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The Fixation Immortal Dynasty (Part 1)

A nod to Lucy's Obsession Legacy for the Sims 2, a Sims 3 Immortal Dynasty based on MY favorite things!

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The Fixation Immortal Dynasty (Part 1)

  1. 1. My last Immortal Dynasty was aborted due to several missteps I made along the way,so the Iron Chef Immortal Dynasty is no more. Which is a shame as I think I madeAgnes Crumplebottom and the Bunch women look beautiful. I deleted their files and decided to start over from scratch, this time in Moonlight Fallsand I made a few changes to ensure that I didn‘t screw up. Here is a list of all the stuffI changed from last time…
  2. 2. WhatIDidWrongFix I had my founder take Law Enforcement and then switch to ArtAppraiser when she got the opportunity, meaning she had afew points of Logic and Logic Opps. Filling the house to capacity with babies. That bloated thehouse and Judy Bunch took forever to die. Not planning my pregnancy right. By the time it took Alex toget to her new job, she had had a week of maternity leave. No jobs allowed which have two skills unless one of those skills isCharisma, which will become a free skill again. That way theother skills keep their opps open. Also, no Film Career. Three people max besides the founder; the spouse and twohelpers. And babies will be avoided until the helpers are closeto elderhood so they won‘t be hanging around when their kidsare young adults. The founder will be male and won‘t get his job until after he‘smarried so he won‘t have marriage leave. All heirs will befemale and won‘t get married and pregnant until after theytop their career.
  3. 3. Also, I installed Ambitions so expect more variety in this story.Set in Moonlight Falls, the goal of this Dynasty is for me to multi-task on the computerwhile playing the story by making it so that, once the founder and heirs completetheir requirements and sample Ambrosia for the first time, they will be locked in theimmortal prison so they won‘t be a hassle to the non-immortals and whatnot.
  4. 4. So, here is our founder, my Simself. Meet CJ Fixation. His Traits are Socially Awkward,Shy, Perfectionist, Couch Potato and Saavy Sculptor. His Lifetime Wish is to be a BlogArtist, which means master Social Networking and get a 5-Star Blog, which is goodbecause Social Networking is not going to be a Supermax because after hearingabout how hard is it to get Blog Baron from Orange Iguana, I am not trying toattempt it. He‘s my star sign, Sagittarius, and he loves the color blue and Geek Rock.Food isn‘t important as he‘ll never really be hungry.Oh, and his supermax will be Sculpting because it will save me problems in the end.
  5. 5. So for our helpers we‘ll choose this family, the Nixs. One, because the name is cool.Two, because there are only three of them. Three because they a child who canwork on the Painting skill.
  6. 6. CJ decides to stand in front of the TV, ruining the view, until Mr. Nix agrees to comeover to the lot…
  7. 7. Where the Llama Mascot shows up. Blast it, EA, why did you have to force thecamera to shift to the Mascot every time he/she shows up?  *clicks on CJ*
  8. 8. I ended up having to cheat up the relationship a tad because CJ kept putting hisfoot in his mouth. (I should have been more careful about giving him SociallyAwkward but that‘s sort of my personality in real life and I don‘t want to fake mySimself too much. )But in the end Mike agrees to move him and his family in. If all goes as planned we willNEVER have to have CJ socialize again. 
  9. 9. Luckily, $5000 isn‘t too bad and a bug lets me sell all the books they had in theirinventory twice, getting us over $11000. Not enough for much more than the bareminimum of a house but it works. Things are going to move along to plan. We doneed a sculpting station as there is no sculpting class and I want one of the Nixs tostart working on Ice Personality right away. I won‘t bother buying a camera aschances are we can‘t buy cameras without World Adventures and the smart phoneshave a camera feature built into them – the pictures aren‘t great quality but theywork. Anyways, time to get things rolling.
  10. 10. Annie proceeds to the Elixir Shop to buy a Midas Touch, which will end our poverty.Unfortunately, she doesn‘t find it but DOES find a hunk of plutonium. We spend all ourmoney on it and have it smelted. When it comes in the mail we can sell it off at theconsignment store for major cash which will pay for itself. In the meantime, she goes back home and starts sculpting in the dark house to get towork on Ice Personality. Since she‘s about the same age as our founder(she‘s twoweeks to aging up) she probably will stick around for a while.
  11. 11. To help out, CJ works up the crowd at the park to get them to skill, which – ifsuccessful – will make the entire household skill twice as fast for two days straight.Since there will be a lot of skills to master, we need that boost.
  12. 12. ―The protest is in danger of failing!‖Yeah right, screw you game. LOOK at all those people who picketing! :p
  13. 13. Annie gets started on sculpting right away, even though it‘s dark. We‘ll get somelights soon enough, Annie.
  14. 14. Mara and her father fish for a bit, both of them will work on hoarding Death Fish andMike will work on mastering Gardening to get the Life Fruits.
  15. 15. CJ works on the most important skill in this challenge, Social Networking. Being a bit ofa nerd like myself, CJ will be very busy mastering this skill as that‘s half of his LTW.
