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Danielle Ricks Social Media Portfolio

I have had a long career in mass media, broadcast communications, and social media. This portfolio is a capsulated look at the social media marketing work I've done over the past decade.

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Danielle Ricks Social Media Portfolio

  2. 2. Where to Find Me Instagram: @daniellericks Twitter: @daniellericks LinkedIn: Snapchat: danielle.ricks YouTube:
  3. 3. WORK EXPERIENCE Social Media Experience: 8+ years ➤ Create and maintain social networks for companies, non-profits and organizations ➤ Develop in-depth social media strategies and content curation ➤ Produce short-form videos ➤ Manage social media projects ➤ Book and oversee social media blogger/influencer teams ➤ Execute cross-platform, multi-media digital campaigns ➤ Report out on ROI ➤ Provide digital and social media support, direction and training ➤ Develop and manage weekly and monthly social media plans and calendars ➤ Develop social media SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) ➤ Specialized in developing social media and brand marketing campaigns ➤ Project manage online and offline social media events Entertainment Government Non-profits Startups Festivals Events Music Sponsorship Training Workshops
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 2018 ➤ MGM Resorts, International - Global hospitality and entertainment company - FULL TIME Director, Social Strategy Corporate Communications - Social media management - Led the Social Media team through artful storytelling to drive external and internal engagement. Developed and executed campaigns across various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Identified and managed the results of social media marketing campaigns implemented to drive organic, paid and earned social media efforts 2017 ➤ Legacy International, Inc. An international capacity building organization specializing in peace-building, social entrepreneurs, leadership training, and dialogue. - CONTRACT Digital storytelling workshops and Algerian U.S. State Department Outbound Communications delegate ➤ NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) - An organization dedicated to the academic and professional success of African-American engineering students and practitioners. - CONTRACT #BlackSTEMLikeMe Campaign - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, IG Stories, YouTube Micro-site, digital strategy 2016 ➤ WHUR- FM Radio - Washington DC's original black, urban, adult contemporary radio station playing the best mix of old school, new music, R&B - CONTRACT Social media management and engagement Disney Dreamer Academy with Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine - Facebook, Facebook Live, Instagram and Twitter Grand Opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture - Facebook Live ➤ Legacy International, Inc. - An international capacity building organization specializing in peace-building, social entrepreneurs, leadership training, and dialogue. - CONTRACT Social Media training, digital storytelling, social media guidelines/toolkit, social media engagement- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube ➤ Corporate Alley Cat - A company designed to address the unique experiences and needs of people of color in Corporate America. - CONTRACT Social Media Management - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, IG Stories, YouTube, Social Media Calendar and LinkedIn 2015 ➤ Christoper Street - LA Pride Festival and Parade - Non-profit committed to the goals of human rights, education, outreach and equality - CONTRACT Led social media engagement and led social marketing efforts for the 45th Anniversary of the LA Pride Festival - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ➤ Miles Ahead Entertainment - A full-service integrated marketing and broadcast agency - CONTRACT Managed and supported a team of bloggers, social media influencers and videographers for the press junket an in multiple social channels to include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with a combined reach of over five million impressions for: Essence Music Festival in New Orleans - Video, digital media, social media, Instagram, Twitter Periscope DC Broccoli City Festival - Digital media 2014 ➤ Campaign Consultation, Inc - Works with individuals and organizations -- at the local, state, national, and international levels -- to achieve public policy, issue advocacy, organizational & business development, media & marketing, and community development - FULL TIME Social Media Specialist - Deepened the relationship within the AmeriCrops VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) online community to help market the VISTA brand within the digital space. Produced and presented weekly online webinars, Developed and managed the community engagement - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Social Media calendar, ROI, social media training
  5. 5. MGM RESORT INTERNATIONAL ➤ Developed and executed campaigns across various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. ➤ Identified and managed the results of social media marketing campaigns implemented to drive organic, paid and earned social media efforts. ➤ Collaborated with Brand Marketing, Creative, and Public Relations on content development and implementation, including images, infographics, videos, and blogs. ➤ Partnered with internal partners to develop effective social media budgets to support campaigns and business objectives across a variety of social platforms. ➤ Managed corporate social media communications ➤ Managed social media crisis communication   ➤ Produced, developed and managed the social media activations for #TheTimeIsNow social media activations and implementations for the annual Women's Leadership Conference 2018, a signature program of the MGM Resorts Foundation. Expanded the Company's brand story across a variety of social media platforms. Led the Social Media Managers and Social Media Strategists who developed and communicated the essence of the Company through artful story-telling to drive external and internal engagement.
