From General Clinic To American History X - And Beyond


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From General Clinic To American History X - And Beyond

  1. 1. From General Clinic To American History X - And BeyondEver heard of john Martinuzzi? Unless you are a real soap opera fan from long ago in the 1980s,youve probably not heard of him. Ever heard of John Morrissey? Unless youre an aficionado ofmotion picture and know that produced which topnotch film of this or that year, youve probably notheard of him , either.In reality , as a consumer regarding TV and motion picture entertainment, youre probably not anymore familiar , by name, with Mr. Morrissey compared to you are with mr. Martinuzzi. Yet if youre aregular consumer regarding TV and motion picture entertainment, be assured, you are aware of theproducts create under these names.In 1982, john Martinuzzi originated the actual role of the deliciously-evil Stavros Cassadine on ABCsGENERAL HOSPITAL, and went on inside 1984 to play jesse Preston on CBS THE GUIDING LIGHT. John Morrissey will be the established producer regarding recognized and famed films, namely theactual critically-acclaimed AMERICAN background X, among others, each for the big screen and tv.What makes this interesting is that Martinuzzi and Morrissey is the same man. Actor, producer ,writer, photographer, clothing designer-these are his professions in just the first 50 or so years.Its in the transition from one name for the other, one type of visibility to another, how the meat of thestory is revealed. For all practical purposes in order to anyone who may have adopted his screenperform , John Martinuzzi seemed to disappear from the encounter of the earth, and at that time , hisjust-growing "fan base "-as John Martinuzzi aka Stavros-was remaining wondering if he , like Stavros,experienced passed away... Or with very least, dropped out from the industry to become, say , a carsalesman.What did happen?John Martinuzzi, the man, will be alive and properly , living in Los Angeles, but the name is no muchmore.Using Martinuzzi as his last title , the actor came to public light inside 1983 as Stavros Cassadine onGENERAL HOSPITAL, a part that he had no way regarding knowing would go on in soapbackground. And though Stavros supposedly died during Martinuzzis tenure, the character had beeneventually resurrected, with another actor inside the role. This is when john Martinuzzi slowly beganto morph into oblivion - or so that appeared to the general public whod come to enjoy his compellingportrayal regarding such a complicated persona. Though Martinuzzi took on another nationally-knownrole on THE GUIDING LIGHT a couple of years later, that persona never grabbed viewers in thesame way. Then-he was gone to daily visibility. No more John Martinuzzi.It didnt really take place that fast, although. Things were changing in Johns living. Lots of things. Tobegin from the beginning-what originally brought John to the bright lights regarding stage, television,and film, and just what came about to bring concerning his change in personas ?He was born inside the 1950s. At a point where there was no male figure in his life, his mom workedas assistant to the famous Eartha Kitt, and she and John lived with the girl. He called Eartha the"head from the household," and stated she was "stubborn and aggressive in her way, but extremely
  2. 2. smart." It was the "unique" atmosphere, because the head of their home "was a black woman." Johnbecame used early on to "ladies and blacks in opportunities of power."He, his mother, and Eartha went through theater to movie theater , and, as he input it , acting "justgave the look of... What grown ups do." So when he grew up , John followed suit. He went touniversity , then to drama school in London. He did a considerable amount of regional theatre beforegoing onto Broadway.How do he make the transition to soap operas?He auditioned. As John Martinuzzi, he auditioned six times for the role regarding Stavros Cassadine.Although he had been delivered John James Morrissey III, his parents divorced and his momultimately remarried. He was adopted by his stepfather and were living as John Martinuzzi well intoadulthood-and notoriety as an u. S. actor, a time which had started with these auditions.John said, "once it got to the conclusion " of the casting process for the part of Stavros, "I had cometo be whatever they imagined, and they changed some dialogue for me personally and when I wouldimprovise, they would add some regarding what I said." Stavros was uniquely his , and even thoughhe held that part for just a year or so, he put an irresistible stamp on the persona... So much so that,over 25 years later, viewers still talk about "john Martinuzzi" and his portrayal of Stavros Cassadine.And the next thing they want to know is, "whichever happened to him ?"After his stint on GENERAL HOSPITAL, and then THE guiding LIGHT, and other less-visible roles,John transferred from in front of the cameras to behind them being a movie producer. During this timeperiod , he made the decision to come back to his roots. Today the name change. It came aboutwhenever he fell inside love and requested his sweetheart in order to marry him."Will you take my name?" he requested her."not the Italian one," the lady replied, "but i am going to take your real name." He acquiesced, andreturned in order to his birth title. For about 14 years , John James Morrissey III was a wedded manwith a family , working regularly being a movie producer. He helped raise his wifes daughter from theprevious marriage which he calls "a magnificent girl," with soft qualities in his voice, and JohnMartinuzzi ended up into the past.By changing his title , John didnt realize he was effectively reducing away one part of his publicpersona. It didnt even cross his thoughts. Amazingly, he had been totally unaware he even had afollowing. When the issue of the Stavros re-cast was raised , John was astonished."I dont believe the role had been recast. Relatives have been chosen. I dont believe Stavros himselfhad been recast." He hesitated. "Maybe I dont have any idea."He didnt realize. He was told Stavros was cut back in 2001 with Robert Kelker-Kelly inside the part,and he requested pointedly, "Was Genie on the show?""Genie" referred to Genie Francis, the actress that originated the part of Laura Spencer, and went onbeing half of Luke and Laura, one of the most popular soap couples of times.When educated that Genie had been on the show at the time, Johns response was quick. "Geniewouldve compared me coming on to do it."This brings us all to the real background between not only the actual characters-Laura and Stavros-
  3. 3. but also between the actors-Genie and John."I have not followed GENERAL HOSPITAL," John explained. "I did not follow GENERAL HOSPITALwhen I had been on it."After only a slight hesitation, it was evident he had determined , a decision to tell his story. "I fell inlove with Genie Francis and we lived collectively for several years." This explained the realism at therear of their electric onscreen chemistry. "We do some plays after our work [together]... Had a goodperiod. She was concerned with becoming a better actress... So we visited New York-she desired tostudy with my acting teacher. All of us went to New York; i had been cast in some plays , she wasresearching...."He stopped for a moment to collect his feelings , as if trying to decide how best to relate the next partof their discussed drama."i had been an alcoholic, i will be an alcoholic, and i also didnt really know it however she did. Thelady had been exposed to alcohol addiction with her father, and he or she had had her very ownprocess with medicines and alcohol although she was really young. She understood a lot more aboutalcohol addiction and A.A. Compared to I did, so I believe that I was not a practical partner for her,really."Anyone whos adopted GENERAL HOSPITALs background has heard the actual rumors that Genieand her main character at that time became an offscreen item. What happened to that romance,however , has been nearly as much of a mystery as the whereabouts of that main character since heremaining daytime TV. The following he was today , personally explaining everything had gone onbehind the scenes."It was difficult to carry on therefore after a few years, we broke up. She left, plus it was verydistressing to me." His voice tinged with regret. "... She became angry with me because i had beenupset with her." these people did things in opposition to each other, as so often happens when lovewill get hurt. John seemed surprised at the depth of his memories all these years later. "I dont evenhardly remember the things I do that upset the girl but, apparently," he laughed uncomfortably, "shehas still upset, i ran across years later. She has one of the few women we have had a seriousrelationship with this I didnt remain very good friends with... And for whatever reason, ive notremained friends with Genie."So the actual stormy truth from the Laura and Stavros/Genie and John story is finally revealed. Helived with his regrets and went on after Genie, although still not toning down his life-style."I did two years on THE guiding LIGHT, as john Martinuzzi." The title change hadnt however takenplace-the disappearance was still a few years to the future. "That was intriguing ," he continued,"however I think my alcohol addiction began to flare much more during that time... Cleaning soapopera acting just wasnt what I had been interested in. It was a touch too limiting."John sighed heavily. It seemed as if he hadnt visited this period as part of his life in some time now."I was very young and extremely frightened of having a step away looking to get somewhere moreabout my own, go in whichever direction I really wanted to go as an artist, on any level.... I did sosome plays during the show. And right after my agreement ended, I came to L. A. In 1987. I had
  4. 4. acted over a bunch of episodic tv set but found i had been at the peak regarding my alcoholism whilststill being in denial, nonetheless not recognizing that , but it was interfering in my life."What happened? Love happened. "I met this woman, and I enjoyed her a lot... And i also met someother individuals who were film makers , and film manufacturing began to interest myself.... Acting isego-oriented. Even [for] celebrities who are not particularly egotistical."The surprise here was in which John didnt are an egocentric guy. When the world has but one orpossibly two personas which to base an impression , and when those personas are self-serving andnot-so-nice, its an unlucky mistake to expect anyone behind the characterizations to be similar.The man himself had been quite the opposite. "Its constantly , til you are a star , having to worryabout how you look and having to work around chasing perform. Self-focused. And the partsregarding oneself that arent automatically the most interesting. Therefore i was sick of that. I wasattracted to generating films. I hadnt particularly stopped behaving , I hadnt knowingly stoppedacting, however I got more and more associated with producing."When requested if hed think about acting again, he replied, "I like behaving. Its really fun. Oahu isthe best of lifestyles in which..." he laughed, the actual sound happy, young , impish, " that we havelived. You show up on the set, everyone treats you really nicely and you get a lot of privileges. Niceego-boosting things happen, then you get out there and play and..." again he laughed, "thats all thatsanticipated out of you. Its emotionally-challenging but i love that. But im not so eager to follow thatbecause i dont want to worry about running around trying to find work. Its a pain in the ass." muchmore light-hearted laughter. "thus ," in final response to the original question, "if people ask myself toact, I do."It was here in his story, at a time where he was in love and moving away from behaving and intoproducing-a true life change-where he proposed, and his woman said, "Yes." the lady wanted tobecome Mrs. Morrissey, though, not Mrs. Martinuzzi. John reverted to the title given him with birth,and this life-style worked well for a while , long enough for him to get used to as being a husband anda dad. While he had been married, he created the well-accepted AMERICAN HISTORY X withEdward Norton, edward Furlong, and Stacy Keach."we have produced 14 or 15 movies and several television stuff, and i also have an ongoingprofession as a producer and a lot of credibility and a good position in the industry, therefore i thinkIm who is fit , and I can make big money doing it."Unfortunately, although his professional globe was going well, his personal life experienced anothermajor change. By 2001, having a solid career being a film producer, he and his wife experienced split.John had been again on his own... Which seemed to encourage the desire for something new as partof his professional life, too."I was experience Id grown limited by what I was doing as a producer," he explained. "Producing isso depependent on such a large collection and selection of people it can be monumentally frustrating.I can undoubtedly make a good living and get a lot of films made, but now im no longer interested increating movies that dont persuade me, like u. S. History X do. Ive made a few movies just to makea living , and I dont particularly want to do that."
  5. 5. He needed to expand again. He had the indicates , and he "... Started creating more, Im a digitalphotographer , and I shoot for a variety of publications. A few years ago i decided I was interested incould clothing so I began to design. My lines are starting to take off.... I simply made a major sale toSears inside Mexico. Sears inside Mexico is joined with Sachs, and theyve bought my line , calledJohn Morrissey, as well as a number of additional boutiques in mexico City. Ive began to sell in ohio.Im putting my attention on this asian process because my clothes go on sale there in sept."What led john to take his clothing venture south from the United States border?"At the time I divided with my wife, i decided to learn how to talk Spanish. Ive experienced anincreasing interest in central and South America, and possess travelled to mexico , Spain, Venezuela,Argentina, and Uruguay." c. R. , Guatemala, Colombia, and Chile are on his list of future travel spots.Johns journey-emotional as well as literal-painted the picture of an entrepreneur, a person with variedhowever connected interests, along with a determination to not reduce himself to only one but,instead, excel at all of them.When it was suggested that he had been an entrepreneur, he believed for a moment beforeanswering. "Producing is business owner. I think what I m is an artist, and i also find different mediaor venues in which to express or practice or develop my art. For me, it all comes from the sameplace.... Creating clothes and creating and taking pictures and producing movies and acting, and allof it really is sort of the same thing. I know it isnt, it requires diverse skill sets, but the impulse comesfrom exactly the same place. I think regarding myself as an designer. Some of the stuff i actually dorequires entrepreneurial expertise , of which mine are extremely limited." He jeered , as if he couldntquite see themselves in that role.Yet, in hearing his story, there appeared to be little about this guy that could be described as "limited."He gave off an air of 1 who was confident, however not oversure. Able but not arrogant. Someonewho knew his method around romance however who truly prefers being in love with one specialwoman.Which brought about the revealing comment through John. In talking again about his first real nationalrole, that of Stavros on GENERAL HOSPITAL, he said, "It was quite interesting to me because it typeof changed my view of myself. I thought of myself being a character, kind of the weird-looking guy,and i also got cast being a very sexy person. It had a great impact on my self-image."Sometimes thats what it takes. Perception coupled with approval and action. John went for the part ,it was given to him , he learned to play it, and he excelled.That could, in fact , be John Morrisseys modus operandi today. Not only has his name changed. Aspart of his own words, "on September 17, 1993 , I stopped drinking and doing medicines and Ivebeen neat and sober ever since. Inside 1996 I stop smoking." Each time hes eliminated aroundanother contour in life, he has found a new role. Upward for every new problem , hes figured out howto play each one. Appears as if for every corner john will turn, he will probably continue to happilysurprise himself.But make no mistake. If you wish to keep an eye on this designer , from here on out you need to beviewing for John Morrissey, not John Martinuzzi!
  6. 6. John Martinuzzi might be gone but theres no sorrow there. Morrissey is here to stay!Costa Rica homes for sale