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DMEautomotive’s corporate social media guidelines


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An excellent social media strategy created by DMEautomotive's Social Media Manager, Missy Jensen

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DMEautomotive’s corporate social media guidelines

  1. 1.     DMEautomotive’s  Corporate  Social  Media  Guidelines     DMEautomotive  recognizes  that  social  media  has  fundamentally  changed  the  way  we  work,  offering  new   opportunities  to  engage  in  two-­‐way  conversations  with  customers,  colleagues,  and  the  world  at  large.     Additionally,  we  believe  that  getting  involved  in  social  media  will  grow  our  brand,  strengthen  our  connection  with   customers,  and  will  act  as  an  important  tool  for  DMEautomotive  to  maintain  and  improve  its  reputation  as  an   industry-­‐leading  direct-­‐marketing  company.      Therefore,  we  encourage  our  employees  to  become  involved  in   social  media  networks  and  use  these  spaces  to  interact,  engage  and  share.         DMEautomotive  has  issued  the  following  guidelines,  not  in  an  attempt  to  stifle  your  voice,  but  to  encourage  your   participation  in  social  media  and  outline  expectations  designed  to  protect  the  interests  of  our  employees  and  the   company.         Representation    Always  be  transparent.    Be  honest  about  who  you  are  and  any  affiliations  you  may  have.    Be  genuine,   authentic  and  real.    Add  a  disclaimer  if  you  are  publishing  content  regarding  work  topics  outside  DMEautomotive’s  website  to   ensure  your  comments  aren’t  misconstrued  as  corporate  policy.    For  example,  “The  opinions  and   positions  expressed  are  my  own  and  do  not  necessarily  reflect  those  of  DMEautomotive”.        Maintain  a  sense  of  credibility,  which  in  turn  will  improve  your  reputation  and  trustworthiness.       Responsibility    Be  accountable.    What  you  write  is  ultimately  your  responsibility.          Be  truthful.    Ensure  that  content  is  factually  accurate.    Should  there  be  an  error,  acknowledge  it  and   correct  promptly.    Do  not  try  to  erase  the  error  or  be  evasive.    Rather,  edit  the  post  and  insert  a  footnote   that  the  original  post  was  modified.    Additionally,  should  you  need  to,  cite  original  content  and  link   sources.        Protect  confidential  information  and  relationships.    We  encourage  you  to  share  company  projects,   lessons  learned,  best  practices  and  success  stories.    However,  do  not  reveal  any  corporate  proprietary   information.    If  you  wish  to  mention  a  client  by  name,  please  obtain  their  permission  first.        Talk  about  what  you  know.    Be  the  expert!    Offer  advice,  insights  and  comments  on  topics  that  are  within   your  area  of  expertise.    For  all  other  matters,  alert  those  who  are  the  relevant  topic  expert.         Respect    Respect  your  audience.    An  objective  of  Social  Media  is  to  create  dialogue  and  thus  differences  of  opinion   will  likely  arise.    We  encourage  you  to  express  your  ideas  and  opinions  in  a  respectful  manner  and  ask  that   you  don’t  resort  to  insults  (whether  personal  or  towards  a  competitor),  harassment,  and/or  offensive   language  should  a  disagreement  take  place.        Show  respect  for  your  audience’s  time.    Add  value  by  contributing  valuable  tips,  insights  and  relevant   content.    Also,  ask  questions,  respond  in  a  timely  manner  and  listen  to  what  others  say.     Last  but  certainly  not  least,  strive  for  balance    -­‐  though  we  encourage  the  participation  in  Social  Media,  be   practical  about  your  use  and  don’t  neglect  the  demands  of  DMEautomotive’s  clients  and  your  primary  job   responsibilities.         Social  Media  is  about  enjoying  personal  interactions.       Be  personable,  engage,  interact,  share  and  have  fun!