The One Hundred Sixty-Seventh Conunencement 

           of OPTOMETRY

Saturday, May Twen...
The One Hundred Sixty-Seventh Commencement
                                                            Order of Exercises
Xl. CONFERRI NG OF T HE DEGRE ' OF DOCTO R OF OPTOMET Ry .......... ..... ... Dr. Augsbu rger 

                 Dr. Daum...
Commencement Speaker
                                         The Honorable Kwame Raoul
The Graduating Class of 2010
                                                   UMMA CUM LAUD E
       Kristin Le igh Bett...
Honors & Awards
Timmy M. Andrzejewski                                             Desiree Victoria Carrillo
   Beta Sigma ...
Honors & Awards
Laura Eliz abeth G ngelbach                               Arnan Jal ola
    AO -PAC Congressional Advocacy...
Honors & Awards
Ada m Joseph Ottav iano                                       Joanna Eva Sl usky
    Tomb & Key Honorary S...
ICO Board of Trustees
  Richard S. Kaltouf, 0 .0 ., D.O.S., Chai nn an 

            Donovan L. Crouch, 0 .0 . 

---    -       -                      -

                                              leo Faculty
Residents Completing a One-Year Post-Doctoral 

             ICO Residency Program 

                     Primary Eye Care...
Chief Marshal

                                       David I,-ee, 0 .0 ., Ph .D.
The Optometric Oath

Be fore God and this A . embly, 

I solemnly pledge that 

I will fa ithfull y and conscientiously ...
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Illinois College of Optometry's 167th Commencement


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The ICO 177th Commencement Program book

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Illinois College of Optometry's 167th Commencement

  1. 1. The One Hundred Sixty-Seventh Conunencement ILLINOIS COLLEGE of OPTOMETRY Saturday, May Twenty Second Two Thousand and Ten Eleven o'clock
  2. 2. The One Hundred Sixty-Seventh Commencement Order of Exercises J. PRELUDE ..... . .. .......... .. ... . ...... .. ............ Thomas We isflog Rockefeller Chapel Organist Organ C neerto in B-Flat. Op. 4 No.2 ...... ....... .... ...... ...... ... . ... .... ...George Frede ric Hande! II. PROCESS IONA L ..... .... .. ... ...... ... ... ....... .. ........... ....... ...... . ..... . .. ... Thoma Weisflog Fanfare and Process ionaL ...... ...... ..... .. ....................... . ...... ........... ... Do ugl as Wagner Prelude to Te Deum..... .... .......... ... ... ... ....... .... .. ... ......... . .Marc-A ntoine Cha rpentier ILL PIPES AN D DR MS ........... .... ...... .. ....... .. ................. ... ................. Ch icago Celtic Pi pe Band The Rakes of Ma llow Set IV IN VOC AT ION ...... ...... ........ ....... ............. . .. .. .. ... ..... .... ............. ........ Ke lly Ann Fran tz, 0 .0. Prof essor ofOptom etry v WELCOM E ... ... .. ......... ... . .... ... ... ... .......... .... .... .. ... ... ... ... .. ....... ...... ..... .... .. Arol Augsburger, 0 .0 . Presidell! Rich ard S. Kattouf, 0 .0 ., D.O.s. hairmall, Buard O/T/'lIslees VI CO FERf. G Of TI IE HONORARY DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF HUM ANE LETT ERS .. ... . ... .... ... ..... . .. .. ... .. .... .Dr. Augsb urge r T he Hono rab le Kwamc Raoul, U1 ino is State Senator. will be h )oded by Dr. Katt uf and assisted by Kent M. Damn, 0 .0 ., Ph.D .,Vi ce President and Dean for Academ ic Affai rs. VII. INTRO DUCTIO OF COMMENCEME. SPEAKER ........ ... . .... ....... ..... .... Dr. Augsburger V/II. COMMENC - M NT ADD RESS .......... .. ........ .... . ... ..... ........ ....... ........ .... Kwame Raou l. 1.0. lIIillois State Sella tor IX . VAL EDICTORY RECOGN ITION ... ........... ...... ...... .. ... ... .. . .... ..... .. .... . ...... ....... Dr. Dau m Ash ley M. Scheure r will be acknowledged. X. AD r [STR TJON F THE OPTOMETRIC OA H. ... ....... Dr. Daum
  3. 3. Xl. CONFERRI NG OF T HE DEGRE ' OF DOCTO R OF OPTOMET Ry .......... ..... ... Dr. Augsbu rger Dr. Daum will hood the candidates, as.·isted by Danie l Roberts, 0 .0 ., Ph.D ., Prof, sso r ,)f Optometry and Anne Rozwat, 0 .0., Assoc iate Professor of Optomet ry. Ma rk K. Colip, 0 .0 ., Viec Presi dent fi r Studen t, Alumn i and College Dcvelopment, wi ll present the cand idates . The a lldienlX wili please re(mill J1v m applau> wllilrhe 'e J~gre"s a n' con/ erred hy PreJidl!nI Aug.<Ourgl!r XII. WELCOME FROM THE ALUMNI ASSOCLATION .. ... .. .. ... ...... .... ... ... harl es W Han ill, 0 .0 . President, Alumlli COll f/ cil XlII . ALMA MATE R ...... .......... ... .... ............. .... . .... .... ..... ... ..... ... .... .... .. G raduate & Faculty Chorus Th e ",,,lience is reqllest.-J IU sliJnd/ur lir e Alma Maler and th e Rell ediclion. Xl BENEDfCTTO .... .... ... ....... ..... ....Dr. Frantz XV RECESSIONAL ...... .. ..... .. ... ...... ....... .. ... ...... ......... .... ... . .... ... .... ... .. ... ...... ... ... ... Thoma ' We isflog Toccata in F Major .. ......... ............... .............. .. ..... ..... .Charles-Marie Widor The audience is requested In he seared during the Recessional. Congratulations to the I CO Class of 20 1O! The Profession of Optometry Today's optometrist is a vital member of a comprehensive heal th care team. The ptometrist delivers rull scope eye care in a variety of practice settings. T hese range fro m solo, as ciate and group modes, as well as interdisciplinary environments such as h O~lli ta l s and h alth mai ntenan c organizations. Other opportunit ies include a career in academics, research or health 'arc administration. Ali SO slates now authori ze optometrists to ut ilize pharmaceutical agent in the diagnosis o f ocular di sorders and diseases and authori ze optometris ts to medically treat eye d iseases. All 50 states and the District o f Co lumbia require that licens ed optometrists regularl y attend continu ing educatio n progranls for licen e renewa l. As primary care pro viders , op tometri. ts offer patie nts a wide ra nge of serv ices, incl ud ing diagnosis and management of anom alies of iSllal fun ctio ns, diagnos is and participation in the management of various ocu lar and systemic diseases and the provi. i n of ge neral health screening, ed ucati n and counseli ng. Optometric care provides for the maintena nce and enhancement of visual effic iency and oc ular healtJl which are so important to people o f all ages. The profcs 'ion offers a humanistic, intcllctuall ti mulat· ing and financiall y secure position as a va lued member o f the commun ity. "Doctur, of Optometry (OD~) are the primary healt" care profeSSio nals for rhe eye. Optometrists examine. diagnose, treat and manage diseases, inj uries and disorders of the vislIal s ystem. the eye, alld asso ia/ed structures as well as idellt!fy related .Iystemic cOllditions aflecting the eye . .. -The American Optometric Assoc:iatinn
  4. 4. Commencement Speaker The Honorable Kwame Raoul fIl no is Slate enator State Senato r Kwame Raoul was appointed to lill thc vacancy of then-State Senator Barack Obam:1 on ovem ber 6, 2004. Sena tor Raoul quickly established himself in the Ill inois Generul Assembly. He has success fu lly advanced legislation promoting civil j ustice. early cbildhood education, economic development, domes tic viole nce preventi on imd po lit ical reform. Senat r Raoul, a Chicago Democrat, has also bee n a strong advocate for optomet ry and patient access to care. He was the chie f sponsor of HB 13 66, whic h allows optom­ etri sts in Illinois to use oral medications to trea t patients fo r eye disease, enator Raoul a lso was a champ ion for legi slation tha t mandates com prehensive eye ex aminations for ch ildren entering school in II li noi ' Senator Raoul is rec ogni zed as a humanitarIan through hi s commitm ent and ded icat ion to numer us nonpro fi t organi zations. He serves on the board of direct rs o f Internat ional Child Care USA. which helps operate Grace Children's Hosp ita l and more than 100 health cl inics in Ha iti . Senator Raoul als o serves on the boa rd of direc tors of Union Park High School s and has hi storica lly volunteered at pro bono legal cli nics in bis di strict. Senator Raoul was born in C hicago on September 30, 1964, to Hai tian-born immigrants Jan in Rao ul. [,"LD .. and Marie Th erese Rao ul. He is a graduate of thc Univers ity of Chicago Laboratory H igh Sc hoo l, De Pau l Uni vers ity (B.A., Po litica l Science) and the Chicago-Kent ollege of Law. Hi s personal comm itm ent to the peop le of the Sout h S ide o f C hica go wa s fostered early in hi s life by the work of hi s fath er, who served as a ph ysician to South Side co mmunities for more th an 30 years. Commencement Ceremonies The pageantry enacted eac h year on campuses all over the world is the solemn cli max and recognition of the grad uates' years of study and preparation for respon' ib ility. To help spectators u nderstand the significance of the ceremoni es, the followin g description is furni shed. Procession The Grand Marshal leads the proc ess ion, bearing the ceremonial Mace, emblemat ic of tht: authority of the college. T he climax of the process ional brin gs !O the p lat form the Trustees of the college, the Dean, honora ry degree rec ipients, college officers, and fin all y the Pres iden t or the coll ege. As his badge of o ffice, I CO '~ Pre ident wears a mednlli on, emblematic o f the history of the college. Caps Candidates for degree. wear the regulati on ca p. T ho se who already ho ld doc tora l degrees or who are heads of in stitutions wear go ld tasse ls. Gowns Th e doctor's go wn has velvet panels down the front, and volum inous be ll-shaped sleeves on whic h there are three ve lvet bars. The velvet is usua lly bl ack , but may be blue for phil osophy or gr en fo r medic ine and opt omet ry. Hoods T he doctor 's hood is easil y recogni zed by the wid th of the velvet edging , the wi de panels at eith er side, the grea ter length, and th e full cxposure of the lin ing. The hood is al so lined with the color of the college or uni crsi ty granting th e degree (the holder of a degree gran ted by Ill inois College of Optome try wea rs a hood lined in blue and white). The li st of hood colors most frequently vicwcd in ICO 's ceremony are: Optometry is sea foam green. Library Science is lemon yellow, Phil osophy is dark blue. Socia l work is citron, Sc ience or l:Ionorary degree is go ld, Art s, Lctters, Ilum anit ies is wh ite, 'dueation is light b lue. Bu ' iness Adminis tration is dril b, Medic ine is green. T heo logy is sc arl et, and Law is p urple.
  5. 5. The Graduating Class of 2010 UMMA CUM LAUD E Kristin Le igh BetteJ' cn +Ashley M. Scheurer Susan nn Ung +"'*Frcderi k Colli son Sandra K. eagra cs Phillip Nathani el Fitch Katherine Sto Ia MAGNA CUM LAUDE , Ronald Kurti s Blow Karen Melis a Hod 'i n +M ichael Douglas Ric kels +Ruhee Dha lla assandra II. Koroll • ··loa nna Eva Siu ky Jennifer Melani e Durst +Lucia ELi.zab th Millet Jingyi Tan + nne Moon Eng Komal Man ilal Pate l CU M LAUDE I- Tiffan M. Andr.l:ejewski Jenn ifer Marie G lose Chri sti ne J. Lee Magdakna L. Bak +Dclia roshck Christi ne Martillso n Jill M. Bakota Hanna h Han Kelly livt:r +Chri stopher Jea n Borgman Nicole Aspen Henriksen Kaiser Hun >-Jll Sh n Joni R. Bre uer Chee You ng Hur Marina hepelcnko +L ri CopilevitL Jalyn Kie John son +Matthe 1. Twa rdowski Michell e Lauren ris t Court ney ng la Kness Fariha hmed ··Du man Toor Gupta Da hana Dilip Patel David Paul Antymis ·Steven Gut ierrez Hetal I'atel **Kelly Aung Jeffrey L. Harris Rocio P nil Chri stopher Bakouris K vin McQuitty Harris Craig lexandcr Pew Ma rta Bakouris Ryan J. Heady Mail nn II. Pham +Alina Claudia Balas3 Timoth y Hell Shu Sheng Phung Jason D. Barnes Tra ngDai Vuong Hoang-Tran Diana Nah id Ranjbar Joseph Wi ll iam Batti n +Ilecn Seongji n Hllh Ca nnen Lane Reck -ied!c r Ian Derek Bcaumont Uzma Fatima Husain atherinc M . Reyes Kimberly Marie Betton M Nga Huynh Rachel Romcnesko Nicholas C'. Bowen Arn an Jalotu icholas J. RutkO k:i Kri. ten Maric Browski Max E. Jepson Sllnjeev Sangha *Kyle David Burgers Jam ie ieoJe Johnson Chad A. Schimer Mark William Burke Aj ay Katiyar in dsaey Elizabeth Seaton Jennifer Maric Bwton Ama nda Marie Keller Puja R. Shah Desiree Victoria Carr illo Ulfat Sanam Kh,m David Matt hc Sh.:ade Vick Cban +Mela ni e JoAnne Kleiser +Lindsay nn Sicks Amy C. Chang my Elaine Kusek Jome. R. Sloan Jeffrey Carmen Cheng Mic hael Vi ncent Landy Cory A. Spriu gstroh +Sophany C. Chhim Mauh ' w Stephen Langford Selh Stan ton Arpintt Chin o 'omva tana Karen LeBlanc Bridgel Steere-Bollman Diana Colon Michael Sin! Ming Lee Shane Charl es S te ~ art Andre Robert Comly *Jennifer Michelle Lin +Olga Tabakm an +Jessica Anne Condie Amanda B. Magu ire + n na Leah Tanke +Karina Conlin Sharon Shayna Marko witz +* mil y Miche lle hompson Gina Co lleen opeland +··Lindsay May +Ange laTo Benj amm Drew Crawfo rd Michelle McLaughlin nn E. Todd Kirk N. De Young Pranali Mehta KllIherinc N. Tran Rumeet Dhaliwa l +Geri anne 1. Mu lanix Mailan Di nh Tra n Mark Songphol Douangc hak Son Trang g11 ycn Kevin Trieu Andrea M. Ei genberg John Patri k O'Brien +Nys ha irji Yair Shlomo Elias +Shirley R. Oga Mark Wi ll i ~ m We llnitz Christina Mari a Estrada +Candace Naom i Namba Oto +Michelle Wong Michae l 1. Fary Adam Jo ph Otta via no Alma David Yamamoto Laura Eli zabeth Genge lbaeh Joann a Paczwa Michael tephcn Yu Lenn a 0 Do Jun Pak Tift-any Ka Zair Efren Alejand ro Gomez So nny M. Parikh + The e g raduates ha ve disting uished themselves by beillg accepted illto pn.51-douoral p rogl'llms. Th ese graduates have distingtli.l"ired thelll 'elves by completing rel/llirel11('nls {ar the Bachelor a/Science ill Visliul Science Degree . •* These graduates will be hooded hy " /"mi~y member who is an a /tll/lIt1l." a/lite college.
  6. 6. Honors & Awards Timmy M. Andrzejewski Desiree Victoria Carrillo Beta Sigma Kappa Hon orary Society lIlin<J is Coll ege of ptometry S hularsh ip for Gold Key HOTIO nl !)' Society Underrepresented Populat ions Dr. Deannda Roder Memorial cholarship Wildenn uth Foundation Scholarship ick Chan Gold Key Hono rary Soc iety David Paul Antynll s Beta Sigm a Kappa Honorary ciety Frederick Colli son Vi stakon Award of Ex.cellence in Co ntact Lens Beta Sigma Ka ppa Honorary Soc iety Patient 'are ARVO Tr<lvcl Scholarship Beta igma Kappa tudent Rcs~arch Gram Magdalena L. Buk Dr. & Mrs. Rudolph H. Ehrcnbcr" Research Award Bda Sigma Kappa Honorary Socidy D r. Lawrence: G. G ray Memorial Scholarship Dav id J. Kerko Low Vis ion Award Jill M. Bakota Nat ionul Board of Ex a mi ner~ in Opto metry Beta S igma Kappa Honorary Society Commendatio n, H ighcsllCO co re- Part ne Tomb & Key Honowry Soc iety Gina Colleen Cope land Kri ~ tin Leigh Bertelsen Beta Sigma Kappa Honorary Society AO SA - The Vision Care Institute, LLC Travel Grant S chola~hip Lori Copil cvi tz AOA State Government Relations Travel Grant Beta igma Kappa Honorary Society Dr. Irving Kcmi s Memorial Scholarship Wa lrnan Optical Scholarship Walman Optical Scholarship Walma rt Scholar: hip M ic he ll e La ure n Crist Wi scon sin f o undation for Vision Awareness Scholarship Beta Sigma Kappa Honorary Society Wisconsin Optometric Association Tra ve l Grant Gold Key Honomry Sot iety C lass Representative Tomb & Key Honorary . ociety Salutatorian American Acad~ my of Optometry Tra vel Award Cribb Leadershi p and Serv ice A ::trd Kimberl y Mari" Betton Dr. Lorayne Pocius Pol itser Scholarship American Academy of Optomc.try Travel Award Wa lmart Scho larship C. C layton Powell Award Ruhec Dhall a Ronald Kurti s Blow Gol d Key Honorary S ciety Beta Si gma Kappa Honora ry Society AOSA A ll ergan Tra ve l G rant Essay :o ntcst Tomb & Key Honorary Society Vision Serv ice Plan Scholarship Tsang Family Scholarship Walman Op tical Scholarsh ip Cl as~ Representati ve Christo pher Jean Borgman Beta Sigma Kappa Honorary Society Andrea M. Eigenbcrg Tomb & Key Honorary Soc iety Beta igma Kappa Iionorary Society America 's Best Contacts & · yeglassc ational Vision, Tomb & Key HonoTary Soc iety Inc. " Your Passion for Optometry" Award C IBA V LSIO C li nical Excellence Scho larship Richard J. O ' Brien II Memnrial Awa rd Anne Moon Eng Joni R. Breuer Beta igmu Kappa Hono rary Society Lawrence P. Feigenbaum Clinical Optometry Gold Ke y J[ono rary Society Memorial Award Tomb & Key Honorary Soc iety Optelec Lighthouse Macular Degeneration Award American eademy of Optometry Tra el Award Kristen Marie Browski Chri stina Maria Estrada Bcta Sigma Ka ppa Honorary Society Bet a Si gma Kappa Honorary Society M ichigan Foundation for Vision Awareness Scholarship Gold Key Honorary 'ocicty Tomb & Key Honorary S ciety Mark William Burke COVD Award for Excellenct: in Vision Therapy Gold Key Honorary Soc iety ARVO Travel Grant Phillip Nathanitl Fitch Lions Club International· Omega Leo of the Year Bcta Sigma Kappa Hono rary ociety Marchon Eyewcar Practice Management Sc holarShip Tomb & Ke y Honorary Society M iraMed Technologies Scholarship Dr. Irving Kcmis Memorial Scholarship Student Association Sc holar. hip , Trustees Scholarship Salutatori an Jennifer Marie Burton Beta igm a K<lppa Honorary Society Tomb & Key Honorary Soci ety
  7. 7. Honors & Awards Laura Eliz abeth G ngelbach Arnan Jal ola AO -PAC Congressional Advocacy Confe rence Abba Optical Scholarship Travel Grant Schol arship ASCO 2010 Student Award in Clinical Ethics Jal yn Kie Johnson Beta Sigma Kappa Honorary ociety Jenni fer Marie Glose Tomb & Key Honora ry oe iety Beta Sigma Kappa Honorary Society COVD Tra vel Award Tomb & Key Honorary Society Melanie JoA nne Kleiser Leona Go William Feinb loom Low Vis ion Award Beta Sigma Kappa Honorary Society Tomb & Key Honorary Society Co urtney AngeiJ Kness American Academy of Optometry Trave l Award Beta Sigma Kappa Honorary Soc iety Gold Key Honorary So iety Efren Alejandro Gomez Tomb & Key Hon orary Soc iety Lions Club - Leo C lub Recruiter Award Exc ptional Tutor Award C lass Representati ve Wi ldermuth F undatioll S