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Independent Producers of America, LLC (IPA Family IPA America)


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Independent Producers of America (IPA Family IPA America) is a top tier national marketing organization. IPA Family distributes major medical insurance. IPA America is located in Florida.

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Independent Producers of America, LLC (IPA Family IPA America)

  1. 1. For informational use only. Not for solicitation of sales. 1
  2. 2. opportunities Succeed by serving others just like you. Independent Producers of America (IPA) is in the business of changing lives. We help you progress from where you are today in your career to where you want to go, all the while serving families that have the same dreams and goals that you have. Providing our marketplace customers with peace of mind that their home and small business may be preserved from financial hardship due to a catastrophic accident or medical illness is life changing for you and your customer. At IPA, you have the power not only to launch your career, but provide the opportunity to protect the lives of people just like you. Join our family. Rick Pertile Rick Pertile President family
  3. 3. Change your life At Independent Producers of America (IPA) we offer ambitious individuals unlimited opportunities. We believe meaningful change occurs when one individual helps another and is rewarded for his or her hard work. We give individuals the tools to be leaders. By helping protect the interests of IPA customers with premium products and benefits, coupled with top-rate customer service, our associates receive not only financial gratification, but gratification from the clients they serve.
 Choosing a new career path is never an easy decision. But if you want to fulfill your dream of being an independent entrepreneur and leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones, IPA might be the right fit for you. Do you seek:
 • Flexible work hours? • Freedom to create a schedule that meets your needs? • Up to a six-figure income in the first or second year – with the potential to only increase your income from there? • Additional opportunities for real wealth-creation through innovative career programs that pay weekly commissions and bonuses?* • Equity ownership in a $1.3 billion New York Stock Exchange- traded company?
 If you are interested in a bright and potentially life-changing future, the IPA “family” may be what you are looking for. *You must remain an active associate and in good standing with placement ratios at or above company average to receive most bonus payments.

  4. 4. What does our IPA “family” stand for? 

 f oundations for performance success
 america’s business benefit association
 marketplace solutions and services
 income and incentives today with equity for tomorrow l ead sources and strategies
 your training and professional growth 

 We are visionaries IPA is an organization created by a group of visionary marketing professionals with extensive experience in the customer-driven market. 
As an independent contractor with IPA, you will be representing America’s Business Benefit Association (ABBA)*, a national non-profit association that provides corporate-type benefit packages and access to affordable insurance products and services for self-employed individuals and families and small business owners just like yourself. 
 We have tapped a relatively underserved market. To reach this target market, we are selecting a limited group of exceptional men and women who possess the vision, ambition and self-discipline to succeed in this extraordinary career opportunity. Our proven selling system provides you: • Weekly lead generation • Professional ongoing sales training • Quality products and services • Advance commissions (a.k.a. money in your pocket on submission) • Fantastic bonuses and sales contests • Stock ownership in the company you help build • Leadership opportunities across the country • Long-term wealth opportunity for you and your family • Lifetime vesting on residual income • Personal Web site for senior account executives and an e-mail address for all account executives, just to name a few! This brochure will give you a brief introduction to the IPA system and help you determine if you have the qualities necessary to succeed in our family. 4 *ABBA membership is not an insurance policy.
  5. 5. Earnings* potential for an individual associate 
IPA offers tangible goals for every associate, with weekly paychecks and monthly and quarterly bonuses. With just a few sales each week, you have the potential to earn a substantial amount of money right away, with no caps or glass ceiling to worry about! Your wealth potential the first year could be: 
 2 sales per week = 40K annually 3 sales = 60K annually 4 sales = 80K annually 5 sales = 100K annually
 With renewals the next year, your income could jump to more than six figures!
 *Earnings example is not a guarantee. It is based on reasonable assumptions for associates who follow the IPA programs. 
 This is how IPA creates financial independence with vision and leadership you can trust!