  16. 16. Of course, getting a five-star blog is the second half which will take a bit of time now.
  17. 17. Don‘t get distracted by the fairies, you guys. We need you focused. 
  18. 18. What? You don‘t consign ingots? Screw you, Malcolm Harris, we‘ll go to the Elixir Shopwhich DOES! 
  19. 19. Ugh! Why did you have to bring a kid home from school on your first day, Mara? All in all, Zack Durwood may be a possible baby daddy for the spouse of a futuregeneration, who knows? With Social Networking, it won‘t really matter anyways but atleast Mara will have something to inspire her to painting endlessly. He‘s pretty cute. 
  20. 20. Mara spends time in the library learning a couple of skills.
  21. 21. Okay, that works. ^_^Back to the Elixir Shop!
  22. 22. Several lootings of the shop later…Got it! ^_^Time to send Annie home and make her make money to give us a house, get startedon the immortal prison and get the money for both of CJ‘s real estates.
  23. 23. Okay, Mara, no more playing tag. Time for you to earn your keep.
  24. 24. KTHXBYE, we need you to go home so we can get started on the Midas Touch. ^_^
  25. 25. It didn‘t take her long to graduate from this…
  26. 26. …to this…
  27. 27. …to THIS!
  28. 28. I had success with the University statues in my last attempt but for some reason Anniefootstomps whenever she tries to Touch them. And I KNOW she footstomps when shetries to Touch the best statue in the game, the Jet Fighter, because the game won‘tTouch until it‘s the exact center. My last attempt at a Life States Dynasty got richfaster because my founder(a ghost) could phase through the base and Touch them.Not so much for humans. I guess the Literati Statue won‘t work because it has a base.We‘re stuck with Ambiguity Itself. Not that that is a BAD thing, it‘s just slower. 
  29. 29. 10/16 isn‘t too bad before time ran out. We did make a decent profit of over $309grand, which is enough for the real estates and expanding the estates. We also hadsome left over for ten sculpting stations so Annie can work on five and our foundercan work on the rest.
  30. 30. Which is good as Mike mastered Gardening and got the photography skill heneeded. We need to take a few photos to get Mike to Level 5 so he can take colorportraits but it‘s not a big deal.
  31. 31. Uhm… any time now… 
  32. 32. Thanks go out to Beth’s Tiny Sims blog for showing me where the special seeds spawnin Moonlight Falls, this makes finding Life Plant seeds SO much easier. I send Mike outto grab them and plant them immediately.
  33. 33. Here‘s the house…
  34. 34. The immortal prisons, which are unfurnished as of now because we don‘t have themoney to pay for six million paintings and I don‘t want people going down there…
  35. 35. And the immortal museum, which only has CJ‘s exhibit room right now. Once the firstheir is born(and we have more Midas Touches) we‘ll expand it. I don‘t intend to haveCJ marry or have a baby until the Nixs have gotten the required skills we need to getthis room outfitted with the required artwork. Yes, I‘m insane for making statues andphotographs but thanks to Uni Life photos will not be a problem.
  36. 36. CJ gets his sculpting job and blogs about it, getting 49 followers. 
  37. 37. He then works to the bone to get five clay sculptures for the Master Sculptorchallenge while Annie works on the ice sculptures for Ice Personality. CJ will do icesculptures last.
  38. 38. Mike, meanwhile, works on the gardening by planting all the special seeds he foundas well as some seeds for alchemy ingredients.
  39. 39. Don‘t even THINK about it, Mikey. You have Alley Catfish to catch.Mike: ―I don‘t even know where to fish!!!‖ 
  40. 40. RIGHT THERE. STOP BEING A BABY AND GO FISH. >__<Mike: O_O ―Yes, master.‖ *flees*
  41. 41. What a whiner. When you‘ve exhausted your cheese bait, you can fish over there toget Angelfish.
  42. 42. And you, when you‘re done with your homework, you can go paint again. We needyou to get to Level 7 before the moodlet runs out.Mara: ―Slave driver.‖ 
  43. 43. And where do you think YOU are going?Mara: ―To paint.‖That‘s not what your action queue says. *cancels action to watch TV and addsactions to paint three medium paintings*Mara:  ―SLAVE DRIVER.‖
  44. 44. I had CJ start up another protest before the moodlet wore off so that we didn‘t losethe moodlet during the time it took to complete the protest.
  45. 45. Annie: ―I don‘t need brain training!‖Yes you do, if that ruined ice sculpture was any indication. Don‘t worry, you can keepBookworm, Easily Impressed and Hopeless Romantic. I‘m just getting rid of that Hot-Headedness and Childishness for Savvy Sculptor and Ambitious, the latter is so youcan get more LTH for a Food Replicator or three. :p
  46. 46. Here are CJ‘s five clay sculptures. *puts them in inventory*
  47. 47. What are you doing, Annie?Annie: ―An opportunity. Bianca wanted me to deliver a sculpture to her.‖(1) You can‘t do any opportunities, leave them to CJ. (2) THAT‘S CJ‘S SCULPTURE!!!!Get home and away from the crazy witches, Annie.
  48. 48. NO WEREWOLVES.Mara: ―Not my fault she ran after the bus all the way home.‖All right, you can do homework with her because she‘ll take forever to run back.Wilhemia Wolff: ―Grrr! That‘s not funny!‖ 
  49. 49. Our first Black Op! What could it be?
  50. 50. Sims on Ice, of course. Mike Nix takes time off of fishing to pose for the Ice Sim work.CJ will have to go straight to the police station to deliver it as it‘ll melt but that willchange eventually. It‘s a good start to the Ice Sculpture-athon.
  51. 51. Good job, it only took four days. We‘ll have CJ pose for portraits (which you‘ll screwup the first, I guarantee!) as soon as he comes back.Mara: *sigh* 
  52. 52. Are you serious? Mara: ―Look, I just want to get this over with. I‘m due to age up in two days.‖If you do a good job, we may give you a cake.Mara: ―Yay! Cake!‖ 
  53. 53. 12th ice sculpture, halfway done! ^_^
  54. 54. Random shots of the Nix parents, who are too busy to worry about their daughter.Annie, don‘t even DARE get hurt to get out of sculpting!
  55. 55. Here are CJ‘s five woo--- wait a sec, there are supposed to be FIVE wood sculptures,where did… OH NO. 
  56. 56. First Gnome of the Dynasty, a sculpting gnome of wood. His name is Dr. Who – a former obsession when the Doctor was owned by the British,but not anymore. I started watching at the 4th Doctor and then checked Doctors 3through 8 and then they ruined the series. I even bought a couple of novelizations!I named this guy this because a former obsession is still an Obsession.
  57. 57. Good, now Annie can sculpt faster. And I know what you are thinking, Annie, and itain‘t happening, I‘ve already picked out the mother of his child. BESIDES, YOU‘REMARRIED ALREADY!!!!
  58. 58. Mike gets Brain Juiced to get his Photography skill up to Level 8 so he can snap shotsof CJ and his kid. The filters are limited but beh, I don‘t care about hard-core longpanorama shots anyways, they take up too much space.
  59. 59. Go away Zack, you don‘t want to mess with a guy with a chainsaw. I have no idea how he showed up, Mara didn‘t come home with him.
  60. 60. One…
  61. 61. None of these are good enough. Start over!Mara: Stupid mean computer god… (Actually, everyone was playing computer games and broke the computer. It goesinto the inventory for our Handy Immortal.)
  62. 62. Finally we get Death Fish, Great and Excellent ones at that! Of course, the ghostsinterrupted his fishing so we had him go back to the lake to get that wish to catch‗every‘ type of fish. He has half of them in his log. I‘ll need to personadjust him to beBrave so he won‘t be interrupted by the ghosts.
  63. 63. Annie: ―WAHOO! Just five more statues to go!‖Then get cracking, Ann. You‘re not getting any younger.
  64. 64. Here are CJ‘s five Topiaries. He‘ll work on stone next.
  65. 65. Mara: ―No! You said I‘d have cake!‖Guess what? THE CAKE IS A LIE. (Sorry to Portal fans)Mara: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” 
  66. 66. Mara: ―MY LIFE SUCKS AND I HATE BUTTERFLIES!!!‖I think it looks pretty and because I AM GOD you keep it.Mara: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!”
  67. 67. ―Vleh, keep it down. I am sleeping.‖Oh frack, one of the special seeds was a Plasma Fruit.  Welcome Claudia. (Anotherformer obsession, but not by much – I read Diary of a Vampire when I was youngerand Claudia was the girl which LeStat turned into a vampire. Becoming a vampirethere was much different than in The Sims.)
  68. 68. After a little personality adjustment, Mara is now Artistic, Avant-Garde, Green Thumband an Angler. We then juiced her with three levels of Gardening and put her to workon tending the gardens as well as painting the portraits, and we gave her CJ‘s streetkit since I want to save Street Art for a possible future supermax. Maybe she‘ll pick itup in the future.
  70. 70. Congrats, Annie, you can do CJ‘s sculpture now.Annie: *dies*For the record, we won‘t need any more sculptors – I don‘t care if CJ‘s art isn‘t thatvaluable due to not having the death bonus, because all of his ice sculptures will benothing but ice Sims which will shoot the value through the roof. 
  71. 71. Now begins the sculpt-a-thon to get a super masterpiece ice sim of CJ. *sigh*
  72. 72. Mara: ―Brilliant, worth $711. Good enough?‖I guess given your lack of the challenges, it‘ll do.Mara: ―You are NEVER satisfied.‖Fine, I‘ll put it up. It at least looks decent – I don‘t want a blob abstract Masterpiece!
  73. 73. Two…
  74. 74. Mara: ―Okay, I‘m gardening, fishing and painting, what more do you want?‖Guess.
  75. 75. Mara: ―Are you jerking me? ALCHEMY?!?!?‖I want Wish Serums and Midas Touches without having to deal with the middleman,Mara. Get cracking. You have your whole life to get it mastered.Mara: ―@$*#!!!!‖ That‘s not the language a young woman like you should be using! >_<
  76. 76. Mara: ―Why does Dad get to play video games and I don‘t?‖Because it keeps him busy and gives him Nerd status for a possible extra trait.
  77. 77. Mara: ―Cool, I like this!‖Still want to be a Creature-Robot Cross-breeder?Mara: ―Nope, I want to be an Alchemy Artisan!‖Okay, one Change Lifetime Wish coming up!  (We got the double LTW glitch whereSims throw a LTW in their wish panel when they have one already. )
  78. 78. After a day and night of posing, CJ told me that there‘s no point – the best I canhope for is a Great Ice Sculpture, so I took the most valuable one($1411) and used it.Annie was going Stir Crazy and she needed to sell the rest at the consignment shop.
  79. 79. …and Three. Young Adult exhibit complete. (Total initial value: $2144)I promise not to do this for every future exhibit, okay? But CJ is now six days to adultwhen he got that requirement done, so now it‘s time for him to work on the others.
  80. 80. So here is how we‘ll do the 5-star blog procedure – CJ needs to get the ―Gotta BlogAbout It‖ moodlet which only happens when a major event occurs in his life likemaking a new friend or getting a promotion, so instead of rushing through hispromotions, we give him promotions one level at a time and he‘ll get the moodletand we can then blog about the promotion, which grants him a ton of followers. Wecan‘t do it all at once or he‘ll lose followers, so once every hour at best.This first promotion came from selling his clay globe.
  81. 81. Dammit, why can‘t I control my Simself? *cancels action to learn alchemy*I was having problems with Malcolm blocking the register so I had to reset him andwait two hours for him to come back from his place and I find this. Also, I skipped apromotion because my cheapest item CJ crafted was still good enough to get himtwo promotions. 
  82. 82. Another promotion, another blog post. 
  83. 83. Annie gets more brain damage in order to increase her Cooking Skill to master level,so we don‘t have to deal with slow skilling. These items reduce the time it takes to getmastery in skills. I won‘t use them on the Immortals but non-immortals are fair game.
  84. 84. Don‘t you have homework to do, Mara?Mara: ―But I like Alchemy!‖Do your homework so you don‘t fail school. If you do, I promise you‘ll get a treat.Mara: ―Really?‖Yep.
  85. 85. Another promotion, another blog post. 
  86. 86. Fishing for Death Fish in the daytime? Yes we can now that Mike‘s stocked the pond!
  87. 87. Here is the award Annie got for selling all her statues(I found that Ice Sims sell for $0 inthe consignment shop, thanks a lot ) and we also mounted a Perfect Deathfish thatMike caught. So now we are on our way to greatness! (It‘s actually Outstanding, I couldn‘t catch a single Perfect Deathfish at that time.)
  88. 88. Okay, Annie, time for you to get your LTW. Drink up! ^_^Annie: ―Tastes like peaches!‖Ugh, my Simself won‘t like that – I hate the taste of peaches. 
  89. 89. Took you long enough. I had my hand hovering over the PrtSrc key. Now go buy the Ambrosia book and read it. We need that recipe.
  90. 90. Our five stone sculptures… now the scary part. 
  91. 91. Another promotion… you guessed it! Another blog. 
  92. 92. It was this time that I remembered the real estates and had CJ purchase thebookstore(now called CJ‘s Comix) and uh… this has never happened before. 
  93. 93. CJ: ―So what happened?‖When I was trying to upgrade the property, the game froze up was stuck betweenswitching between modes, giving me a lock-up, I had to shut you down. And I didn‘t save recently so I lost a LOT of progress. I think we‘ll avoid buying thegraveyard for your property, and save before upgrading the property. 
  94. 94. What we lost:(1) All those promotions CJ got so we have to do them again. He was also in themiddle of his 3rd stone sculpture.(2) The stocked Death Fish, but I think we‘ll delete the pond because I read thatstocking a pond with fish might cause that bug that ruined the game. Mike was stillplaying video games when we last saved.(3) All those special seeds we collected, gone.(4) Mara‘s Alchemy progress and Annie‘s LTW.
  95. 95. This time I just bought the cheapest real estates, the Gypsy Wagon and the OldFishing Hole and I saved before trying to upgrade the property just in case I ran intothe bug again. Also I didn‘t go straight to buy mode, I zoomed out and clicked onthe icon. All in all, it wasn‘t too bad but still, I lost a lot of progress. Also, this isn‘t fancy,it‘s just a restroom, a kiddie jungle for kids to play on and a picnic area.CJ: ―It‘s okay, this is fine, I like things simple and uncomplicated. It‘s not as fancy asthe Dreamweaver or Man properties but it works.‖
  96. 96. We also made a little addition to the family. Mike adopted a young boy calledMickey. This is partly a reference to Epic Mickey, a game I really enjoyed, andbecause Mike named his daughter Mara.Mickey will be helping us with things once we he‘s the proper age. For now, he canhelp with fishing. He‘s a Coward, Bookworm and a Party Animal. Once he teens up,he is going straight to the brain machine to get rid of those last two traits. 
  97. 97. Mickey is eager to learn how to write… I‘ve got a better job for you, Mickey.
  98. 98. Mickey: ―What the heck?‖Congratulations, you‘re now a warlock, Mickey. You have plenty of time to masteryour magical powers.
  99. 99. Mickey: ―I don‘t see anything.‖Actually, children can be turned into witches but they can‘t use their magic. Theyonly get their powers when they are teens. But at least he‘ll be ready. You see, he‘llbe working on upgrading all the stuff when we have it.
  100. 100. Now comes the scary part… *places emergency shower*
  101. 101. Pip Goodfellow invited Annie to his party. I didn‘t want her to go but the pop-updemanded I do so, so she went. Stupid fairies. 
  102. 102. Afterwards, she was juiced on Handiness until she reached Level 3 and spent the timeshe wasn‘t sculpting upgrading things; first the sinks and then the sprinklers so theywould stop soaking the ground and ruining the harvest.
  103. 103. The only thing that shows that Mickey‘s a warlock now is his bike was traded for abroomstick with training wheels. Mickey: ―This is fun!‖
  104. 104. CJ: ―Listen, wolfy, I have a blowtorch and I am NOT afraid to use it!‖Argus Brown: ―Woro?‖Just greet him, you need some more targets for your transmogrifier so you can getthat stupid moodlet.
  105. 105. And here are the five metal sculptures… well, four. The first one made is in the CJexhibit on display.CJ: ―Took ya long enough.‖Hey, don‘t get snippy with me! I‘m not under Max Motives like you guys are! I have toeat, sleep and shower in real life! 
  106. 106. CJ: ―You know, for a guy who hates crowds, you‘re making your avatar do a LOT ofprotests!‖Look, we need to keep your rebel status up and your f-----I mean, Mara needs tomaster Alchemy quickly so we can get more Wish Serums and Midas Touches, andyou finished those metal sculptures just as the kids were going to school, so wecouldn‘t sculpt Ice Sims(Annie was busy getting brain juiced to Master Handiness) so Ihad to do something. 
  107. 107. CJ: ―But the protest is losing…‖BS!!! Look at all those people picketing! Losing momentum my @$$!!! 
  108. 108. Mara: ―Why am I posing for sculptures? I need to do my homework!‖Too bad, it‘s time for the ice sculptures and everyone else is busy. Once your step-brother finishes his homework, he‘ll take over. Until then, POSE.Mara: ―….‖ 
  109. 109. Annie works on the first food replicator.
  110. 110. On second thought, Mara, you can leave now. Your father just volunteered to spendthe rest of his young adult days posing for ice sculptures now that he‘s gotten his LTW.Mike: ―That was anti-climatic.‖ Well, I forgot you had mastered three skills the instant I changed your LTW toRenaissance Sim. 9_9
  111. 111. I used the Brain Machine on Mike to give him Level 9 in Nerd status so he got a newtrait. I let him keep Computer Whiz. I might let him top Nerd Status and take the videogame designer career since CJ won‘t be able to.
  112. 112. There‘s your fifth ice sculpture, CJ. You‘re now a Master Sculptor. CJ/Mickey: ―Woo.‖ 
  113. 113. CJ got his award for selling over $25000 in sculptures, so it goes in his exhibit.
  114. 114. Mike will spend the next two weeks posing while CJ sculpts him. I read that sculptingIce Sims will increase the value of Ice Sims so CJ will do his 25 ice sculptures for his IcePersonality challenge sculpting the Nixs. Already he‘s showing results, we got a lot ofvaluable ice Sims worth $2000-$4700 already. Mike: ―My feet are tired.‖ Oh suck it up, you baby.
  115. 115. Another broken computer. *replaces and puts the broken one in inventory*
  116. 116. Mickey works on Inventing just to keep out of my hair.Claudia: ―So fresh… vleh!‖You keep away from my utility witch, you vampire! 
  117. 117. Mike: ―The birthday popup…‖Tough, we need a ton more ice sculptures, so we aren‘t celebrating any birthdaysuntil we get that done. Time wasted cheering and clapping will be better put to usecarving ice. :p
  118. 118. Mike: ―Quick, while CJ is busy delivering a Brilliant ice Sim of me, let‘s grow up!‖Ugh. Oh fine. I‘m a bit worried, that opportunity to deliver a Brilliant Ice Sculpture is only his 2nd BlackOp. I don‘t want to have him take a real job in order to get those last four Black Ops,but the ones I‘m fond of haven‘t cropped up yet.
  119. 119. No need to worry, though – CJ was busy blogging. Again.CJ: ―I do need a 5-star blog someday, Me.‖Okay, you have a point. Go meet people so you can use the Trans on them to getthat Gotta Blog moodlet. 
  120. 120. Nice outfit but the dreads have gotta go.Mickey: ―My cake is glitching through the door.‖
  121. 121. Llama Mascot: ―Hey ho, your friendly neighborhood… wow, who‘s that hottie???‖*pulls out rifle and shoots the mascot* GET LOST.
  122. 122. Some time earlier…Annie: ―Pip, I am a MARRIED WOMAN! STOP ASKING ME OUT!‖*headdesk* Pip, you‘re married too. There‘s having an affair and getting creepy.
  123. 123. Mickey: *whine* ―I hate my life. I was stuck outdoors in the DARK!!!‖Ooookay, that looks cute but we‘re sending you to the Brain Machine NOW. 
  124. 124. Claudia: ―Vleh, I love the smell of FEAR.‖Go to Hades. 
  125. 125. CJ works on getting his blog up… oh wait… hold on…
  126. 126. Phew! Got a Wish Serum for Mara just before she got that last level in Alchemy!Mara: ―Yuck, it‘s vile!‖Too bad, you need the happiness points. Your parents already got two FoodReplicators. (Annie‘s 2nd Food Replicator.) You need to catch up.
  127. 127. I sent Mickey to learn Gardening so he could help with the garden. I have beenslacking on seed hunting so I hope that Mickey can help.
  128. 128. Get cracking, Mickey. I need you upgrading appliances with your spells in the nexttwo weeks. 
  129. 129. That‘s not practicing your magic.Mickey: ‖But dad needs to know about the werewolves.‖MUSH. 
  130. 130. FRIDA GOTH!!!! Frida: “What? It’s not like I have control over my ectoplasmic urges…”Ew, just… ew… 
  131. 131. Mickey works on his magic and gets a couple of ranks.
  132. 132. But when he wished to cast Ice Blast on someone and tried it on his adoptive father(twice!) it backfired. Forget it, that‘s not worth it. *CANCELS WISH*
  133. 133. CJ changed a few relationships to get several blogs and is now 4.5 Stars, but sadlythe Wish Serum wore off before we could get his LTW, so he‘ll have to wait until Maragets the ingredients for another Wish Serum. 
  134. 134. In the meantime, he works on the ice sculptures using Mike and Mickey as subjects.
  135. 135. I appreciate your effort to help, Mara, but we need no more sculptors. Go paint orfish or something! 
  136. 136. Just as CJ sculpts to kill time when he‘s blogged out, Mickey fishes when he‘s low onmana. La dee da. And we have a useless money tree now that Mara has the powerto make Midas Touches(and five in reverse thanks to the shop).
  137. 137. Annie and Mike contribute three more Food Replicators which Annie begins toupgrade but…
  138. 138. Annie: ―Ah, no cake!!!‖Yep, Annie was forced to age to adult tonight. Boo hoo, I‘m sooo sorry. :pAnnie: ―My daughter was right, you ARE a slavedriver!!!‖ 
  139. 139. Oh come on, you look dignified.Mara: Some people… *sigh*
  140. 140. CJ: ―Yeah, we‘re on free will!‖Claudia: ―Bleh heh heh, the Watcher was distracted!‖Oh crap, did I forget to pause? *checks* Yep, they were on free will 9 hours. *sigh* Ohwell, live and learn. I guess we‘ll give my Simself and Mike some cake.
  141. 141. CJ: ―Did you have to put the cakes out here?‖Meh, call me lazy. Just get it over with.
  142. 142. NOW we panic. 
  143. 143. Dr. Who: ―Hmmm… the quantum mechanics of the level modulator…‖Mike: ―What is this guy doing on the table?‖*moves Dr. Who off the ice table*
  144. 144. Kyle Huang, the elixir clerk: ―Hey, you look familiar…‖CJ: ―I‘m middle-aged. Look, can you give me another Wish Serum please? I reallyneed to get this LTW out of the way stat.‖
  145. 145. Mike‘s hair gets grown out and grays because his age is showing…And he still spends his free will playing computer games. Nerd.
  146. 146. Oh dear, this is another plasma fruit seed. Get rid of it! 
  147. 147. Mara, we need a Wish Serum for your futu—CJ stat!Mara: ―Screw it, Watcher, I need to deliver all these things before curfew.‖Yeah, she got the Philosopher Stone opportunities and barely escaped the curfew.
  148. 148. Mickey, come on, if you are going to be in the garden, you might as well garden. 
  149. 149. Another opp already? (It was to help a student trapped in clay. Four Black Ops doneand we just need two more and that last promotion. He‘s got the entire Nix family ashis best friends and is about 7 ice Sims away from his supermax.)
  150. 150. And now the elixir tossing begins, with Annie getting hit with a few of them.
  151. 151. CJ: ―Can I get your number so I can befriend you on my smartphone?‖Chaw Raj, the mailwoman: Well, as long as it’s not a pyramid scam. I don’t have acent of money. 
  152. 152. Annie finally lands another Wish Serum for CJ. I plan on using it just before he tops hiscareer so he can spend the 24 hours he has with the moodlet to top his career, get abig wish to top his career, and then get his LTW. He‘s less than 200 away from his fifthstar on his blog.
  153. 153. Doreen Caliente: ―What are you doing with that, child? Is that some toxic waste thatis going to turn me into a superhero like Spider Sim?‖Well… *SMASH to infinity*
  154. 154. Not quite… I‘d think you‘d better amscray, Mara, before the Durwoods sue you forturning their matriarch into a fat zombie. 
  155. 155. Mara: ―Not before I critique this sunflower.‖*facefault* Why did I give you Avant Garde?
  156. 156. And that‘s typical of Sim-Me… watching TV when he should be working. :p
  157. 157. And that, as they say, is that. CJ now has his Supermax. 
  158. 158. Down the hatch!
  159. 159. GAH! Almost completely missed this! I guess you have to go into the Blog App afteryou get those last followers. Anyways, now CJ has a tad shy of 86000 LTH, whichdropped to 35969 when I bought his final unique reward, Honorary Degree,
  160. 160. To celebrate, I had him use the Sim Finder to find a friendly female Sim to sculptand… FAITH MACDUFF?!?!?!? O_OFaith: ―Oo, yoor a sight for sore eye, guv. How about we take a gander at the latestfilm that came out?‖CJ: ―Uh… my Watcher-self has someone in mind, no thanks.‖She then left. WTF?!!? 
  161. 161. That‘s more like it, this girl whose name I cannot pronounce to save my life shows upafter a second use and we sculpt her while Mike takes the photo for CJ‘s exhibit.
  162. 162. Annie then sculpts him ad nauseum again… trying for a decent price! 
  163. 163. Seriously! Dude! Are you stalking Mara or something? She‘s TAKEN.
  164. 164. Mickey, get rid of him.Mickey: ―Sure thing, Watcher! Alakazoooie!” *ZAP*
  165. 165. Now GTFO. She wouldn‘t marry you anyways.Zack: ―C-c-c-cold!‖ *runs off*Yeah, that‘s the gist of it.
  166. 166. Mara: ―I wonder why the Watcher won‘t let me near Zack? He‘s kinda cute.‖Mickey: ―You know the law of the Watcher while we live under his roof – he wouldn‘tbe allowed to marry in… besides, you‘ll get a surprise tomorrow.‖Mara: ―Tomorrow?‖Mickey: ―After school… ooh, cool fish!‖
  167. 167. Okay, how did… oh yeah, Mara must have gotten it from those deliveries. *sigh*Putting it in the museum for now, I don‘t want anyone dying and becoming a goldenghost just out of curiosity.
  168. 168. Annie: ―Can we just go with this one? It‘s $1435.‖*sigh* Fine, I guess that‘s what I get for having a low-rank sculptor.Annie: ―I‘m going to bed. I‘m tired from all this ice carving.‖
  169. 169. And she did. Good night.
  170. 170. Mara: ―Can it be… I‘m graduating?‖Yep, you got the birthday alert and the sooner you grow up, the sooner CJ can getmarried and we can get the first Fixation immortal heir born.Mara: ―What do you mean?‖Just blow out the candles out.
  171. 171. Mike: ―I wanna go on a date with my wife.‖No, you need more Alley Catfish. 
  172. 172. Anyways, here‘s Mara Nix as a young adult. Don‘t get me wrong, she grew up in anice outfit… but she‘s not one of the Crumplebottom witches. She got Family-Oriented as the last trait because… well…*CRASH!*Aw come on! 
  173. 173. I HATE THIS INTRO.It was fun the first time, now that it‘s usually unskippable I HATE IT, ESPECIALLY WHENMY @#%$*@# GAME CRASHES!!!! 
  174. 174. Luckily, I had saved just after placing the sculpture so it was only an hour before thekids came home from school. So I had Annie drink the last job booster we had so shecould get more progress on her job. She got promoted to Rank 9 after selling theexcess ice Sims.
  175. 175. CJ starts playing some games to get nerd cred.
  176. 176. I also aged up Mara as soon as she got home instead of trying to have her paint CJ‘sadult portrait right away.
  177. 177. Mara: ―Let me guess, you‘re not going to give me a makeover again, right?‖Yep. I fear CAS. Seriously, EA? What‘s with the crashing issues? Anyways, I think yourfuture hubby will enjoy you wearing this.Mara: ―I‘m getting married?‖Yep… meet the man you‘re going to be the bride of…
  178. 178. Mara: ―MMPH!?!‖If you haven‘t figured it out by now, you‘re stupid.Yep, I decided to make Mara the founding spouse instead of summoning onebecause she‘s just become fertile for pregnancy and it doesn‘t matter if her husbandis two weeks older than her. Besides, I won‘t have to add a woman to the housewhich already have five Sims in it. 
  179. 179. Of course, I miss it but Mara starts sucking CJ‘s face.Annie: ―Woohoo! My baby‘s marrying the Slavemaster!‖Not you too, Annie! *headdesk*
  180. 180. Mara: ―If you‘ll have me, I‘ll bear your immortal baby, CJ.‖Annie: ―Woohoo! Do it!‖Godammit, Annie. Go read a book or something. 
  181. 181. Annie: ―Don‘t mind me, hun. I‘ll put this away. Keep it up and give me lots ofgrandkids!‖You‘ll get one, that‘s it. Immortal Dynasty clause forbids five grandkids in the samehouse as you.
  182. 182. CJ: ―So as the Watcher‘s avatar, will you marry me and bring forth a lineage of theWatcher‘s mad obsessions as kids?‖Mara: ―Yes! I lo---‖*BOOM*Mickey: ―Dang it!‖ 
  183. 183. Mara suggested going somewhere without any witnesses and having a privatewedding… well, she wanted to throw a wedding party but CJ vetoed the idea. He‘sgot social issues, you see. Even though he had a ton of friends they are all Facebookfriends so it would be painful to watch him do party stuff. Besides, we don‘t haveGenerations and the best weddings are those in that expansion… so Mara settles fora semi-formal ceremony at the Fairy Arboteum with her beloved and exchangingrings. CJ likes the setting as Mara takes the Fixation name.
  184. 184. Mara: ―Excuse us, but aren‘t you CJ‘s divine half? He told me you prefer not to havepublic WooHoo because people watching you doing it is awkward.‖Yeah, I know, that‘s why you‘re having a WooHoo in the Secret Garden instead of athome where people might barge in while you‘re under the covers… but that‘s notwhy I stopped you. *ahem*Mara: ―Oh right. That.‖
  185. 185. Both of them drink a Procreation Elixir and Mara has a Fertility Treatment. FertilityTreatment was also one of CJ‘s unique rewards because the heirs won‘t get theluxury of multiple births.
  186. 186. CJ: ―Wait, are you CRAZY? We might have twins or triplets!‖That‘s sort of my plan – the other kids can take over for Mickey when he passes on. It‘sa risk as their grandparents are the same age as you but it‘s not a big deal. By thetime they‘re old enough to WooHoo, aka go to Uni, I‘m hoping Mike and Annie willbe Grim banned and gone. A little morbid but you get the gist.CJ: ―I trust you, Watcher-me. Okay, Mara, let‘s go consummate our love.‖
  187. 187. I love the Woohoo interaction in the Arboteum. It‘s magical! ^_^*chimes*Excellent work, you two. Now go home, Mara needs to paint CJ‘s portrait.
  188. 188. And then the morning sickness sets in…Mara: ―Sorry, I‘m too busy critiquing my mom‘s sculpting award to throw up.‖Uh yeah….
  189. 189. Anyways, here is the final tally of the Adult CJ artwork… no, I don‘t mean porn! Total Value: $675(Painting), $1435(Sculpture), $115(Photo) = $2225, better than YA.
  190. 190. With a nooboo on the way, it was time to expand the museum for the 2nd ImmortalFixation, aka the first one which would be named after an obsession of mine. I madesure there was plenty of room for toddler to elder pictures and statues. The room inthe bottom is where the mortals will have their sculptures displayed and maybepaintings as well if I bother. I don‘t want to end up bloating the lot and crashing it.
  191. 191. Annie hugs her son-in-law after he sculpts her statue for all eternity. So she‘ll beimmortal, though not physically. And so will every mortal.
  192. 192. I also gave everyone magic brooms so they aren‘t envious of Mickey and it‘s muchmore efficient than the taxis.
  193. 193. Luckily, Mara got to City Hall and registered as a… painter?Mara: ―Consigning potions is all well and good, Watcher, but since you forced me tobecome a painter for the family portraits, I might as well profit from them.‖Okay, whatever floats your boat.
  194. 194. She spent the rest of the day tossing elixirs at random Sims in the park. She had 68Vials of Bliss counting the ones we bought at the shop, so she had MORE than enoughto fulfill her Lifetime Wish. And yes, the nausea overtook her in the park and she upchucked on the nice cleanpavement. Ew. (No wait, there was a public restroom so she was decent and usedthe toilet to upchuck.)
  195. 195. After that, it‘s more elixir-tossing! She used all those Friendship Elixirs we bought.
  196. 196. My Simself is all but done in the Immortal Department. He just has two more opps tocomplete(if he doesn‘t get another sculpting opp in a week or two I‘ll have to resortto teaching him Charisma or an instrument to get those last two opps) and grow oldto get the elder art works. In the meantime, he‘s slowly building up nerd cred so hecan get his final trait. I‘ll be working on building an indoor studio just before he does.
  197. 197. I leave you on this part with this, CJ‘s Immortal Prison Cell completely furnished. We‘llhave to use another Midas Touch soon as those paintings to get the Beautifully Decomoodlet drained us big time. I would have used sculptures but they take up neededfloor space. Once my Simself becomes immortal, he‘ll remain here unless he isneeded to sculpt a life stage.Ciao for now! ^_^