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Unit 7: Switched on


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10th grade A and B

Published in: Education
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Unit 7: Switched on

  1. 1. UNIT 7: SWITCHED ON 10TH GRADE A AND B I. WRITE THE SPANISH MEANING AND THE DEFINITION OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS. USE MERRIAM-WEBSTER.COM , WORDREFERENCE.COM OR DICTIONARY.CAMBRIDGE.ORG Science & Research create vb creation n decide vb decision n discover vb discovery n experiment vb experiment n invent vb invention n research vb research n test vb test n Make & do do a test do an experiment do research do some driving do some studying do some/the cleaning do some/the gardening do some/the shopping do work do your best make a choice make a comment English Language Department Teacher Danitza Lazcano F.
  2. 2. make a decision make a discovery make a point make an excuse make changes make food make progress Cities bank n bench n bus stop n hospital n library n museum n park n parking lot n pedestrian zone n shopping mall n sidewalk n subway station n Technology (Translation Only) download something from the Internet give someone a call send someone an e-mail surf the Internet turn something on/of