 Our family 
IPA is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Independence Corp. (NASDAQ: AMIC), a member of the IHC Group. The IHC Group is an organization of affiliated insurance carriers, marketing and administrative companies and agencies dedicated to delivering insurance solutions to groups and individuals. The IHC Group is composed of American Independence Co., Independence Holding Company (NYSE: IHC) and its subsidiaries, Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York, Madison National Life Insurance Company, Inc., Independence American Insurance Company, all rated “A-“ by A.M. Best (Excellent). With more than $1.3 billion in total assets (as of 03/31/08), the companies in the IHC Group have been providing life, health, disability and stop-loss insurance for over 25 years.
 A major factor to the success of IPA is the sales support that is provided to our associates and team leaders. These support functions are self-contained and an integral part of the IPA organization. We use high-end technology to help you stay connected to us and to keep you informed and motivated. 5
  6. 6. National territories
 Our sales hierarchy focuses on geographic territories so that you have management that is ready and able to provide you support, guidance and direction as you begin with the IPA family. Your weekly sales meetings will provide an excellent opportunity to benefit from this tight organization. Our target market 
 Marketing experts agree that market segmentation is the most successful selling strategy. Segmentation is the process of dividing people into groups having similar needs and characteristics. 
 IPA targets its selling techniques exclusively to sole proprietors, as well as to individuals and families, self-employed and small business owners. 
 By carefully targeting these groups in our product development, sales materials, associate training and lead generation, IPA has developed a proven selling system that provides our professional representatives with an exceptional opportunity to succeed with dedicated marketing systems. Medical plan with association membership: a winning combination To best serve our clients, IPA has developed a strong relationship with America’s Business Benefit Association (ABBA) and highly rated, financially strong insurance carriers. When you combine our competitively priced medical insurance plans with the unique benefits of a non-profit association, your clients receive a complete protection package. Benefits offered by ABBA include term insurance, accidental injury insurance, critical illness insurance, disability income and optional benefits such as prescription drug insurance, short-term medical insurance, dental and vision programs. Benefits everyone needs. 6
  7. 7. How the system works 
 IPA products give you the unique opportunity to offer health protection that is custom-designed to meet nearly every price point. In a day and age when health coverage is becoming difficult to afford, you have the advantage of offering solutions that may protect your clients and give them peace of mind that they may be protected from the costs associated with catastrophic illness. IPA provides quality health insurance products that are specifically tailored to meet the benefit and budget needs of middle-income America. Products include • HSA-qualified high-deductible major medical plans: For individuals and families who want even more control over their health care dollars. • Major medical insurance: Multiple plans with flexible benefits to meet your clients’ coverage and budget needs. • Simplified issue medical plan: Specifically designed for individuals and families who cannot afford or cannot medically qualify for major medical insurance. • Short-term medical plan: For people who need coverage for 30 days, 60 days or 180 days. • Additional health, life and critical illness products with benefits specially designed for the people we serve. The IPA family IPA is a career-associate, dedicated marketing channel that specializes in distributing economically priced medical and health insurance plans to individuals, sole proprietors and self-employed Americans, either online or face-to-face.
 Through its innovative products and systems, IPA has created an outstanding opportunity for motivated, ambitious sales professionals who truly want to build wealth for themselves and their families. IPA provides personal Web sites to all active senior account executives and e-mail addresses to all active account executives and encourages use of state-of-the-art technology in our sales processes. Our insurance partners We carefully select insurance carriers who can provide the sales support, quality products and client customer service that our market demands. Our carriers are highly rated, financially strong and established companies with the highest standards for product benefits, customer service and financial integrity.
  8. 8. The association America’s Business Benefit Association (ABBA) is a national non-profit organization that provides volume-driven savings on many health-related purchases and additional valuable health care insurance benefits that complement products sold exclusively by IPA associates. 
 ABBA endorses the products marketed by IPA and its benefits can help members lower their total medical expenses.
 ABBA offers a variety of member benefit packages to provide your clients with choices of the savings and benefits they select.
 NOTE: IPA and IPA associates receive compensation from ABBA for promoting the association and selling memberships in the association. ABBA membership is not an insurance policy. IPA associates are independent contractors for the association. There is no ownership affiliation between ABBA and the health insurance carriers who underwrite products sold by IPA associates. ABBA may contract with and pay an administrative fee to third-party administrators, including insurance carriers that provide certain dues billing and collection functions for the association.
 Lead program Knowing where you’re going tomorrow to make your next sales presentation is an important aspect to your success!
 That’s why IPA has established its own proprietary lead generation program. We supply leads on a regular basis to our trained associates. These leads are produced by sources that specifically focus on our target market. The leads are pre-qualified and high-quality so you make the most efficient use of your time.
 We don’t throw you out into the cold. Each IPA associate attends professional training sessions led by premier IPA associates. The initial training includes: 
 • Product knowledge 
 • Application submission and business rules 
 • Marketplace compliance instruction 
 • Sales skills • Sales ethics and conduct 8
  9. 9. In addition, your sales leader will incorporate training into your sales meetings, and ongoing training will be available through a number of venues, including:
 • Online self-study and testing • Webcast conferences • DVD programs 
 IPA is committed to using technology to continually communicate and educate our associates to keep them compliant and up to date on all regulations. Compensation IPA associates are paid weekly on an advance basis. Each week, advances are paid based on the accepted business submitted the previous week. Sales achievement is recognized in our weekly newsletter, and special bonus checks are awarded at our ongoing sales meetings. 
 You also receive “as-earned” commission payments. This additional income can be through list bill business or as business pays through beyond the advance period, known as credit balance checks. These payments are made on a monthly basis and should continue to grow, year after year.
 Association commissions are also an important part of your IPA sales income. ABBA provides valuable additional benefits for your clients, and you are compensated from ABBA for sales of memberships. 
 Bonuses and sales contests 
 Bonus program opportunities include sales and enrollment fee bonuses, dental and prescription drug bonuses and compounding bonus programs that reward consistency and quality of business through our P.A.C.E. program. 

