Work Package 4 - Month 6 by Sam Leon


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Work Package 4 - Month 6 by Sam Leon

  1. 1. Work Package 4: Community and Dissemination The Open Knowledge Foundation (Lead)
  2. 2. Objectives of Work Package1. Catalyse an active, diverse and well connected community of content holders, metadata experts, technologists and others around Europeana - strengthening existing networks and engaging new stakeholders2. Enable and encourage content holders to contribute new material to Europeana through a series of hands-on workshops and community documentation on DM2E tools and workflows3. Identify and support a network of open metadata evangelists who will help to raise awareness of legal and technical best practices in a variety of different domains4. Facilitate conversation and collaboration between technologists in the Europeana community and end users in teaching and research - particularly in the humanities - with a series of events, online activities and a contest.
  3. 3. Target audiences & communities Three main target communities for the work done under DM2E: • The European cultural heritage sector • Open data in cultural heritage initiatives (Europeana, Wikimedia, Creative Commons) • The Digital Humanities communityInternal audiences Media General audiences and communities• Consortium members • High profile technology• The wider Europeana blogs e.g. Guardian Data • Technology experts project community Blog, • Related industry• Other ICT-PSP project • Digital Humanities websites members and news forums e.g. • National press print and online
  4. 4.
  5. 5.• Project blog• Information about project: Objectives, Work Package descriptions, Partners, Advisory Board• Calendar of DH and cultural heritage events• Newsletter sign up (to come)• Links to Open GLAM
  6. 6.
  7. 7.• Guest blog posts from members Digital Humanities projects (e.g. Mapping the Republic of Letters) and open cultural heritage initiatives (e.g. Wikipedian in Residence Scheme, Hack4Europe)• Workshop and event write-ups• Documentation
  8. 8. Twitter
  9. 9. Europeana Community• Presenting the project at relevant Europeana Events (Europeana Plenary last week)• Inviting Europeana speakers to relevant Open GLAM/DM2E workshops (e.g. Paul Keller at Berlin event in April)• Featuring DM2E on relevant Europeana websites and using Europeana press channels• Involvement in Hack4Europe
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Workshops and Events• Best practices in legal and technical aspects of opening up metadata• Coding sprints• The project at outside events
  12. 12. Workshops/Coding SprintsDate Location Type Partners20/04/2012 Berlin Legal Workshop WM, CC, Europeana, Staatsbibliothek27/04/2011 Paris Legal Workshop WM, CC13/06/2012 London Technical Workshop DevCSI, Open Biblio, Net7, British Library, Cambridge University Library13-14/06/2012 London Bibliohack Net7
  13. 13. Open GLAM Evangelism• Engagement with British Library (UK), Cambridge University Library (UK), Stiftung Preusischer Kulturbesitz (DE), National Library of Scotland (UK) & many smaller institutions• Wikimedia (DE, UK, SE)• Creative Commons• Open Culture Data (NL)• Several Europeana projects (Awareness, Open Up!, Assets)
  14. 14. Digital Humanities• Featuring guest blog posts from Digital Humanities projects on website• Engagement with TEXTUS project• DHAB meeting last week – planning going forward• Much more engagement in coming months now Net7 prototype has stabilized, discuss more tomorrow
  15. 15. Deliverables