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Life Sciences Overview Pdf

  1. 1. The North Of England Life Sciences Overview
  2. 2. Executive Overview Business Environment - the North England Proposition The North of England (NoE) has the scale, skills, diversity, strength of economy and transport links to provide the perfect base needed to reach key markets throughout Europe Profile of North England:  15 highly ranked Universities in addition to colleges of higher education dedicated to specific skills in Life Sciences  42% of new European biopharmaceuticals are developed in the UK and more than 30% of those are developed in North England  Home to world-class Bio-Medical companies including:  Astra-Zeneca/MedImmune (largest R&D Center in the world)  Merck  Novartis/Chiron  Thermo Fisher  Eli Lilly  Millipore  GSK  Sanofi-Aventis  BMS  Low workforce costs - between 15 and 20% lower than greater London area  Highly strategic location - central UK with fast, easy access to mainland Europe links  Superb transport infrastructure, including international airports with many direct links to North America, Europe and the rest of the UK  A high quality of life and the highest level of professional support for inward investing businesses. 2
  3. 3. A Skilled labor force leads the UK Business Environment – Life Sciences North England is home to over 600 Life Sciences companies which operate in a collaborative environment integrating industry, academia and government With 1.7 million science and technology workers you will find the expertise you need • NOE has a workforce of over 4.3 million, which is larger than Scotland, N. Ireland and Denmark combined • Our pool of 1.7 million science and technology workers is available to support advanced technologies Recruit from a large pool of highly qualified students and professionals • NOE has over 100,000 students enrolled in graduate and undergraduate life science programs and more than 25,00 graduate each year • NOE has almost 6,000 postgraduates in medicine allied subjects 3
  4. 4. A robust infrastructure driven by research One example - Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility Pharmaceutical companies in North England benefit from vigorous Government commitment, a • receptive regulatory environment and a comprehensive network of support services offering a broad range of outsourcing opportunities. Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility ( in Manchester • allows pre-clinical and clinical trials of tissue engineered products and tissue regeneration reagents 4
  5. 5. UK Center for Tissue Engineering UK Centre for Tissue Regeneration (UKCTR) – • UKCTR has developed from a research collaboration in Tissue Engineering in the University of Manchester and the University of Liverpool. • Research of the UKCTR aims to develop and manufacture a variety of tissues for potential therapeutic use including: Cartilage, Intervertebral Disc, Material Engineering • Underpinning these themes is research into cell phenotypes, genetic engineering, biodegradable materials, 3D scaffolds, host integration, immune response and generic research. 5
  6. 6. National Biomanufacturing Center National Biomanufacturing Centre (NBC) • The NBC is a government funded initiative (£34 million), developed as part of the Bionow portfolio, owned by NWDA and run by a commercial operator, Eden Biodesign • The NBC delivers much needed design expertise and manufacturing capability to early stage biotechnology companies and product development programs • Provides the full range of services necessary to take a novel biopharmaceutical from proof of concept through to cGMP manufacture for clinical trials 6
  7. 7. Cancer Research – Christie Hospital NHS Trust and MCRC The Christie Hospital NHS Trust is the largest and most complex cancer referral network in the UK. Together with the Manchester Cancer Research Center (MCRC), the Paterson Institute and the Wolfson Medical Imaging Centre, it represents the largest comprehensive cancer center in Europe. Pharmacy Computer Chemistry Sciences Other NHS Engineering Trusts MCRC Faculty of Medical Christie Hospital NHS Faculty of Medical Christie Hospital NHS Faculty of Paterson Institute Faculty of Paterson Institute & Human Sciences Foundation Trust & Human Sciences Foundation Trust Life Sciences for Cancer Life Sciences for Cancer (School of Cancer (Research & (School of Cancer (Research & (Cancer Studies) Research (Cancer Studies) Research & Imaging) Development) & Imaging) Development) Manchester Cancer Research Centre - Creating a world leader in the fight against cancer 7
  8. 8. Cancer Imaging Research: Manchester Strengths Christie Hospital Phase I/II 14,000 pts/year Derek Crowther Unit Imaging Exp. Cancer Medicine Biomarker Centre Development Preclinical Clinical CRUK Drugs Imaging Biomarkers Small Mol Drug Dev PET (WMIC) Biologicals/ Ab MRI (ISBE/ WMIC) Cell therapy CT (Christie) Pharma Image Analysis Imaging Physics Informatics Tissue/ Serological Target Identification Biomarkers Paterson Inst. Cancer Research Preclinical Imaging Clin. Exp. Pharmacol. Fluorescence Imaging Tissue Bank 3D imaging and reconstruction Proteomics Manchester Cancer Research Wolfson Medical Centre Imaging Institute 8
