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Final Formative Test


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4th grade A and B

Published in: Education
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Final Formative Test

  1. 1. Final formative test 4th Grades Name:_______________________________________ . I. Translate the following vocabulary. (Traduce el siguiente vocabulario) 1. Singer: ________________________. 2. Drummer: ________________________.. 3. Harp: ________________________. 4. Chord: ________________________. 5. For:________________________. 6. Since: ________________________. 6. How long: ________________________. II. Complete the questions and fill in the answers with “for” or “since”. (Completa las preguntas y rellena con “for” o “since”) 1. How long______________________________? John has studied German ____ ten months. 2. How long______________________________? Fred has been a painter ______ he was five. 3. How long______________________________? The Smiths have been our neighbors _____ 2012. 4. How long______________________________? Alyssa has played baseball ____ three years. III. Complete. (Completa.) 1. “Poder” en pasado: ___________ 2. “Poder” en presente: ___________ IV. Fill in with the following expressions.(Completa con las siguientes expresiones.) 1. When I was a baby I ___________ cry very loudly but I __________ run. 2. When I was a baby I ___________ eat ice-cream. Now I __________ eat anything. 3. When I was a baby I ___________ walk. Now I _________ run. 4. Now I ___________ play the piano very well, but my sister __________ play the drums. V. Translate the sentences. (Traduce las oraciones.) 1. I didn’t use to climb trees when I was a baby. __________________________________ 2. I used to cry when I was a baby. _______________________________________ 3. I didn’t use to run when I was two. _______________________________________ 4. I used to sing when I was five. ___________________________________ ENGLISH TEACHING DEPARTMENT PROFESORA: POLA VILLOUTA P. can– can´t – could- couldn’t can – could