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Using Periscope for Business


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Live video streaming app that allows broadcasters to "scope" live events and users to view from around the world. Users have the opportunity to connect and engage in real time!

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Using Periscope for Business

  1. 1. PERISCOPE What You Need To Know About
  2. 2. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. “ ”Tony Robbins Social Media Marketing
  3. 3. Current Statistics • 8 out of 10 Small Businesses use social media for their business to drive growth. • There are 10 million accounts on Periscope (8/12/2015). • 70% of business-to-consumers marketers have acquired customers through Facebook. • 67% of Twitter users are far more likely to buy from the brands they follow on Twitter. • 46% of web users look towards social media when making a purchase.
  4. 4. Steps To Integrate Social Media 1. Audit your current social channels. 2. Devise a tactically-agnostic social media strategy. 3. Fine tune the channels that have not been updated. 4. Always have a consistent look. 5. Create clear, consistent content that can easily be adapted or repurposed to suit different media or channels. 6. Fine tune the channels that have not been updated. 7. Ensure that your brand’s messaging is fully integrated. 8. Connect and engage with your digital community. 9. Share interesting and visual content. 10.Don't forget to measure your results.
  5. 5. What You Could Be Missing If you do not have a comprehensive strategy, you are losing out. In today’s Internet-fueled world, customers expect businesses to be where they hang out – and that happens to now be on social media networks. Small businesses can consistently deliver value to their customers through ‘positively memorable experiences’ which can be accomplished online. Time spent on social media that helps businesses connect in meaningful ways with consumers is not time wasted and will enhance those experiences. Providing useful and interesting information keeps your business in front of those customers when they are making buying decisions.
  6. 6. Periscope Live video streaming mobile app that allows broadcasters to “scope” live events and users to view from around the world!
  7. 7. Why Scope? New social platform giving business professionals the opportunity to showcase their products, services, employees, customers … Opportunity to engage and connect in real time!
  8. 8. Getting Started Download the app Suggest connecting to Twitter account
  9. 9. Scopes disappear from Periscope but ... Save your scopes to your camera roll Repurpose the scope by sharing on social platforms (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn …)
  10. 10. Broadcasting tips Your scope will live on Periscope for 24 hours unless you delete. Don’t worry if you do not have many live viewers. Replays can get a lot of traffic. View your scope before the end of 24 hours to connect with those that have watched your scope (click on profiles and consider following)
  11. 11. Find Scopes • Search Periscope • You can not give hearts or comment when watching from the Web
  12. 12. Watch a Scope in the Periscope App  Click on a scope you want to watch  Comment on the broadcast (notice what color your profile displays) by typing in the “say something” box  Tap the screen to share hearts when you like the content (color of hearts correspond with color of profile)
  13. 13. What to Scope  Live events  Announcements  Behind the scenes  Meet the team  Q&A  Customer testimonials
  14. 14. What to Scope  Once scope is completed and save to your camera, upload to YouTube as a promotional video. Share on all your social platforms.
  15. 15. Ready, Set, Scope! Focus the camera on object. This is the thumbnail • Give broadcast a title Location sharing on/off Private scope Everyone can chat on/off Share to Twitter
  16. 16. app • saves Periscope videos and provides a link for you to share!
  17. 17. Thank you Deb Evans, President Franchise Foundry Twitter: @DebCE LinkedIn: