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High Level Unification: A Success Story


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Created by Jeff Samuels

Published in: Sales
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High Level Unification: A Success Story

  1. 1. High Level Unification: A Success Story Jeff Samuels August 23, 2019
  2. 2. Glad to be here! 2Confidential
  3. 3. 4Confidential The Journey – $0 to $200M to ….$2 Billion+
  4. 4. 5Confidential
  5. 5. 6Confidential Foundations of Successful GTM Scale Make Partnerships workAcquire the Right Customers Build & Bring to Market Great Products and Services Ensure Customer Happiness Measure in Harmony Create a Repeatable GTM motion
  6. 6. SDR 7Confidential = Revenue Development
  7. 7. 8Confidential Study and Maximize the Customer Journey I AM AWARE I SHOP I BUY I USE I LOVE / RENEW I INSTALL GenerateBuzz DriveAction Search Educate Engage ShortList Configure BuyPrompt Ordering Paying Receipt Confirmation Install Training Problem Repair Service Delivery Welcome Adopt Renew/Refresh Expand Preference Loyalty Advocate Recommend Offers Awareness
  8. 8. 9Confidential Complete buying experience has to be personal By 2020, customer experience is predicted to overtake price and product as the main differentiator. Source: Walker David Dulany
  9. 9. 10Confidential Symbiotic Workflows SDR Marketing Sales
  10. 10. 11Confidential +
  11. 11. 12Confidential Madison Meyer ... Jaime Kronick ... Andy Barrett ... Logan Conway ... Iterable SDRs!!! - THANK YOU!
  12. 12. 13Confidential Iterable SDR situation coming in... Tools and Systems not Optimized GTM Functions Siloed Undefined Operations for Inbound Lead Flow
  13. 13. 14Confidential 1) Plotting the Course of Action Gap Analysis Documentation Goal Setting Workflow creation and Testing Visual Mapping of Existing State
  14. 14. 15Confidential 2) Conversion Prioritization Focus Speed to Lead SQL $$$ Pipeline AverageMQL to SQL
  15. 15. 16Confidential 3) Execute! Identify key players roles and responsibilities Release mutually agreed upon SLA’s Roll out training, coaching and sales playbook for new reps Implement accountability and reporting standards
  16. 16. 17Confidential Mount Shasta Mount Everest Set reasonable goals over short sprint period ...
  17. 17. 18Confidential FROM TO Example of Goal Setting …. 1 Speed to lead 2 MQL to SQL conversion rate 3 SQL average deal 1:24 >:30 31% 40% Increase opportunity size by 20% Demo Requests
  18. 18. 19Confidential Additional TakeAways Relentless Tracking Continuous execution and communication is key- can't let up even for a couple weeks Alignment is not a “moment in time” It's project management that's the key ... ideas are easy, implementation is hard
  19. 19. 20Confidential Keep Innovating!
  20. 20. 21Confidential Your Comfort Zone Where the Magic Happens
  21. 21. Thank you!
  22. 22. 23Confidential The Golden Circle WHY WHAT HOW
  23. 23. 24Confidential Simon Sinek – The Golden Circle Source: Walker
  24. 24. 25Confidential People of Purpose
  25. 25. 26Confidential People of Purpose
  26. 26. Demo