Dr. Dominick Maino Featured in ICO Matters


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I was recently featured in a short article about my helping to found a new optometric journal, Optometry & Visual Performance

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Dr. Dominick Maino Featured in ICO Matters

  1. 1. inFOCUS Dedicated to improving the health of unmet need of vision care for children IEI Princeton children throughout the Land of Lincoln, within the city of Chicago.” the Illinois Children’s Healthcare Clinic Receives Foundation has awarded over $50 million In partnership with CPS, ICO established the nation’s largest school-based clinic in grants to programs across the state since Sizeable Grant its establishment in 2002. ICO and Chicago providing primary and advanced eye care Public Schools are the latest beneficiaries services year-round to underserved youth. of the foundation’s endowment, receiving The award from the ILCHF will be used a $249,000 grant in support of the college’s to increase clinic capacity and utilization school-based eye clinic, the Illinois Eye of on-site vision care through capital Institute at Princeton Elementary. equipment upgrades. The grant will also provide critical support for an additional “The mission of the foundation is to staff person to champion the program create opportunities for and lead in the within the CPS system. development of initiatives that improve the health of all children,” says ILCHF senior “Since the clinic has been opened, more program officer Bob Egan. “By partnering than 11,000 students have received eye with ICO and CPS, children will have the exams and 75 percent have received opportunity to succeed in school and be eyeglasses,” says CPS chief health officer ready to learn by receiving the proper eye Dr. Stephanie A. Whyte. “Without a doubt, care they need to grow up healthy.” we know those children have an increased opportunity to perform better in school. “We are very pleased the ILCHF has awarded We value our partnership with ICO and are us this significant grant and recognizes grateful to the ILCHF for supporting our the essential services our Princeton clinic efforts to expand vision services for CPS provides,” says ICO President Dr. Arol students.” Augsburger. “This grant will go a long way in supporting our efforts to address the Applying the philosophy that there’s strength in numbers, the College of Optometrists in Dr. Dominick Vision Development, the Optometric Extension Maino ’78 Program Foundation and the Australasian College of Behavioural Optometry have Named partnered to create a new journal, Optometry & Visual Performance, which debuted in Founding October 2012. Along with Southern College of Optometry’s Dr. Marc Taub, the editor of Co-Editor of the former Journal of Behavioral Optometry, New Journal ICO’s Dominick Maino, OD ’78, MEd, FAAO, FCOVD-A will serve as founding co-editor. From left: Dr. Maino, managing editor Kelin Kushin Dr. Maino was the editor of the former COVD and Dr. Taub debut OVD at Academy 2012 in Phoenix journal, Optometry & Visual Development. about how to do a specific therapy technique Articles in OVD will be dedicated to evidence- for folks with brain injury,” says Dr. Maino. based clinical care of patients with strabismus, “We’ll do a video with the article’s author amblyopia, binocular vision problems, learning demonstrating exactly how this technique is related vision problems and rehabilitative done.” vision therapy. Dr. Maino estimates OVD’s readership to be between 40,000 and 50,000, OVD will be published six times a year along “but even more if you take into account with a quarterly sister publication, VP Today, the fact that it’s online and open-access.” which launched this January. More practical in Additionally, the journal will have enhanced nature, the content of VP Today includes news, digital content. “We have an article coming practice management advice, meeting reviews, up—I’m not sure when it will be published— editorials and more.4 / ICO MATTERS / SPRING 2013