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Digital Transformation at the ATO: The Design Imperative


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A conversation about the design imperative: creating value through evolved operations.

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Digital Transformation at the ATO: The Design Imperative

  1. 1. Digital Transformation at the ATO A conversation about the design imperative: creating value through evolved operations Craig Fox Deputy Commissioner (Acting) Service Operations, ATO Justin Barrie, Mel Edwards Principals Design Managers Australia (DMA)
  2. 2. How do we shift from ‘service management of systems’ to ‘running the business with IT services’? Design Managers Australia (DMA) story with the ATO How might we run as an IT service management business supported by a multi-vendor environment? How do we ensure that our ‘run the business’ means the experience and performance of those services is running optimally and delivering outcomes for business owners as designed and built? How do we evolve our capabilities from ‘data and information’ to ‘insight and intelligence’? How does a technology view move towards a service view? How do we measure services are healthy, services are contemporary? Strategic Intent • Is it understood? • Does it flow through the way we work? Operating Model • Is it driving the right decisions about what we do? • Have we got the right capabilities and people in the right places? Service Delivery Architecture • Connect<>Interact<>Transact<>Complete Is this a robust methodology? • Does it support delivery? How do our strategic opportunities Transform IT Services? How do we add value to business through solutions, not just resolving incidents?
  3. 3. Australian Tax Office (ATO) story
  4. 4. Digital is: • Changing our approach to support. • Changing our approach to sourcing. • Driving World Class Infrastructure. • Shaping production operations. Change is ever increasing, so must we evolve. That can mean one of two things: 1. How do we buy more? 2. How can we create more value for the organisation, beyond “infrastructure provisioning”? The design imperative
  5. 5. Today: Exploring the design imperative through conversation Client transactions, relationship, service Operating Model who does what, when, where and how Eco-system relationships to vendors, other agencies, emerging Value what we offer and why, how we’re measured