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Equine Better Care


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Equine Better Care, provides an alround better care of your horse, visit my slide show to learn more about me, the benefits of equine sports massage, my clients and the clinc's i hold. Diane Daynes

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Equine Better Care

  1. 1. Equine Better Care Equine Sports Massage and Myo fascia Release TherapyDiane Daynes MEBW 07816830028
  2. 2. Equine Better Care Equine Sports Massage I have worked with horses all my life, originally as a hobby as a child and it eventually became my chosen career. As a child i had ponies and as a teenager worked and rode riding horses and race horses, i gained my BHS AI after leaving school .My first job was based as an instructor and groom and I later worked as a head groom at a dressage yard where i was fortunate to have the opportunity to train with Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School Arthur Kottas on an Advanced Dressage horse. Further training in the art of Classical Dressage with Charles de Kunffy triggered my interest in the biomechanics and the structure of a horse. Consequently in 2001 I studied as an Equine body worker with Equinenergy and gained my qualification as a Master in 2003. In 2004 I gained a diploma from Raworth International sports college in holistic massage to enable me to alsosupport the rider by specialising in human massage. I have continued my interest in Dressage, training and riding but support all performance Horses through Massage.
  3. 3. Equine Better Care Equine Sports Massage and Myo fascia Release Therapy• All of the FEI equine disciplines have a therapist as part of the team effort supporting the performance horse.• But your horse doesnt need to be of a certain age, type or work at an Olympic medal level of performance to benefit from the application of massage therapy. Clinic’s Available regularly
  4. 4. Equine Better Care Equine Sports Massage Courses certifications Equine Sports Massage, Debranne Pattillo AEBW , ESMTAdvanced Equine Sports Massage Techniques and Review, Debranne Pattillo AEBW , ESMT Equine Biomechanics and Applied Anatomy, Dr Barb Crabbe DVM Equine Stretching and Rehabilitative Therapy, Debranne Pattillo AEBW ,ESMT Equine Gait Abnormalities , Dr Barb Crabbe DVM Principles of Equine Dentistry, Lucy Smith C/ eq D Principles of Saddle fitting, Dr.Kerry Ridgway DVM Principles of Farrier Science, Dr.Kerry Ridgway DVM Intensive Equine Anatomy, Debranne Pattillo AEBW, ESMT Equine Exercise Physiology, Dr Hilary Clayton DVM Myo fascia Release level 1, Dr Ruth Mitchell PT.ESMT,CMT Myo fascia Avanced, Dr Ruth Mitchell PT.ESMT,CMT Human Myo fascia Release, Dr Ruth Mitchell PT.ESMT,CMT Equine Cranial Sacral Techniques , Gail Wetzler , PhD Exercise based rehabilitation and control exercise , N .stubbs PT Equine Lameness and Back Problems , Dr Chris Colles , MRCVS
  5. 5. Equine Better Care Equine Sports Massage If a muscle is tight and shortened it is a victim to strain. A muscle which is not working in a fully functional state is working against it self. This produces decreased blood flow, restricted movement, nerve irritation and pain. In time this compensation can cause pain instead of the initial problem. Stress or tension in any part of the body will have an adverse effect – this can be expressed by a behavioural issue . Muscle pain can be indicted and expressed by • a behavioural issue, rearing, bucking, napping • physical problem or increasing reluctance i.e. down hills , loading unevenly • a change of temperament, hyper-sensitive to touch, tack up, rug ,groom • by favouring one rein , laterally reluctant, hanging to one side • a change in performance, fitness, recovery or ability
  6. 6. Equine Better Care Equine Sports Massage The manipulation of the body’s soft tissues encourages the muscle to relax, stretchesand loosens the tissue fibres and promotes flexibility, which results in an increased range of motion Equine Sports Massage Benefits • Improves Gait Quality • Performance • Range of Motion and Flexibility • the nervous, muscular and circulatory systems, • aids the self-healing system of the body • Encourages lengthening of the connective tissue • Induction of relaxation and tension relief • works as a preventative measure for the equine athlete. • Enhances Muscle ToneI use a combination of equine massage, myo fascia release, cranial sacral and stretching techniques these are specific to your individual horses requirements.
  7. 7. Equine Better Care Equine Sports MassageActivate Your Horses Core’ by Narelle Stubbs and Dr Hilary Clayton. The authors provide a user-friendly laminated manual and DVD explaining exercises for suppling, mobilization and core muscle strengthening. Techniques are shown through photographs and a spoken narrative.
  8. 8. Equine Better Care Equine Sports Massage and Myo fascia Release Therapy Available for Work shops, clinics , lecture demo and talks .Diane Daynes .
  9. 9. All Shapes and Sizes
  10. 10. Showjumpers
  11. 11. Event Riders and Trainers
  12. 12. Dressage Riders and Trainers
  13. 13. Whistlejacket Equine Veterinary Surgery Fishmore Hill Farm, Milton Abbas Blandford, Dorset, Oliver Davis, MRCVS
  14. 14. Tabitha Perry , RidgeFarm Livery Ridge, Herts
  15. 15. Priory Racing Bilsington , Kent
  16. 16. Bilsington Priory Livery Bilsington , Kent
  17. 17. Jason Webb Austrailian Horse Training, Goudhurst KentDiane regularly attends our Centre to work on our competition horses as well as the horses that are sent to us on training. Diane helps to keep the horses in training as comfortable as possible and fit for their work. Diane has helped us with problems horses who we have found to be physically tight or sore and after a course of treatments they are much more comfortable. Even the most nervous horses seem to take to her and allow her to treat them as she works on them very quietly. Another beneficial factor is that she has a dressage background which we find really useful as she provides very specific exercises and feed back with programs to improve and strengthen each horse to enable it to perform well and benefit from its training" Australian Horsemanship
  18. 18. Half Moon Hanoverian Stud Motcombe , Dorset
  19. 19. Equine Better Care Equine Sports Massage Mobile ; 07816830028 E.mail; Website;
  20. 20. Equine Better Care Equine Sports Massage Sussex, Surrey, Kent Hampshire, DorsetWiltshire, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire
  21. 21. Equine Better Care Equine Sports Massage Legal NoticeAnimal treatment is governed by the law, and it is vital that these legislations are adhered to not only from a legal perspective but also to ensure the on going welfare of your animal(s).The therapies offered by Diane Daynes is known as "complementary therapies," which means they complement veterinary care and are not an alternative to traditional medicine. Veterinary Surgeons Act, 1966 It is illegal for any person to treat an animal unless they are a veterinary surgeon or a paraprofessional, as defined in the Veterinary Surgeons (Exemptions) Order, 1962.Diane is not a veterinary surgeon and is not classed as a paraprofessional under this legislation, and is therefore not allowed to treat any animal without prior consent (or referral) from the animals veterinary surgeon. Owners must ask their veterinary surgeon for approval BEFORE their animal is treated.