  6. 6. MGM Women’s Leadership Conference (WLC) Creative Concept
  7. 7. Developed and launched the MGM Foundation Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook #TheTimeIsNow Activations Women’s Leadership Conference (WLC)Branding Worked with the design team on branded graphics, and images for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and the WLC website Snapchat Filter
  8. 8. Women’s Leadership Conference (WLC)Video Production Worked with MGM broadcast teams to produce promotional videos before the conference, Facebook Live interviews during the event and recap video at the conclusion. In total, the 21 videos produced for the Women’s Leadership Conference marking the highest performing WLC social engagement videos to date.
  9. 9. Women’s Leadership Conference Branding Conference Analytics
  10. 10. LA PRIDE FESTIVAL ➤ Aligned social media communication with the overall marketing and communications strategy ➤ Developed two unique campaign hashtags: #LAPRIDE45, #WeAreLAPRIDE ➤ Developed guidelines and managed the #BrosTakeOver and #5HTake celebrity Instagram “take over” ➤ Produced an overall social media messaging guideline ➤ Provided a weekly content strategy and monitoring plan for each platform that served as a roadmap for content curation ➤ Ran preliminary social media analysis to help inform engagement strategy that was used to increase outreach ➤ Secured a content management tool for content publication, management and data analytics data ➤ Managed the on-the-ground street team IRL (In-Real-Life) marketing activation for multiple Festival events that provided the eyes and ears of the event during the Festival Managed the social media engagement and led the social marketing efforts for the 45th Anniversary of the LA Pride Festival. The social engagement resulted in increased ticket sales and a combined Twitter, Instagram and Facebook impression of 34.3 million.
  11. 11. Launched the LA Pride Instagram account with the #LAPride45 and #WeAreLAPride hashtags LA Pride 45th Anniversary Pride Festival Worked with design team on branded graphics and images for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  12. 12. LA Pride Pride Celebrity IG Takeover
  13. 13. LA Pride Sponsorship Snapshot
  14. 14. LA Pride Festival Content Calendar and Celebrity Promotions
  15. 15. LA Pride Festival Metrics
  16. 16. AMERICORPS VISTA Full-time, internal Social Media Specialist with Campaign Consultation, Inc. working on the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) AmeriCorps VISTA social and digital media. AmeriCorps VISTA is a national service program designed to alleviate poverty. President John F. Kennedy originated the idea for VISTA, which was founded as Volunteers in Service to America in 1965. ➤ Produced and executed the day-to-day AmeriCorps VISTA social media channels for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube ➤ Helped the VISTA community discover critical online resources and tools via the AmeriCorps VISTA closed source website ➤ Produced, wrote and co-presented 32 VIST webinars (online workshops) ➤ Wrote weekly, Monday - Friday social media plans, quarterly reports, and weekly briefs which included social media metrics and analytics that informed social media outreach ➤ Developed and maintained social media guidelines ➤ Provided social media training to stakeholders and staff ➤ Managed successful photo and video contests ➤ Managed and developed Facebook Q&A sessions, live tweet-chats, and email campaigns that supported outreach goals ➤ Worked with internal graphic design and external development teams on both online and offline media communications
  17. 17. A 6-month at-a-glance report during my five years as the Social Media Specialist for Campaign Consultation managing and leading the AmeriCorps VISTA social media outreach and engagement. AmeriCorps VISTA Social Media Engagement
  18. 18. VISTAs host a workshop on “Life after VISTA”. 62 potential partnerships based on 2 Meetups so far. VISTAs contact others from Meetup. Over 80 organizations have been represented at a VISTA Meetup. VISTAs hear about Meetup. So far 100 VISTAs, Leaders and Alumni have joined the VISTA Meetup site. 1 3 4 5 VISTAs go to Meetup. To date, over 150 VISTAs, Leaders, Supervisors, and Alumni have attended a VISTA Meetup. VISTAs return to their sites. Here's what they are saying about the Meetup "I think this was great. I got some good ideas for other VISTAs and had the opportunity to share more about what [our organization] is. I believe the more we are able to have networking events like this, the better. Thanks again for hosting and setting up this opportunity." VISTAs organize the next Meetup. 3 VISTAs have already planned their next VISTA Meetup, 20 State Office representatives attended a call about hosting a local Meetup, and there are plenty more to come. 6 2 AmeriCorps VISTA Print Materials Managed design and content elements with the internal graphic design team
  19. 19. ESSENCE FESTIVAL 2015 ➤ Oversaw the MAE video and digital content for the sponsored daytime activation ➤ Worked with the MAE on-site field producer and videographer on assigned coverage and digital messaging associated with social posts ➤ Provided digital coverage with the designated sponsor and EF hashtags ➤ Managed nightly video recap posts ➤ Led the team of bloggers and influencers for the media press junket and social posts ➤ Posted across social platforms ➤ Conducted interviews and coverage of pre-determined celebrity guests that came into the Essence Festival media center ➤ Provided a social media report Subcontracted by Miles Ahead Entertainment (MA) to manage and support a team of bloggers, social media influencers and production staff for the daytime Essence Festival 2016 activation. Instagram, Twitter and Periscope produced a combined reach of over five million impressions. Messaging was developed to align social media engagement with the Essence Festival PR and sponsor initiatives; Ford, P &G (My Black is Beautiful), Verizon and McDonalds. Key hashtags included #ESSENCEFest, #FordUp, #MBIB, #AllTogetherBeautiful, #365Black and #VerizonLive.
