All WP Meeting Athens - Workpackage 4 Update - Sam Leon


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All WP Meeting Athens - Workpackage 4 Update - Sam Leon

  1. 1. Work Package 4 All WP Meeting - Athens 28th November 2013 Sam Leon co-funded by the European Union
  2. 2. Objectives & goals • Strengthen existing networks and engage new • • stakeholders around Europeana Support a network of open metadata evangelists who will help to raise awareness of legal and technical best practises Facilitate collaboration between technologists in the Europeana community 28/11/13 DM2E All WP Meeting - Athens 2
  3. 3. Tasks 28/11/13 DM2E All WP Meeting - Athens 3
  4. 4. Deliverables/milestones in this period d re ive el D 28/11/13 ed er iv el D DM2E All WP Meeting - Athens 4
  5. 5. Twitter & Slideshare Compared to where we were 6 months ago this is a growth of about 50% of our follower base on social media 28/11/13 DM2E All WP Meeting - Athens 5
  6. 6. Associated Partners 1. EUROCORR – Burckhardt Source 2. MarineLives 3. Mannheim University Library 28/11/13 DM2E All WP Meeting - Athens 6
  7. 7. Website re-vamp • Clearer paths to key content • Now listing all academic presentations with links to slides where they exist More information on associated partners Feedback appreciated! More blog posts including news about academic publications, key presentations and updates from the Open Humanities Awards Easier to find information on how to become an associate partner • • • • 28/11/13 DM2E All WP Meeting - Athens 7
  8. 8. Website re-vamp 28/11/13 DM2E All WP Meeting - Athens 8
  9. 9. The network of open data evangelists = OpenGLAM • The network is growing! Over 500 subscribers on the public mailing list! • The OpenGLAM Working Group now has over 10 dedicated volunteers from over 10 different countries dedicated to promoting open data who convene on a monthly basis to coordinate e.g. of collaborations: launching public domain calculators in France with French Ministry of Culture. • Convened the first meeting of the OpenGLAM Advisory Board (Dan Cohen, Michael Edson, Paul Keller, Jill Cousins, Kat Walsh) to review how we can strengthen this network and build on successes 28/11/13 DM2E All WP Meeting - Athens 9
  10. 10. Curator’s Choice Blog Post Series • Put a celebratory spotlight institutions making the exciting steps of openly licensing their digital collections and also the curators that work everyday with such collections. • So far we’ve had contributions from the British Library, Rijksmuseum, UK National Archives, Danish Museum of Art, Emily Dickinson Archive • We want to see DM2E material on there next year! 28/11/13 DM2E All WP Meeting - Athens 10
  11. 11. Improved documentation and open collections • Check out • We’ve been pulling together research and manuals on open data for cultural heritage, everything from how-to guides to impact studies • We’ve been developing a slide deck for volunteer evangelists to go about promoting open cultural data • We’re listing all open collections we know of held by cultural institutions to inspire more good work. See 28/11/13 DM2E All WP Meeting - Athens 11
  12. 12. Workshops • OpenGLAM Workshop in Geneva, Switzerland • Involving Swiss Federal Archives and the Swiss • • National Library Jill Cousins (Europeana) gave a keynote as well as presentations from winners of the Open Humanities Awards Now there is an action plan for setting up an OpenGLAM Local Group in Switzerland and they are aware of the DM2E toolset 28/11/13 DM2E All WP Meeting - Athens 12
  13. 13. OpenGLAM Switzerland, September 2013 28/11/13 DM2E All WP Meeting - Athens 13
  14. 14. Workshops • Wittgenstein Group user feedback session NEXT • • • WEEK Address the questions of what do scholarly users really want from Pundit as well as feedback on how well the current tool works Opportunity to find out more about what the group in Bergen have been doing and understanding how they are using our tools Exercises now circulating on Wittgenstein Incubator mailing list 28/11/13 DM2E All WP Meeting - Athens 14
  15. 15. Presentations at external events 28/11/13 DM2E All WP Meeting - Athens 15
  16. 16. Next Steps • Technical and user documentation for tools from • • WP1 and WP2 (month 24) Short video on consuming open linked data in the context of the humanities for WP3 (month 24) The next round of the contest awards which should “encourage and highlight innovative work building on the technology developed as part of WP1-3, and for partnership working between developers and non-technical researchers” (month 24) 28/11/13 DM2E All WP Meeting - Athens 16