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Cantonese: Eye Examination


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My students and I wrote several translations of how to conduct an eye examination (mostly my students since my language skills are not very good!). I know there are many ways, and perhaps better ways to ask these questions, but this could be a starting point. Feel free to adapt this to your needs and to make this even better. Please share when you do.

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Cantonese: Eye Examination

  1. 1. THE OPTOMETRIC EXAMINATION IN CANTONESE What follows are the Englis~ Cantonese, and phonetic pronunciation ofterms used during an eye examination Winnie Ho, Sonny Truong, and Dominick M Maino O.D., MEd. -fiftl, $l*.f#f, tt~t•!!. O.D., M.Ed A. CASE IDSTORY la Hello my name is Dr.___ . Would you like me to try to speak Cantonese? 1b. Nay ho ngor see yee sung. Nay seung ngor tong nay gong gong doong wahmah? lc. ~*· tl:___.!l. ~-1-A~~-Jl!.~~? 2a. Can I have your name, address, age, occupation? 2b. Ching mun nay dik sing ming, day zjee, neen ling, gup jik yeep neh? 2c. .,..,~ttt.J+t~. ~.......? . 3a Tell me about your eyes. 3b. Go so ngor gwahn yu nay dik nganjing. 3c. ~11FAII~~ttt.r•lf- Any blur? Ngan moeng? lllUl? Eye strain? Ngan gooui? llltil? Pain? Yum huo tong? -1£-fif.? Dryness? Ngan gom? llltft? Headaches? Tao tong? jft~? Redness? Hong zjong? ~·? Diplopia? Reading problems? Foreign body sensation? See gok chong deep? Yuet dook yow moe mun tigh? Urn seue fook ghe gum gok? «:1:~4? NHt 1f ~ r..,"!? ~ ffJJ!Uf.J '- '1:? 4a When was your last eye exam? 4b. Seung chi gay see yeem ngan? 4c. .1:.~~ Illa !Ill? 1
  2. 2. 5a.. What was your eye doctor's name? 5b. Been wai ngan for yee sung? 5c. JJJS~IIlft• ~? 6a. Were glasses prescnbed? CLs? 6b. Yeouw mo dai ngan geang? Yun ying ngan geang? 6c. ~ &AIIllt? l!t$11llt? 7a. Any history oftrauma, surgery, or eye disease? 7b. Yeouw mo gwor yee ngo~ joe gwor sao suet. nganjut dung? k ~-~~-~. -~+•. -~·? 8a. Is there any blindness, eye disease, glaucoma in your family? 8b. Joy nay gahjeong yeouw mo yun mang ngan, yeouw nganjut, chiang gwong ngan? Sc. -ti.~~t~AA.alll. ~-~. -titlll? · 9a. Do you have any medical problems? Hypertension (HTN), Heart Disease (HD), Diabetes Mellitus (DM). 9b. Nay yeouw mo geen hong mun tigb? Ching seuy gik dong, sum jong beang, tong newbeang. 9c. ~~ ~it• r..,J!.itii•fh. ~a#i, tt~#i? lOa Any medical problems in the family? Hypertension (HTN), Heart Disease (HD), Diabetes Mellitus (DM). 1Ob. Gab jeong dik yun yeouw mo geen hong mun tie? Ching seaw gik dong sum jong beang. tong new beang. lOc. -~ 'flltJA.~ ~&it.a r..,ll, itii•fh. ~lt#i, tt~#i? 11a. Are you taking any medications? lib. Nay yeenjoy yeouw mo sik yum hohr yeuk mut? llc. ~-lll:lf A'l-1rf.r~4f7? 12a Do you have any allergies? l2b. Nay yeou mo yum bohr mun gum? 12c. i-t~ ~~1-Ttli? 13a Are you allergic to any medication? l3b. Nay yeouw mo deuy yum hohr yeuk mutt mun gum? l3c. ~:If~ Jt-1£1-f ~ 4htt~? 2
  3. 3. 14a. Let's start the examination. l4b. Ngor moon yeen joy hoy chi yee~ ngan bah. t4c. a..,JJt./i M** IItl-e. 15a Please take offyour g)asses. l5b. Ching chueuy digh nay ghe ngan geang. l5c. ~ ~ lllUt. 16a Please put your g)asses on. l6b. Ching die seung nay ghe ngan geang. 16c. 1tA..Lit.~llll4t. 1?a Please remove your contact lenseS. l7b. Ching chueuy digh nay ghe ywt ying ngan geang. 17c. ttf.tTit.6iJ fJ~ llllft. 18a. Please put your contact lenses on. l8b. Ching die seung nay ghe yun ying ngan geang. 18c. ttA..L-rt-~I.JUIIll4t. B. VISUAL ACUITY CVA) 1a I am going to check how well you see. lb. Ngor yeenjoy chak yeem nay dik see lik. lc. 4JJt./iiJIJ*it.~~}]. 2a Please cover your right eye: your left eye. 2b. Ching kum ju nay ghe yeow ngan, nay ghe jwor ngan. 2c. tt.I..L~~;t;Cl, it.~lL ... 3a Please read that line. 3b. Ching seung see douk jei hong zjee. 3c. tttt mi!tr~. 4a. Is it a circle, square, apple, or house? (Lea Symbols) 4b. Jieh see gohr yeun ying, say fong ying, ping gwo, wak fong ouk? 4c. i!~iillllU. eg~JU. ·~· ~~&~? 3
  4. 4. 2a. Look at my nose, and tell me how many fingers l'm holding up? 2b. Ching hom jeuk ngor dik bay, go so ngor~ ngor shu hay gai jeuk seouw jzee. k ···-~·· %.A. At~~~·+A? G. COWR VISION la. I am checking your color vision. 1b. Ngor yeen joy chak yeem nay dik ngan sik see gok. lc. AJJt-/f~Mt~~-~Att. 2a. Tell me what number you see on this page? 2b. Ching go so ngor, nay hom geen jei yeep jong dik so muk zjee see sum mohr? k•....-·~~-~-~~~-0~? 3a. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. 3b. Yut, yee, saam, say, mmrn, lok, chut, baat, gouw, sup. 3c. -, -=-, ..=.., !9, li., ~, -t, .i.., IL, +. H. PUPIL 1a. I am checking how your pupils respond to light. lb. Ngor yeenjoy chak yeem nay tong hong deuy gwong dik gum ying. 1c. AJJt-/'f.tot.fLft Jttr!J~~. 2a. Look straight ahead 2b. Chingjik mong. 2c. ••~· L KERATOMETRY 1a I am checking the front curvature ofyour eyes. lb. Ngor yeenjoy chak yeem nay ngan kao dik wu doe. lc. AJJt.(£.~1*1-1-llll~~~ll. 2a Look at the light. 2b. Ching hom gwong seen. 2c. tt;fr Jtij. 5
  5. 5. J. RETINOSCOPY 1a I am checking to see ifyou need a change in Rx. lb. Ngor yeenjoy chak yeem nay dik doe so yeouw mo been. tc. .ft~-tuJtJa~tllJ&.ftt" Ai'f. 2a. Look at the chart, and don't look at my light. TeJJ me ifI get in the way. 2b. Ching homjieh beiw, but yeiw hom gwong seen. Yu gwor ngor dongjzuk. nay, ching g0 so ngor. k ••••· ~••~•. ~•a•••· •••a K. SUBJECfiVE 1a I am checking your RX. lb. Ngor yeenjoy chak yeem nay dik doe so. 1c. a~-tt.}Jtfa-ft.6lJ&.•· 2a Tell me which option is better: #1or #2 or about the same. 2b. Go so ngor die yut wak die yee hom dik ching chor, yut saiy, whak zjei leung gohr yut yeung. k ••a¥-•A~-~-·~-~-&,14*~--~ L. SLIT LAMP EXAM 1a Close your eyes. lb. Hup my nay dik nganjing. 1c. NLJ:.~ 6lJ Illat. 2a Open your eyes. 2b. Joy hoy nay dik ngan jing. 2c. $lnt,i-tti-J IllIt. 3a Blink. 3b. Jaarn ngan. 3c. l:llll. 6
  6. 6. 4a. Look straight ahead 4b. Jik mong. 4c. --~- 5a. Look up, down, le~ right. 5b. Hom seung, bah, jwor. yeow. 5c. -'" ..L, T, li.., i; . 6a. I am going to check the pressure in your eyes. 6b. Ngor yeen joy chak yeem nay dik ngan ngaat. 6c. a~-t£.~•-ftfltJill-4. 7a. rm going to put some drops in your eyes. 7b. Ngor yewe fong gai dik ngan seuy yup hui. 7c. a-t-~ftAill*A.-!-. 8a. These drops may sting a little. 8b. Nay wuey gum gok yeouw yut dee hung yeung wbak ngat lik. 8c. it--t"'-~:t -jj:.·-~.4:11. 9a. The drops will make your pupils get large so I can view the back ofyour eyes. 9b. Ngan sueuy wuey yeung tong hong fong die. yeung ngor horn dik doe nay ngan jing dik hoy meen. 9c. -~*Jl-+ut.Jt.JtA, U:.A-.tfJtJit-lllltfltJfttii. 1Oa. May I put these drops in now? lOb. Ngor yee gab hor yee dik ngan sueuy le mah? lOc. A~-tl -TJ:A~Ill* T~? lla. I need to take your blood pressure. lib. Ngor yewe Ieung dok nay dik heut ngaat llc. a.f.-t~it- {ltJ -~- 12a. Your vision will be blurry and you may be sensitive to light for ~ hours. 12b. Nay dik see lik weuy yeouw dee mo wu joy say jee lok seiw see zjee noy, nay wuey deuy gwong see hoe mun gwn. 12c. -ftfltJ~}] t-:t~.m_..., -tf.4-6+8f~~. ~t-tt:ititM--~. 7
  7. 7. M. DIAGNOSIS la. Accommodation: the ability to focus. 1b. Sik ying: jeuew deem jap jong dik nung lik. lc. i!.&: !.A$'fl~tth. - 2a Accommodative insufficiency: the inability to maintain focusing. 2b. Sahn gwong: gwong seenjueun yup ngan seen see. mmm nung singjiu deem. 2c. tt~: ~-~Aillfq., ~tt-~1.-.A. 3a AJJergic conjunctivitis: inflammation ofthe eye due to lergies. 3b. Mun gum geet hup mok yeem: nganjing yun mun gum yee hohngjohng. 3c. -~ M-t-•l.: IllIt~ •'- iiJ !x.M.. 4a Amblyopia: the reduction ofvision where there is no apparent pathologic condition. 4b. Yueuk see: see lie gahm yueuk yee moe ming been gbe jingjor. k -~=~h~~iQ·~-~~~ 5a Astigmatism: the tendency of the eye to focus light on two points instead ofone. 5b. Saan gwong: joy gwong see zjee hah hom geen Ieung gworjeiw deem but geen yut gwor jjew deem. 5c. It~: .fl.~it~Tt- ._.Ti••.A. ~.t-•!.A. 6a Blepharitis: infection ofyour lids and lashes. 6b. Ngan teew jum: ngan goy sow doe gum yeem. 6c. ..#:··~ftl" •. 7a Cataract: cloudiness ofthe lens. 7b. Bahk noy jueung: jingjong tigh chueut yeen wunjook. 7c. a ~rt: .l~lttiPR..a~. 8a. Convergence insufficiency: problems turning the eyes inward. 8b. Ngan kouw jueuy jahp high yut deem: mmm nung gouw hueuy noy deem. 8c. Bl-*~·~-A: ~ft.M~ .... 9a Diabetic retinopathy: changes in the retina (back ofyour eye) due to diabetes. 9b. Tong neew see mong mokjing: jun tong neew behng see mong mokjueuen been. 9c. •JJ.«.IMihi: ~ ttbJ.M. «.~Mat...'f. 8
  8. 8. 1Oa Dry eye: inadequate tear layer. lOb. Gom ngan: kueut fut yuen whatji. JOe. .ftll: ~~il!IJ~~. 11a Giant papillary conjunctivitis: inflammation ofthe eye due to contact lens wear. lib. Gueuy die yook lup gheet mok yee~: die yun ying ngan ghehng yee yunjhi ngan jing hohng johng. llc. eAJtl•~•l= Ar!JUttUl.Tiiil.t..llatn.a. 12a Glaucoma: an increase in intraocular pressure, whict may result in blindness. 12b. Chiang gwong ngan: ngan ngaat jung gab, hor doe ji mahng ngan. 12c. -t ;till: lll~Jt;bo, -T!f-Ji'illll. 13a Hemorrhages: bleeding. 13b. Bohr lay tigh cheuht hueut: liao heut. l3c. 1lt1AII.tfj .a: ilt.Ja.. 14a Hypertensive retinopathy: changes in the retina (back ofyour eye) due to high blood pressure. 14b. See mong mok jing mut cheun suk: yun heut ngaat go yee zje sie doe see mong mole. ghe heut tingjhie. 14c. ~.,···~--= I§-~ iii J:J..Ji'(t~II!J·fiJ-1f~. 15a Hyperopia: farsightedness. 15b. Yuen see: yuen see. 15c. i!ll: ill!. 16a Myopia: nearsightedness. 16b. Gun see: gun see. 16c. itiAt: llitt. 17a Presbyopia: the need for reading glasses. 17b. Lo fah: yeiw dai lo fah geang. 17c. :t.ft.: 18a Retinal detachment: the retina is detached from the back ofyour eye. 18b. See mong mok teut lok: see mong mole. tohng ngan houw boe fun lay. 18c. ltjfij • .IJi.i- : ttjfij ..-to liltft ~ ~•. 9
  9. 9. 19a. Strabismus: the tendency ofthe eye to tum in or out 19b. Chair see ngan: ngan jing heung noy whahk heung ngoy peen chair. 19c. ~~ll: lllltlf.JP3j(,f.J*•~· 20a. Stye: an inflammation ofa gland on your eye lid 20b. Muk lup joeng: ngan hoy seung ghe fun bay seen hohngjohng. 20c. ···=lllli.J:.flil~~-h.·. ' 21a. Vergence: the ability ofthe eyes to work together. 2lb. Gong nung: seung ngan wunjok dik nung lik 21c. ~it: ~lliliifllltth. N.TREATMENT la. I'm recommending... 1b. Ngor tigh yee nay... lc. A.fttl~ ... 1a. Glasses to be worn at all times, as needed, for distance only, for near only. ib. Die ngan ghehng. chuen see gahn die, yiao sueuy yeew see die, tigh yuen kueuy lay see die, tigh kun kueuy Jay see die. tc. Allt,,A. ~S-1-a.tA. ~llJE•a.tA. ~ili.JE•*•· Iia Polycarbonate lenses iib. Hup than ghehng IIC. ~_.lj! 1va Sunglasses ivb. Tie yeung ghehng IVC. ~fit VJa. Vision Therapy, Orthoptics vib. See lie mut lay tzi liu VlC. ~J] ~J!.if;/l viiia. Warm compresses viiib. Nuun sueuy foo ngan viiic. ~.7J~.ftltl ma. Anti-reflection coating iiib. Fong fahn gwong tzung IIIC. M"&__;l,f va. Contact Lenses vb. Yun ying ghehng vc. f!JtHt viia. Lid Scrubs viib. Sigh nganjeet moe viic. ~OlUt-t. 1xa. Surgery ixb. Ngoy fohr souw suet IXC. *f+-f-.jlf 10
  10. 10. xa. Eye drops xb. Ngan yuk sueuy XC. -~* 2a. rm going to refer you to your MD, 00, Surgeon, family doctor. emergency room. 2b. Ngor guy siu nay hueuy geen poe tohng yee sung. ngan fohr yee sung, ngoy for yee sung. gab ting yee sung. gupjing sut. k •*··~~·~·~· ·ft·~· -~·~· ~-~· 3a Please put these drops into your eyes. 3b. Ching high youw sueui yeewjee see dik ngan sueuy. 3c. tt./£. S-1-~*~ Ill* Once a day mooui yut yut chi .jj:a--* every two homs mooui Ieung gwor jong touw yut chi .jj:-=-iiHtJl-~ every three homs mooui sahm gwor jong touw yut chi .jj:.;..MJl-~ every fom hours mooui say gwor jong touw yut chi .jj:.egiiJMJl-~ every five hours mooui mmm gwor jong touw yut chi every six hours mooui lok gwor jong touw yut chi twice aday mooui yut yut chi .jj:a-=-~ three bnes a day mooui yut Ieung chi .jj:a.:=.=.t fom times a day mooui yut sahm chi five times a day mooui yut say chi .jj:.a.n.~ ll
  11. 11. r 4a. Please use these artificial tears. 4b. Ching yohng nay dee yun joe ngan lueuy. 4c. 1tHJ itjj:. A..itIll~ . 5a. Please use this antibiotic. 5b. Ching yohng nay dee kong sung so. 5c. • "' itJJ:.liti.f: . 0. PATIENT EDUCATION la. Your eyes will stay dilated for about a day. 1b. Nay ghe ngan jing high yut yut gee noy wueuy kong die. lc. a~f'i t-itAAlJ. 2a Your vision may seem blurry for a few hours. 2b. Nay ghe see lie high gay gohr johng touw gee noy chui gum doe moe moon. 2c. ~tiJah .tt.fl-fiM~~~ t-1-JtJ•~- 3a. You will be sensitive to light for a few hours. 3b. Nay high gay gohr johng touw gee noy whui dueuy gwong mun gum. 3c.•Mil~f'it-tt* 4a. Please make an appointment to see me. 4b. Ching yu yueuk see gahn lie gheen ngor. 4c. tkll~*r., *-R..A. In one year Yut neen jee noy -·~~ In one month Yut ghe yuet gee noy -·.R~~ In one week Yut ghe sing kay jee noy --fiJ.M~~ In two days Leung yutjee noy ..::.a~~ In three days Sahm yut jee noy .=-a~~ ln four days Say yut jee noy ega~~ 12
  12. 12. Tomorrow Tingyut IIlJa P. PARTS OF THE EYE la Retina 1b. See mong mok lc. ~Mil 3a Lens 3b. Jingjong tigh 3c. .1.~• 5a Optic Nerve 5b. See sun ghing 5c. ~!t.l+l!l 7a. Eye Muscles 1b. Ngan gay yook 7c. IUt.JlJ 2a Cornea 2b. Gokmok 2c. 1J It 4a Pupil 4b. Toeng hong 4c. ll.JL 6a Fovea 6b. Wong hahn lrueuy 6c. -lJllll 13