  9. 9. Bionow – Northwest England’s Biocluster Development Organization 9
  10. 10. Bionow – Technology Transfer and Commercialization MerseyBIO Incubator exists to promote and support the transition of quality bioscience research into new business enterprises in Merseyside in conjunction with the University of Liverpool. The University of Liverpool Business Gateway, helps commercial and public sector organizations access the cutting edge knowledge and expertise available from the University. The University of Manchester Incubator Company Limited (UMIC) is The University's Incubator Facilities include Europe's first dedicated campus based Manchester Bioscience Incubator, The Core Technology Facility and the North Campus IT Incubator. The University of Manchester Intellectual Property Limited (UMIP) is the university's technology transfer and intellectual property commercialization company. It has been formed by the merger of two very successful companies, UMIST Ventures and Manchester Innovation. 10
  11. 11. CELS – Centres of Excellence in Life Sciences CELS, the Biocluster Organization for the North East of England ( • CELS acts as a catalyst to develop distinct strengths in research, science and technology within a selected number of specific Life Sciences fields to create an engine for growth for the regional healthcare economy. 11
  12. 12. N8 Centre for Translational Regenerative Medicine (regeNer8) • N8 is an innovative partnership between the North's eight most research-intensive universities, (Durham, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, and York) that accelerates the development of regenerative therapies and bring them through to clinic and market. • The North of England is uniquely positioned in Europe as a centre of basic research excellence in regenerative medicine. A collaborative regional approach has the potential to add considerable value to this emergent sector. • The N8 Centre for Translational Regenerative Medicine Within the N8 universities there are over 150 post-doctoral scientists with research expertise extending across stem cell biology, materials science, bio-processing and tissue engineering. • In addition to basic research excellence, the N8 has a track record in forming commercial partnerships and taking ideas through from concept into clinic. 12
  13. 13. North East England Stem Cell Institute (NESCI) • NESCI draws together the North-East's Universities and NHS Trusts, the Centre for Life and the Regional Development Agency (ONE NorthEast) in a unique interdisciplinary collaboration to convert stem cell research and technologies into cost effective, ethically robust 21st century health solutions to ameliorate degenerative diseases, the effects of ageing and serious injury. 13
  14. 14. NorthEast England Stem Cell Institute (NESCI) • NESCI researchers draw from a number of disciplines to develop and commercialize leading stem cell therapies and diagnostics • NESCI conducts leading edge research with Somatic, Embryonic and Cord Blood Stem Cell • A close association with Clinical Research Hospitals and surgical centers of excellence accelerates the development of cellular therapies and diagnostics 14
  15. 15. Newcastle Biomanufacturing Facility The Newcastle Bio-Manufacturing Facility was designed and built to enable the production of stem cells and derived cellular products to a clinical standard • The facility provides high specification room space, equipment infrastructure and air-handling capabilities that when combined with the process management requirements of EU cGMP, will ensure biologics are produced for safe use in human applications • The facility was designed as a two suite model to enable the separation of work involving somatic and embryonic stem cells. Commercial clients will have exclusive access to up to seven separate Grade B (Class 100, ISO grade 5) and two Grade C (Class 10,000, ISO grade 7) rooms together with additional space for QA/QC and storage. Expert Quality Assurance and Control staff are available at the facility 15
  16. 16. Notable Companies in Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering and Cellular Biology 16
  17. 17. North England Overview The North of England Consulting Services The NoE IIA is available to help plan and execute your business expansion and relocation strategy, objectively, confidentially and free of charge Our team can work closely with you and provide the information you require, including:  Market feasibility studies  How to set up a legal entity in the UK  UK and region specific economic and market information  Site Selection  Local supply chain development  Personnel recruitment and training  Availability of Government Financial Assistance  Introductions to private avenues of funding  Introductions to public and private sector networks of professionals  Logistics and communications information  Legal/customs and taxation information 17
  18. 18. Contact Scott Kozak North England Investment Agency Vice President of Life Sciences 8 Faneuil Hall Market Place 3rd Floor Boston, MA 02109 Tel: (617) 973-5023 Fax: (617) 973-6406 Email: Website: 18