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Unit 1: Communication


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11th grade A and B

Published in: Education
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Unit 1: Communication

  1. 1. UNIT 1: COMMUNICATION 11TH GRADE A AND B I. WRITE THE SPANISH MEANING AND THE DEFINITION OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS. USE MERRIAM-WEBSTER.COM , WORDREFERENCE.COM OR DICTIONARY.CAMBRIDGE.ORG Types of communication argument n body language n facial expressions n chat n discussion n e-mail n hand gestures n instant messaging n lecture n poster n sign n sign language n social networks n the written word n tweet n Say, tell, speak (Translation Only) say a lot about someone/something say good-bye say hello say how you feel say no English Language Department Teacher Danitza Lazcano F.
  2. 2. say something important say something interesting say what you think say yes speak English very well speak fast speak in a room full of people speak in public speak loudly speak to my friend speak to my mother on the phone speak two languages speak very quietly speak your mind tell a joke tell a lie tell a story tell him what to do tell me what you want tell somebody about your family tell somebody about your vacation tell somebody about yourself tell the truth tell them what you’re thinking Communicating (Translation Only) change somebody’s mind chat to friends and family on Facebook discuss politics
  3. 3. get across a message give talks / lectures / presentations / speeches have arguments make a point pay attention speak in public speak your mind stand up for animal rights talk on Skype talk to children / the elderly / pets / strangers text, tweet or e-mail friends use my body to express myself Senses feel vb/n hear vb listen vb look vb/n see vb smell vb/n sound n taste vb/n touch vb watch vb