomotive should establish themselves as strong participants inthe current conferences as to not spread resources too thin. Once a strong and developedapproach has been established, other conferences can be introduced.The conferences that should be focused on are: 2012 NADA, 2011 Digital Dealer Conference,transitioning the Chrysler conferences to be handled by the FCS/Product Division and theAftermarket conferences.For tradeshows that are on a smaller scale then the above mentioned conferences, theMarketing team is proposing that a „Booth in a Box‟ recommendation. Please refer toAppendix A.Another area that needs to grow is our speaker presence at conferences. The first step isestablishing who has the ability to host a session at a conference. It is recommended that 1-2speakers from the following divisions be named: - FCS - VBDC& Call Center - Aftermarket - Red Rocket TechnologiesPRESS RELEASESAll major contracts should go through a review to establish if it is „press release-worthy.‟ Thissame process will be for internal upgrades, innovations and renovations. Press releasespertinent to the automotive industry will be released to media contacts at all automotivemagazines and websites. Press releases pertinent to internal staff, growth or communitywork will be released to local new outlets including but not limited to newspapers and newschannels.The Marketing Department also believes that a Media Kit should be designed anddistributed. This media kit will include: - Company History - Executive Team and brief bios/contributions to DMEa/Auto Industry - Past Press Releases announcing major news (ex, the future TMS press release would be included) - Divisional breakdown - Product/Capabilities description - Community Outreach/Stakeholder information - Q & A sheet - Contact Information - Items TBD 6
  8. 8. 11/30/2010The Media Kit should be distributed to any and all pre-determined publications. The MediaKit should come in a high quality hardcopy version as well as a web format that has an easyclick-through format that works like an online catalogue.This concludes the high view of the 2011 Marketing Proposal. The next step of this processincludes focusing on selected areas that rank as highest priority. Once the priorities havebeen selected, strategies will be developed for review so the process can continue. The finalstep will be implementation to begin January of 2011. 7
  9. 9. 11/30/2010APPENDIX A“BOOTH IN A BOX” RECOMMENDATIONS2 different pop-up backdrop displays One specific to Customer Journey, etc One more general DMEautomotive1 computer kiosk2 table covers2 brochure racks2 pop-up/pull-up white banners for portal demos (unless we can get funding for 2-3 really nicecomputer monitors, which would be preferable)2 flagsPop Up Displays8’ x 8’ pop-up display (Everything Displays - $895.95) Graphics on one full sheet, remains over aluminum frame when packing Carry bag included 55 lbsComputer KioskPedestal (Tradeshow Mall - $575) 23”W x 23” D x 36”H Open back Laminate countertop Includes graphics Slide out keyboard, shelf & supports, door with lock (all optional)Table Cover6’ Custom trade show table cover with logo (Custom Banner Lab - $125)6-foot Trade Show table cover – 2 colors (Display It - $258) For 2, $254 each; for 3, $202 eachBrochure Rack1’x4’ Trade Show literature brochure display (Triple Discount Displays - $49) 54” tall x 11” wide with 15” deep foot stand 3 lbs Carry bagProjector ScreenPresenter Screen (Impact Displays - $298) 40” diagonal 5 lbsDisplay FlagIndoor Display Flag (Poster Garden - $239) 8