Innovation - Two Perspectives


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Our presentation from June 2013 to GovCamp in Canberra exploring both ours and our client's view of service design led innovation in information technology and communications (ICT)

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  • Our service design program of work within ATO, on reflection has been a program of innovation - both in practice, and in outcome. With an ongoing outcome of shifting the view of delivery of technology products to enablers of service.Two perspective in this presentation: DMA viewSenior Manager in Public Sector who we partnered with 
  • DMA definitions of Service Design and Innovation
  • Craig:Being innovative with known problems
  • We worked with an ATO team of non-designers and technical subject matter experts from different disciplines. Over a series of rolling 6-8 weeks design projects over the past 12 months we collaboratively explored, prototyped, visualised and developed a range of key design elements including the IPO service offer, value proposition, service element decomposition, user typologies and operating principles.
  • Craig: The importance of the question
  • Three key moments where practice and outcome came together to provide a platform for meaningful innovationVisualisation to understand from a holistic and people-centric viewCollaboration in developing and shaping options and solutions to create paradigm shiftDealing with challenge
  • Craig: People start to think differently – that’s much more powerful
  • Real innovation covers the entire spectrum. This work recognised that, and either worked within the environment or Craig worked to change that environment.
  • Craig: The reality check of what the environment requiresa leader to create.
  • We believe good service design leads to innovation because it helps people make the right decisions – whether it’s the customer, the citizen, the call centre operator, the business analyst, the manager, the team leader. Good design in the public sector connects everyone involved in delivering a service to an outcome. Innovation works though, when approaches like ours are coupled with public sector leaders who put the right building blocks in place at their end as well – delivering a shiny solution to an evironment that isn’t prepared and will never implement it looks great on the resume but is invention, not innovation. In this case, solutions provided through the multi million dollar multi-vendor environment are going to be of a higher quality because they have stopped being about the ‘box’ and started being about the ‘service’ the box enables for staff and customers.And if we (meaning DMA and our clients in partnership) can make this kind of breakthrough in ICT infrastructure, we hope we’ve proven with the right skills partnership you can do it pretty much anywhere!
  • Craig: Making it work is quite exciting
  • Innovation - Two Perspectives

    1. 1. INNOVATION: TWO PERSPECTIVES A case study in complex ICT