 In addition, IPA associates can also qualify for various sales contests and conventions. At IPA we believe in working hard and then playing hard. We have developed programs that can significantly benefit our associates who continue their IPA journey for the long-term.
 Some of our bonus trips have included travel to the golf courses of Arizona, the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and the native islands of Tahiti, just to name a few!
  10. 10. Long-term wealth creation
 IPA’s long-term wealth creation program rewards consistent, quality production.
 The IPA program can create the kind of earnings and long-term income numbers that can get you to the lifestyle you and your family have dreamed of! 
 Through the IPA stock program, all enrolled agents who meet minimum production requirements will receive matching shares on their advance earnings which vest 100 percent over time (agents must contribute a percentage of advance earnings to qualify). Agents can also contribute a percentage of renewal commissions, which are matched dollar for dollar.
 How to get started If you believe you have the motivation, determination and self-discipline to succeed with the IPA family, we encourage you to start your journey with us today! 
 Call or e-mail us...800-772-8667 

 NOTE: IPA representatives are independent, contracted associates. IPA associate services and incentive programs are provided by and are the responsibility of IPA and not the insurance carriers. Associate commission advance programs vary from product to product and are subject to change. Commissions and sales incentives reflect current IPA programs as of the date of this brochure and are subject to change. Commission earnings examples shown are not a guarantee. Be a part of a growing, dynamic team!
  11. 11. Why IPA? NEW sales growth: submitted annualized volume $85 million (projected) $70 million (projected) $50 million $25 million $10 million 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Sales growth IPA achieved $200,000 a week in July 2006. More than a year later... IPA achieved $500,000 a week in September 2007. Just six-months later... IPA achieved $1,000,000 a week in March 2008! Key milestones • IPA was formed in September 2005. • IPA was acquired by AMIC on April 15, 2008. • IPA Wealth Accumulation program began using IHC stock (NYSE:IHC) in July 2008.
  12. 12.