h larsllip Colleague of the Year Award Student Association Pres ident De I ia Groshek Cassandra H. Koro ll Beta Sigma Kappa Honorary Society Beta Sigma Kappa Honorary Society Tomb & Key Honorary Society Tomb & Key Honorary Soc iety El me r and Blanch Piep r Memorial Scholarship Daman Toor Gupta American Academy of Optometry Travel Award Michael Vincent Landy Beta Sigm a Kappa Honorary Society Steven Guti errez olleaguc of the Year Award United States Anny Health Profession s Scholarsh ip C ia Repre sentat ive Hannah Han Christine J. Lee Beta Si gma Kappa Honorary Society Beta igma Kappa Honorary Society Tomb & Key Honorary Soc iety TnLStees Scholarsh ip Kevin McQuitty Harri s Jenni fe r Mi.:he lle Eschenbach Low Vi sion Student Award American Academy of Optometry Travel ward T nl tees Scholarship ' icole Aspen Henriksen Beta Sigma Kappa Honorary Society C hri stine Marti nson Gold Key H norary Society Beta . igm a Kappa Honorary Society Tomb & Key Honorary Society Tomb & Key Hono rary Society AOF - 2009 Carl Zeiss Vision Fellowship Wisconsi n Medical Society Sch olarship Cribb Leaders hip and Service Award Exceptional Tutor Award Lindsay May Faculty Scholarship Beta Sigma Kappa Honorary Soc iety Dr. Monty Friedow Scholarship Bud and Jo Ohlson Schol arship l.uc ia Elizabet h Millet Walman Optical Scholarship Aela Si ma Kappa Honorary Society Wildenmuth Foundation Scholarship omb & Key Honorary oci ety AOSA TrlL~ tce Minnesota A me rican Foundation for Vision Awareness Scholarship Karen Meli ssa Hodgins Trustees Scholarsh ip Beta Sigm a Kllppa Honorary Society Tomb & Key Honorary Society John Patric k O ' Brie n United States Anmy Health Pr fes si ons Schol arship I1een Seongj in Huh Beta Sigma Kappa Honorary Society Ke ll y O liver Tomb & Key Honorary Soc iety Beta Sigma Kappa Honorary ocicty Chce Young Hur andacc Naom i Nam ba to Beta Sigma Kappa Honorary Society AOS A- TIle Vis ion Care In stitute, LLC Travel Tomb & Key Honorary Society Grant Scholarshi p Trus tee.s Scholarship Multi cultura l As ' oe iution Scholarsbip C lass Representative My ga Huynh Tomb & Key Honorary S< )ciety
  8. 8. Honors & Awards Ada m Joseph Ottav iano Joanna Eva Sl usky Tomb & Key Honorary Sociely Bcta Sigma Kappa Hono rary Soc iety Vis io n Service Plan Scho larship Tomb & Key Hon orary Society Joanna Pac7.wa o ry A. Springstroh Tomb & Key Honora ry Soc iely Wbcol1sin Optomt:tric A soci ation Student P 'Onlact Lens Cl ini cal Excellence Award Scho larshi p Koma l Manil al Patel Seth Stanton Bcta S igma Kappa Honorary Soc iety Beta S igma Kappa Honorary Soc idy Tom b & Key Ho norary Soc iety Kathe rine Stoia Roc io Pena Beta S igma Kappa Ho norary S ciety Beta Sig ma Kappa Hono rary Soc iety Gold Key Honorary Soc iely Tomb & Key Ho norary Society o mb & Key Honorary Soci ety Illinois O ptometric Educa ti on Scho larship Diana Nahid Ranj bar Wildermuth Foundati n Scholarship Ill inoi s Optometric Ed ucatio n Scho larshi p Jingyi Tan Michae l Douglas Rickels Beta S igma Kappa Honorary Soc iety Beta Si"ma Ka ppa Hono rary Society Tomb & Key Honorary Soc iety Colleague o Cthe Year Award Trus tees Scholarsh ip Rache l Rome nesko Emi ly Michelle T hompson Bcta Sigm a Kappa Honorary Society Chapter F.G . of the PE.O . cholarsh ip Chri slian County University Women' cholarship Ash ley M. Scheurer Hopper cholarship Beta Sigma Kappa Ho norary Soc iety Americ. n Publi c Hea lth Assoc iati on Tom b & Key Honorary Soc iety Natio nal Lia ison Beta Sigma Kappa Hono r Medal Exceptional Tutor Award A nn E. Todd Val edic tory ward Beta Sigma Ka ppa Honorary Society Sandra K. Seagraves Kevin Trieu Bela S igma Kappa Honorary Soc iety Bela Sigma Kappa Honorary Soc iety Tomb & Key Hono rary Society Tomb & Key Honorary Soc iety Trustees Scholarshi p Mat1hew J. Twardowski Ka iser Hung -JlI Shen Beta Sigm a Kappa Hono rary Soc iety Tom b & Key Honorary Soc iety Tomb & Key Ho norary Society Dr. Da ra ld Taylo r Low Vi sion Re,' idency Award M arina Shepc lenko Beta igm a Ka ppa Hono rary Society usan Ann Ung Tomb & Key Honorary Society Beta Igma Kappa Honorary Soc iety Gold Key Ho norary oc i ty Lindsay A nn S icks Tom b & Key Honorary Soctety Beta Sigma Kappa Hono rary Soc iety Dr. George . Demetr s Memorial Sc holarship Go ld Key Ho norary Society Dr. Stan ley Pearle Foundation Scholarship Alcon 4th Year O pto metry Student 20 I 0 Case Wa lm an ptical cholarship Stud Award A merican Academy of Optome try Tra vel Award Nysha Virj i AO State Legis lat io n Co nference Tra e l Grant Beta Sigma Kappa Ho norary Soc iety ARVO rave l Scho lar 'hip Criza l D RP ward Beta igma Ka ppa Essay Scholarship I feart o f A merica Co ntact Lens Soc iety Scholarship M ichael Stephen Yu HO Y Vis ion Care .Jranl and Scholarship Beta Sigma Kappa Honorary Soc iety Robe rt D. Newcom b Student Travel Fcllowship Go ld Key Hono rary Society for Leadership Student A. sOCialiQIl Scholarship Varilux Optometry Student Bowl Travel Fe llowship Varilux Stlldent G rant ward Jraduatos who an; mtOmb"rs of an honorary sodel ' wear colored cords to signify their soc iety. Bela Sigma Kappa members we"r solid gold cords. Tomb & K~ y members IV ar golJ and bluc cords and Gold Key members wea r go ld stoles wil.h a hlack key.
  9. 9. ICO Board of Trustees Richard S. Kaltouf, 0 .0 ., D.O.S., Chai nn an Donovan L. Crouch, 0 .0 . , . M ichae l Daley Paul M. rick ' on, O.D., Ph.D. Robert L. Fait., 0.0. harles W. Harrill , 0.0. Brian - . Hig!ins M illicent L. Knight. 0 .0 . I ph n Pugh , ESQ. C harles B . Quatt roch i, C.P.A. Jeff mi th, 0 .0., M.B .A. M ichael P. Stinzia no, Ph.D., W.C.P., .w.c.P Donna J. Thompson, R.N., M. Laurie M. Wynn, M .S., eLM. Faculty Trustee Gary A. Lesh r, Ph. D. Student Representative to the Board Erik J. M othcrsbaugh Trustees Emeriti John E. Brandt., 0.0., D.O .S. Jo 'cph L. He nry, D.D.S., Ph D., Sc.D. ICO Alumni Council Charles W. Harri ll, 0 .0. , Pres ident Mam ie C. Chan, 0 .0. icholas Colatre ll a, 0.0. Pamela . Lowe. 0.0 . Andrea McCan n, O.D. Jeffrey R. Varane ll i, 0 .0. Patricia Perez Varon a, .0 . Faculty Representative Domin ick Ma ino, 0 .0 .. M .Ed. Student Representative Erik 1. M thersbaugh
  10. 10. --- - - - leo Faculty Professor Emeritus Alfred A. Rosen bloom, Jr.. 0 .0 . M.A. , D.D.S. Professors ro l Augsburger, 0 .0 . Janice Jur us, 0 .0., M.B.A. Leonard Messner. 0 .0 . Sandra Block, 0 .0 ., M. Ed. David Lee. O . ., Ph.D . On niel Roberts, 0 .0 .. Ph.D. Ke nt Dawn , 0 .0., Ph.D . Gary Lesher, Ph.D . Janice Scharre, 0 .0 ., M.A. Ke ll y Fra ntz, 0 .0 . Dominick Maino, D.O., M. Ed. Derrald Taylor, 0 .0., M.S. Neil Hodur, 0 .0. Associate Professors Christin e All ison , 0. 0 . Sanford Gross, 0 .0 . Mary Flyn n Robe rt , 0 .0 . John Baker, 0.0., M S . Ed. Gary Gu nderson, 0 .0., M.S. Darrell Schlange, aD., D.O.S. Barclay Bakkum, D.C. , Ph.D. David Gurka, Ph.D.• M.D. l oan Stelmack, D.O., M.P.H. tephen Beckerman, .0 . Valerie Kattouf, 0 .0. Thomas Stelmack, .0 . Pamela Boyce, 0 .0 . Susan Kelly, Ph.D. Brue Teitelbaum. 0 .0 . Brian 'ad n, 0 .0. , M .A. Janice McMahon, 0 .0 . Ruth Trachimowicz, Ph.D.. 0 .0 . Dav id Caste lIs 0 .0 . Stephanie Messner, 0 .0 . Jan is Ecklu nd Wi nters, 0 .0 . Michael Chaglasian, 0 .0 . Trici a Newman, 0.0. Rebecca Zoltoski, Ph.D. Robert Donati, Ph.D. Yi Pang, Ph.D., 0 .0 . Michael Zost, .0, Helen Gabriel, 0 .0 . Renee Reeder, 0 .0. Geoffrey GooUfe llo , 0.0. Anne Rozwat, 0 .0 . Assistant Professors PatTiek dk ins, B.C.O . Ingryd Lorenzana, 0 .0 . Fahcemah Saeed, 0 .0 . Frederic Banser, M.S., 0 .0. un Ae Ma, 0 .0 . Mel i Sa Sigler, 0 .0 . Grace Castel ls, 0 .0 . Michelle Marciniak. 0.0 . Wendy Stone, 0 .0. Eric Con ley, 0 .0 . Trac y Malchin ki, 0 .0 . Lavender Stre iff, 0 .0 . Kara C rumbliss. 0 .0 . loseph McCray, 0.0. Shmai la Tahi r, 0 .0 . Jen nifer Hnrthan, 0. 0 . rika Melch i rre, 0 .0. Alex Tnn, 0 .0 . Denni s Ireland, 0 .0 ., M. Ed. Mi ndy guyen, 0 .0 . Keith Tyler, 0 .0 . Kerry John , 0 .0 . Domini ck Opitz, 0 .0 . David Vitale, M .D. Charles Kinnaird, 0. 0 . Andria Pibos, 0 .0 . Elizabeth Wyle. , 0.0 . Step hanie Klemcncic, 0 .0. Tiffany Polanek, 0 .0 . Patrick Kwong. 0 .0 . Melanie Ril ey, 0 .0 . Instructors Cheryl Adams, 0 .0 . Shana Bra rm an, 0 .0 . Lu is Lewis, .0 . Mega n Allcn, 0 .0 . Tan ya Hal ikias, 0 .0. Dan ielle Poole, 0.0. Kaori Asa no, 0 .0 . Jordon Ke ith, 0 .0 . Karen Squier, 0 ,0 . Eric Baas, 0 .0 . Sarah Klein. 0 .0 . ICO Adjunct Professors Tahira Bedgood Zcki Nur Director of Learning Resources Assistant Dean for Academic Administration and Registrar Kathryn Johnston, M. I. L. . Lavern Young. M.
  11. 11. Residents Completing a One-Year Post-Doctoral ICO Residency Program Primary Eye Care, Illinois Eye Institute Eric Chen, .0. Achyut Desa i, 0.0. Eric Drey, 0 .0 . Erica Itln r, O.D. Snchali Upadhyay. 0 .0 . Pediatric Optometry and Binocular Vision, Illinois Eye Institute Rachacl Beatty, O.D. Benj am in L i hOlan, O.D. Cornea and Contact Lenses, lllinois Eye Institute Zanna Kruoch, O.D. Low Vision Rehabilitation and Ocular Disease, The Spectrios Institute and Chicago Lighthouse for People who are Blind and Visually Impaired, and Illinois Eye Institute atalka M nas tersky, O.D. Vladi mi r Yevseycnkov, 0 .0. Refractive Surgery Co-Management and Anterior Segment Disease, Davis Duehr Dean Kati e reiner, .D . Corneal and Refractive Eye Care, Minnesota Eye Consultants J c b Kozi ek, O.D. Ocular Disease/Low Vision Rehabilitation, VA Chjcago Healthcare System Jesse Brown Division and Edward Hines Jr., VA Hospital Jennife r E inhorn, 0 .0 . Jessica Johnson, .D. Hen Shorter, O. D.
  12. 12. Chief Marshal David I,-ee, 0 .0 ., Ph .D. Profes.~or ofOptometry Marshals Geoffrey Goodfcllov 0 .0 . Dominick Opitz, 0 .0 . Associate Prof essor of Op tometry As 'istant PI'O/essor oj Optometry Dennis Ireland, 0.0., M. · d. Yi Pang, Ph.D., 0 .0 . Assistant Prof essor of OptometlY Asso 'iare Professor ofOptometry Stephanie Klemencic, 0 .0. EliLabeth Wy les, 0.0. Assistant Prof essor of Op tometr), Assistant Pro/ 'sor of Optometry Ushers Me lissa Bussey Brittany M Murren Third Professional Year First Professional Year Eri c Coy rik Mothersbaugh Second Prof essiOl/al Year ecolld Professional Year Lauren Curosh Keri Nebelsick Second Pro/ essional Year Third Professiollal Yea r Thomas lIon Danny guyeD Third Profflss ional Year First Professiu/lal Year Doan Huynh Margaret Wulan Second Professiollal Je ar Third Pro/esSinnol Year Rob rt Kloepfer Erie Wo First Professional Year Second Profe." 'iolla[ Year Eve/y one is cordially in vited to attend a reception hOl/orillg the Class a/ 20l0 Gl ida Noyes Ha ll immediately fo llowing fh e ceremolly. The bllilding i ' located direct{l' east of th Chapel.
  13. 13. The Optometric Oath Be fore God and this A . embly, I solemnly pledge that I will fa ithfull y and conscientiously administer the art and cienc of Optometry. 1 will keep inviolate all confidences entrusted to me as a practitioner and conduct all doctor-patient relationshi ps in an ethical and professional manner. I wi ll pl ace the treatment of all who need visual care bove unanc ial consideration. I wi ll uphold and promote the idea ls of the optom tric profe ion. I will do all in my power to improve my know ledge of Optometry and increase the xtent of my contribution to the h a lthoand welfare of society. I will render, to the best of my abili ty, complete optometric service. I will do my utmost to serve my country and my comm unity fai thf1JlIy, a an optometrist and as a ci tizen. 1 will strive by action and deed. to honor the title bestowed upon me this day. With firm resoluti n of purpose and high resolve, I proudly dedicate my work to the be tterment of human vision and my life Lo tbe service of humanity. And may God watch over me, and keep me steadfas t in the due performance of this my solemn oaLh and obli gation. Alma Mater Let our v ices loudly ringing Years may dim our recollection, Echo far and near Times it change may brinn . Songs of prai ' e thy children singi ng Still thy name in fond alfe tio n To thy mem ory dear. I.CO. we sing. Alma Mat r, Alma Mater Alma MaLer. Alm a Mater Tender, fair and true T oder, fa ir and true Gratefull wi th love unfailing Gratefully wi th love un fa iling All our vows renew. All our vows renew.