  20. 20. Essence Festival 2015 Social Engagement
  21. 21. Essence Festival2015 IG posts and Twitter Posts
  22. 22. LEGACY INTERNATIONAL, INC. ➤ Promote the launch of the first-ever U.S. Department of State Emerging Young Leaders Award ➤ Inform the public about the ten Emerging Young Leaders’ stories and leadership abilities via social media ➤ Highlight programs administered by Legacy International ➤ Increase Legacy International’s online presence ➤ Provide social media training and guidelines Developed and executed the Social Media strategy for the Emerging Young Leaders Award, an initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs organized by Legacy International, Inc. The EYLA strategic social media plan was developed to achieve the following goals:
  23. 23. Legacy International - U.S. State Department Emerging Young Leaders
  24. 24. Related Link: The social media plan was a coordinated effort in the promotion and engagement of the Emerging Young Leaders via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn social channels. The #EYLeaders hashtag reached over 14K impressions over a 30 days. The outreach offered the Awardees a way to use social media to elevate their efforts to the U.S. online audience as well as a means to share their experiences with their networks in their home countries. Legacy International - U.S. State Department Emerging Young Leaders
  25. 25. NSBE #BLACKSTEMLIKEME In a partnership between NSBE and the U.S. Air Force, launched the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) “Black STEM Like Me” social media campaign. The campaign focused on African American leaders and experts that encourage college-age students to choose a profession in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and to look at the U.S. Air Force and a career option. The audience was made up of young African American students (18-24 years) attending universities and colleges nationwide with an emphasis on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), specifically targeting STEM students. ➤ Produced, developed, managed and executed every phase of the NSBE Black STEM Like Me campaign. ➤ Oversaw and executed the Black STEM Like Me multi-platform social media marketing campaign ➤ Hired and managed the team of bloggers and influencers ➤ Hired and led the Social Media Community Manager ➤ Posted to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter and a microsite specifically developed for the campaign
  26. 26. #BlackSTEMLikeMe Campaign Social Posts
  27. 27. #BlackSTEMLikeMe
  28. 28. WHUR- FM RADIO ➤ Developed and managed daily social media posts for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter leading leading up to the Grand Opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American. ➤ Provided social media support and live-streaming for Disney Dreamer Academy with Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine at Walt Disney World in Orlando. ➤ Provided live-tweeting and live-streaming for local events as assigned. Worked with the Washington, DC Radio Station to provide social media support on for various events.
  29. 29. Disney Dreamer Academy with Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine Related Link:
  30. 30. CORPORATE ALLEY CAT Corporate Alley Cat is an online community that addresses the nuanced needs and experiences of people of color in corporate America. Worked with Corporate Alley Cat over a three months to grow the company’s social media profile and digital footprint. ➤ Developed a social media content strategy Facebook Twitter, and LinkedIn ➤ Produced and designed Twitter Tweetchats, branded graphics, Facebook Live videos and repurposed webinar videos into a digital content strategy. ➤ Social engagement grew Corporate Alley Cat’s audience by 82.7%; messages sent increased by 668.5%, the number of messages received rose by 784.2%, total impressions increased by 48.1% and the number of engagements across the three channels rose by 258.4%.
  31. 31. Corporate Alley Cat Social Engagement
  32. 32. Let’s Connect… Instagram: @daniellericks Twitter: @daniellericks LinkedIn: Snapchat: danielle.ricks YouTube: Email: