3 Principles With Regard To Building A Great Reputation


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3 Principles With Regard To Building A Great Reputation

  1. 1. 3 Principles With Regard To Building A Great ReputationCustomers buy for a variety of reasons and one of the most important is your companys reputation.Your status is a state of being held in high confidence. Its the core of who you are and that which yourepresent. The query becomes, how do you get there? how did you create your reputation -- beinghighly thought of and sought after because of your prospects and customers ? There are 3 conceptsfor building a first-rate reputation:• exceeding expectations• powerful return for the expense• Your companys cultureExceeding expectations: what expectations do you set with your customer or even prospect that givesthem an appreciation about how exactly you conduct business ? How are you different from the restof the pack? Do you provide greater service than expected, faster turnaround on delivery, better thanexpected response period on the phone or even onsite? When you exceed expectations, yourcustomers tend to be elated. This is what they will come to expect. When you are impressed with theway you are taken care of, do you tell a friend about it? Most certainly, and since we all want ourfriends and colleagues in order to reap the same advantages weve received, all of us give a referralthat naturally adds to our own credibility. Sometimes its the little things in life that make the hugedifference. Your health club opening up ten minutes early or waiting on hold for the following operatorand they say the waiting time is 5 minutes and they pick up in twenty seconds and youre amazed. Oryour cost per action says you will owe approximately $750 this year in taxes but due to hispersistance , he calls 1 week later to say that youre getting $250 back again. Its all about beingbetter than the expectations you place. Where can you exceed expectations?Strong return for the investment: a powerful return on investment is concrete proof that your answerprovides value. Yet can you quantify the actual return for the client ? Will spending $5,000 in newsoftware reap a return 5 times greater within the next 2 years? could it be in revenue, expensesavings, customer response time or an increase in productivity? If you can quantify their investment,your own customer will have a sound reason to buy. Client testimonials are one great way todemonstrate your worth , and youre letting your own customer tell your story. Nothing is morepowerful than reference selling and referrals.Your companys culture: maybe intangible, but its powerful. Its how you view your visitors. How doyou conduct your company , whats your mindset towards customers, how can they expect to end upbeing treated? Winning businesses are the ones that give power to the employees to make decisionsthat are in favor of looking after the customer. Does your own culture put the client first, does itempower the employee to solve the actual customers problem, tend to be your terms and conditionsfair , do you follow up in a timely manner and how quick are you to resolve issues making decisions?World class businesses let customers know what its like to do business with them. There is very littlered tape. Just take a look at how Southwest airlines operates and yes their own latest commercialshave a ball of red tape rolling down the actual terminal. Great businesses have a reputation for being
  2. 2. decisive, having a objective that is always win-win and have a foundation created with theircustomers on based on trust.If you want your customers in order to admire your status in your industry, make sure you exceedtheir expectations , convey a strong return for the investment and show them how your companyoperates to maximize the customer relationship.Good selling !Costa Rica marketing