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Siemens connect event webcast 1 rev 1


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Siemens Connect Event Webcast#1: iPad Tips & Tricks

Jeff Sibley of Dow Chemical presents iPads tips & tricks to the Siemens Automation Community.

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Siemens connect event webcast 1 rev 1

  1. 1. Connect EventWebcast #1iPad & AutomationA Research Project 62 End Users04Oct2011 8 Certified Solution Partners 70 Total Participants 32 Meeting Spaces 96 User to Partner Meetings 288 User to User Meetings 384 Meetings 986 Connections in Common Interests Build a foundation for future Navigating the world of automation Networking
  2. 2. Webinar Agenda Welcome / Expectations Intro to LinkedIn group Discuss where we want to store content Discuss how often we want to meet Survey results General care and feeding Email / Calendar / Contacts Storing Technical documents File Sync techniques eReaders PDF Readers Note Taking Other resources Next Webinar
  3. 3. Linked In / Content Storage Siemens Connect Event Sharing with Group Discussions and Help Discussion Threads: • Video • Success Story • Tips and Tricks
  4. 4. Continuation of the Connect Event A brief survey will ask for your feedback as to if it is relevancy Discussion Forum / Blog Share automation and iPad best practices to improve productivity Meeting / Webcast Frequency ~ once per month Measure adoption rate / results ~ Approximately once a quarter Summarize Results with the User Community in 2012.
  5. 5. Survey -
  6. 6. Survey -
  7. 7. Survey -How are you planning to use your iPad?Note-taking device (78.5%)For fun! (73.5%)Office productivity (70.6%)Quick web search - production line (44.1%)Portable HMI (41.2%)Machine specification - production line (32.4%)
  8. 8. Survey - If interested please contact:
  9. 9. Planned UseHow to store technical documentsHow to use eReader – PDF readersHow to configure eMailUse of Note Takers & Sync with workstation
  10. 10. Desired SkillHow to develop an iPad/iPhone App (Keith)Industrial Applications (Siemens)
  11. 11. Profile / RegisterRemove Connect Event profile Sync & Backup Settings, General, Profile Remove ConnectEvent Profile Add your iTunes ID Create one if you don’t have one Application purchased from iTunes will be available for your new iPad
  12. 12. MailSync with Exchange Needs I/S support Can sync calendar and contacts via iTunes Will need to sync via cable to get updates
  13. 13. Mail (cont)I/S Support Configure in Settings, Mail Procedure normally supplied by Exchange Server team
  14. 14. Mail, Calendar and ContactsNon I/S supported Utilize iTunes to sync Need to sync often to keep up to date Can cause duplicates or time zone problems Can sync Mail but less useful Explorer Bookmarks Exchange Notes Can replace items
  15. 15. File SyncDropbox Free up to 2 GB Works well Has built-in PDF reader
  16. 16. File Sync (cont)Bump Ad-hoc pier to pier WiFi or Cloud option Works off of sensing devices being bumped together Good for quick sharing something (contacts, photo’s, etc) Works with iPhone (can move files between)
  17. 17. PDF readerGoodReader Launches from Mail Has server sync function Has download function Has Cloud sync function (Dropbox)
  18. 18. eBook ManagementCalibre Add, browse to book or pdf Select books/pdf’s to sync Sync to your iPad – Send to main memory
  19. 19. Calibre eBook Management View from Windows View from iBooks
  20. 20. Note TakingNote Taker HDEvernoteOneNote MobileNotes (iPad default)
  21. 21. Note Taker HDHandwriting or typing supportedStylist is desirable for handwritingGood note sorter and previewSearch of note titlesTemplatesGood help built-in
  22. 22. EvernoteRequires typingGood previewSync with cloudSearch function
  23. 23. OneNote Mobile (Microsoft)Has sync with OneNote for WindowsCloud sync via Office Live Part of the OfficeLive suite Need SkyDrive account (Windows Live) iPhone app (can run in 2x)
  24. 24. OneNote (SkyDrive)Online editingSync via WiFiCan sync with One Note (WindowsApp)
  25. 25. NotesiPad default applicationSync with Outlook Notes
  26. 26. AccessoriesScreen ProtectorCase / GloveWireless keyboardStylus
  27. 27. Question and Answer
  28. 28. Webcast #2Title: Integrating Siemens PLC data to an iPhone or iPadDate: November 1stTime: 11:00 a.m. EDTPresenter: Keith A. Jones, PEPresident/CEO - Prism Systems, Inc. Professional Engineer (Process Control) Auburn Graduate Chemical Engineering, 1984 Electrical Engineering, 1986 Twenty-six years software and controls experience Member of Siemens Solution Partner Council Registered Apple IOS Developer
  29. 29. Certified Siemens Solution Partner Sponsors!DMC – Frank Riordan – Chicago, ILPrism Systems – Keith Jones, Mobile ALAE Solutions – Brian Merriman - Greenville, SCEPD – John Norwood – Houston, TXEMD – Bruce Parker - Wichita Falls, TXQuad Plus – John Crosetto – Joliet, ILPatti Engineering – Auburn Hills, MILT Software – Portsmouth, NH
  30. 30. Thank you!